Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: They Found the Yu Family Car

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Once the others heard Zhang Mingxi’s words, they instantly understood and were grateful that Mr. Xie had not taken a fancy towards Su Huiqing, but was appalled by her stupidity!

Which predecessor would scribble symbols on their answer sheet?!

Luckily, Mr. Xie did not storm off just because of this useless trash. Everyone scolded her while they packed their bags, but no one dared to drive Su Huiqing out as she resorted to extreme and terrifying means.

Yu Xiangyang packed his bag as well. Since Su Huiqing left too hastily, he had no time to react and by then she had disappeared into thin air.

He zipped up his bag and stood after he had heard Zhang Mingxi’s mockery.

He glanced at the paper which Zhang Mingxi threw earlier and picked it up. He then furrowed his brows, and he asked, “Brother Mingxi, I heard from my dad that you wanted the surveillance camera recording at Winding Road?”

When he heard those words, Zhang Mingxi took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. “That’s right.”

After he had uttered those two words, Zhang Mingxi could not help but recall Su Jiu’s reaction last night.

Su Jiu was the heart and soul of the car racing industry in Country Z. Even if he met other car racers in the International Association, Zhang Mingxi had never seen a change in expression from him.

However, last night…

Zhang Mingxi puffed out a cloud of smoke from his cigarette. Ever since Su Jiu watched the competition clip last night, he seemed out of sorts.

How should he say it? It was as though Zhang Mingxi had never seen Su Jiu in a state like that.

He knew that the person sitting in that red car was not just your average person, or at least there were only a few who could catch Su Jiu’s attention. He had always been a reserved person, hence why.

He replayed the competition clip a thousand times.

In the video, when the car raced past a curb, they caught a glimpse of the person on the driver’s seat—her black hair swooshed in a beautiful arc.

Sadly, they could see nothing else other than that afterward.

Zhang Mingxi stared at the extinguishing fire on his cigarette as he dived deeper into his thoughts. Although he did not know who was in the car, he knew that the person was a woman.

To possess such extraordinary car skills to even make Su Jiu in such a state, that woman must be second to none in the International Association.

International Association…

Zhang Mingxi deepened his gaze.

“What did you find?” As he stared at him, Yu Xiangyang was not aware of what was going through Zhang Mingxi’s mind. But in the corner of his eyes, he saw that Su Huiqing had left her pen, so he picked it up to put away inside his bag.

“Nothing,” Zhang Mingxi casually said before he suddenly turned to look at him. “Yu Xiangyang, what’s going on with you two? Why are you being so chummy with that useless piece of trash?”

“She is not a useless piece of trash.” Yu Xiangyang by then was stacking some papers properly so he could put them inside his bag. Upon hearing the words Zhang Mingxi uttered, he furrowed his brows.

Zhang Mingxi scoffed, “You have indeed gone crazy!”

“You…” Yu Xiangyang opened his mouth. After seeing Zhang Mingxi’s expression earlier on, he knew in an instant that the winner of last night’s competition had bothered him terribly.

‘If you only knew that the person you just called a useless piece of trash was the same person you wanted to find, would you still dare call her with such words?’

“Xiangyang, you better stay away from her.” Zhang Mingxi put out his cigarette and his lips curled into a cold, mocking smile. “No one knows her better than me. She is just an obstinate moron and I will tell grandpa about my wishes to reject the marriage. I hope you know what is best for you.”

“Are you telling him today?” Yu Xiangyang momentarily went silent.

Zhang Mingxi didn’t bother to answer his question and only returned to his seat. He took Shen Anan’s answer sheet and had stared at it for quite some time before he gasped in admiration.

When the others saw Zhang Mingxi’s reaction, they flocked towards him and looked at Shen Anan’s answer sheet as well. Compliments filled their mouth afterward.

Shen Anan walked to Yu Xiangyang’s side, and she gently bit her lips. “Xiangyang, didn’t you say that big sister… isn’t fit to be Zhang family’s future head as well?”

“She is indeed not fit for such a title.” Yu Xiangyang laughed. Despite being the same sentence, it now holds a different meaning. Before, he thought that Su Huiqing could not live up to the role of being the female head of the Zhang family, but now, he felt that the Zhang family was not good enough for her.

With her proficient car skills that easily allowed her to win over Su Jiu, there was a huge possibility that she might enter the International Association.

“Brother Mingxi. If you want to decline the marriage, I hope you will not regret it in the future.” Yu Xiangyang swung his backpack behind his back and left.

Zhang Mingxi stared at Yu Xiangyang’s back with his deep eyes. Word by word, he said, “I will laugh in my dreams if I have no ties to her! Regret? What a joke?”

At the same time, the Chu Family.

“Young Master Su, why are you so anxious to find me for just a few surveillance cameras?” Chu Xuning yawned and leaned against the chair with his eyelids half-closed.

A handsome boy with maroon-colored hair sat in front of the computer. Unlike the lazy demeanor he had before, he was extremely stern at that moment.

Chu Xuning looked at him, and he could not help but roll his eyes. “God Su, isn’t it just a competition clip? You have taken part in so many competitions before. So why bother watching that same competition clip for over a hundred times?”

However, Su Jiu did not turn his head and continued to focus on the video.

A large bend ahead! The car sped up and overtook the other cars on the bend!

The car drifted at lightning speed…

Although it was a rare sight to see such a driving method, this technique would never be wrong.

This skilled, sharp, swift, and fierce style!

Those who are in the car racing industry would definitely recognize this standard racing technique in a glance.

There was yet another road bend ahead and the driver with long black hair made a beautiful swerve. Su Jiu paused the video in that blurry instant.

“Are you aware of the beliefs that exist in the car racing world of the International Association?” He looked towards Chu Xuning.

Chu Xuning shrugged his shoulders. “I only know the boss of the International Association, but she is dead.”

Su Jiu had lowered his eyes and wanted to say something when a black-suited man walked in. “Young Master Chu, we have found the surveillance camera tape!”

Other than the public surveillance camera at Winding Road, there were the country’s higher-ups surveillance cameras as well.

There were a few of them and were placed in extremely well-hidden places. Su Jiu knew it was difficult to get the recording tapes; hence, he pestered Chu Xuning for the whole night.

Once he heard those words, he immediately ran towards the control room.

In the control room, they paused the video at a scene with a white car.

“We have made some investigations.” Chu Xuning passed over a piece of paper and raised his brow. “It belongs to Yu Xiangyang from the Yu Family.”

Su Jiu took the paper and squinted his eyes. He then frantically apologized and ran out.

Chu Xuning scoffed, and he lazily said, “Find out what was happening.”

He was very interested in that arrogant person who he saw that night!

With that, he walked back to the room and saw a person sitting in the place where Su Jiu previously sat. In shock, he raised his eyes. “Young Master Yu, have you completed your mission?”

Yu Shijin sat on the stool in an elegant posture while his fair and long fingers casually tapped the table. Once he heard a voice, he turned his head to look at Chu Xuning with narrowed, pitch-black eyes while his long finger pointed at the paused image of the racing track. “Don’t you think that person looks strikingly familiar?”

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