Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Should She Show Off Some Of Her Talents Now?

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A shadow cast on him, and then someone stole the credit card away from him.

Su Lun raised his head in surprise, only to see an exquisite face before him.

“Qingqing?” Her sudden presence took him aback. It was only after a while did he realize that the beautiful face belonged to his granddaughter. “Pass the card back to your father this instance!”

Su Huiqing played with the card and did not give it to her dad.

“I don’t want a single cent!” Shen Zhixing looked at the card and pulled an insulted face. He shifted his gaze to Su Lun and trembled in anger. In a sarcastic tone of voice, he said, “Do you think you can solve everything with money?”

Su Lun did not think that things would turn out that way. Shen Zhixing’s words took him back.

Su Huiqing continued to spin the card in her hands.

She suddenly turned around and glared at Shen Zhixing. In a casual voice, she said, “Well, you weren’t this spiteful when you used the Su Family’s money to keep your mistress and raise your illegitimate daughter. So, why are you making yourself seem so noble now?”

“Is this how you are supposed to talk to your dad?” Shen Zhixing hit the ceiling. He stood up before swinging his palm towards Su Huiqing’s face. “You have no manners. Since the Su Family does not teach you how to be respectful to your elders, I will teach you in their place today!”

Su Huiqing threw the credit card onto the table and then raised her hand. She accurately blocked Shen Zhixing’s hand.

Her body stiffened in anger, which differed greatly from her lazy self a while ago. She threw him a cold and stern gaze. “You want to hit me? But was I wrong? If the Su Family didn’t give you the capital to start your own business, would the Shen Corporation even exist today? Not to mention, those beautiful branded clothes which Shen Anan and Liu Qingyu proudly wear on their bodies. Aren’t they designed by our designers? If you didn’t have the Su Family to back you up, would you even achieve what you have achieved today?”

With that said, she slowly leaned over and looked down towards him. Her long eyelashes hid the emotions in her eyes. In a soft and casual voice, she said, “I don’t even understand how my mom was so tolerant towards you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good temper. I don’t know what would happen if we were to fight, do you get what I mean?”

Although she sounded very indifferent, the cold and malevolent glint in her eyes sent a chill down his spine.

Su Huiqing’s words insulted Shen Zhixing.

He was a very proud person. Otherwise, he would stay behind with the Su Family for so long. After he had heard Su Huiqing’s words, the feelings of hatred suppressed within Shen Zhixing’s heart exploded all of a sudden.

The last portion of Su Huiqing’s sentence caught him by surprise.

Her words made his hair stand on end.

He raised his head and looked deep into that pair of exquisite and pure eyes. With the light from the chandelier shining over her, all he could see was the evil glint in her eyes.

Was she his daughter? Was she that useless piece of trash he knew? Shen Zhixing was very stumped. But he quickly remembered the wicked deeds that she did. “Fine! Just great! If that is the case, I definitely wouldn’t ask Anan to help you in the future. Su Huiqing, I hope you could still speak to me with such confidence when that time comes!”

Once he said his piece, he immediately left without looking back. Little did they know, it was because he did not dare to look at Su Huiqing in the eye.

“Zhixing.” Worried for Su Huiqing, he immediately stood up. “Don’t leave just yet!”

On the other hand, Su Huiqing casually took out a piece of chewing gum from her pocket. With her eyes lowered, she spat three words out from her mouth with indifference. “Let him go.”

Looking towards Su Huiqing, Su Lun pulled a shocked face.

She was giving off that feeling again. Su Lun was a successful businessman and ruthless schemes were nothing new to him. Then again, if he did not scheme against others, he probably wouldn’t achieve so much today. Most people would not even dare to talk back if they were to receive a glare from him. But Su Huiqing had only said three words and that was enough to stump him.

Shen Zhixing, on the other hand, froze. But after he heard Su Huiqing’s words, he became angrier.

This time, he did not hesitate any further and left the Su Family manor without turning back.

He did not have to put himself down now. Shen Anan was no longer the same person she was before. She was so talented in the corporate world that Old Master Su felt threatened by her. Old Master Su even wanted Shen Anan to help Su Huiqing in the future.

Shen Anan was the one with a bright future ahead. Su Huiqing was still a useless piece of trash. The Su Family does not have anyone capable of taking over the business now. It was only a matter of time until their downfall.

In a few more days, the Su Family… Su Huiqing would regret the words she said!

Upon having such a realization, he could not help but pity Su Lun—his son was not interested in business and his granddaughter was just too incapable.

The Su Residences.

Su Lun watched Shen Zhixing leave, and he could not help but look at Su Huiqing. He pulled a worried face. “Qingqing, do you know what the scariest thing in the world is? Geniuses in their growing years.”

Su Huiqing peeled off the wrapper from the chewing gum and slowly chewed on it. Upon hearing that, she curled her lips up.

After all, she was aware of that fact more than anyone else.

If not, why would the International Association be so scary? It was because countless geniuses were gathered there.

Su Lun took it as Su Huiqing did not understand what he was saying. After a long silence and in a serious yet bitter tone, he explained, “Although Shen Anan may have nothing now, she is still scarily talented. Once she grew up, you… It’s not that I wish to scold you, but you don’t have much… talent in doing business. You might face difficulties…”

Zhang Mingxi and Yu Xiangyang have said the same thing to her once. Now Su Lun was saying it to her again.

It seemed that she would never be as good as Shen Anan in the eyes of others.

Even Old Master Su said so.

“Grandpa.” Su Huiqing turned around and cut him off. She gave a light chuckle. “It won’t happen.”

She consoled him.

“Qingqing, the Yu Family sent something over to you.” Just then, Su Ruohua pushed the door open and entered the living room.

Su Huiqing stood up and looked at the box which two men were carrying. She raised her eyebrows. “Please bring it to my room. Thank you.”

Yu Xiangyang was efficient. She told him about it yesterday and sent it over the next day.

Su Ruohua took off her coat and walked towards them while saying, “I saw Zhixing when I was on my way back. He said nothing serious, right?”

Upon realizing Su Ruohua’s presence, Su Lun told everything to her.

Su Ruohua turned around and looked at Su Huiqing in disbelief.

Su Huiqing spat out the chewing gum in her mouth and tilted her head. Seeing Su Ruohua’s expression, she slowly straightened her back. She consoled, “It’s nothing. Grandpa, mom, don’t worry so much. I don’t take Shen Anan seriously.”

She smoothed her hair and wore a relaxed expression on her face.

“Alright, I will handle this.” Su Ruohua rolled her eyes at her. She had nothing to say about Su Huiqing’s overly confident words and chased her away as though she was chasing a fly. “Go up first.”

Su Huiqing slightly raised her eyebrows and sauntered towards the staircase. With both hands placed on the railing, she easily flipped herself onto the stairs.

Su Ruohua was still talking with Su Lun with worry.

She caressed her exquisite eyebrow with her fair and slender fingers. Su Huiqing squinted her eyes. They didn’t have faith in her. Should she show off some of her talents now?

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