Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: You are Really Terrifying

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The medicinal herbs that Yu Xiangyang sent over were enough. With one glance, Su Huiqing noticed a few hard-to-find medicinal herbs that he had sent over.

The Su Family manor did not have a laboratory unlike in the International Association. So, she didn’t have the equipment she needed, and thus, she could not make the potion.

Su Huiqing picked up a purple-colored medicinal herb and could only make a simple medicinal bath with it. But the downfall of it was a reduction in efficacy.

Her hand brushed over the medicinal herbs before she sent a message to Yu Xiangyang. “Thanks.”

The next day.

In the mist, Su Huiqing slowly opened her eyes. Her black eyes had a swirl of light in it. After a moment, the holy light disappeared and her eyes returned to its clear and lazy state.


She stood from the bathtub and her fair fingers grabbed a towel beside her. She wrapped herself with the towel afterward.

In the bathtub, the brown-colored water instantly turned transparent.

She raised her right hand and clenched it tightly into a fist. A familiar wave of energy flowed within her body.

It was finally back. Su Huiqing blew out a puff of air and walked to take the hairdryer.

She lowered her head. The water droplets on her black hair flowed down to her collarbone and then it disappeared into the whiteness of her skin.

Her phone lit up. It was a message from Yu Xiangyang which said he was waiting for her downstairs.

Su Huiqing lowered her eyes, and she replied, ‘Wait there.’

Downstairs, Yu Xiangyang’s phone vibrated. He read the text. Despite the short two-word reply, his body could not help but tremble.

In his mind, images of Su Huiqing saying those words visualized.

Though she spoke it casually, her eyes glinted dominance.

“Missy, I have already registered a securities account for you. It is an international trading account.” Uncle Chen’s voice rang from behind.

Yu Xiangyang turned his body to the back and saw Su Huiqing heading downstairs.

When she walked to the roundabout of the spiral staircase, she supported herself on the railings and gently jumped down.

After she had gone down the stairs, she smoothed her hair which cascaded down her chest. She tilted her head to Uncle Chen. “Hmm. Thanks, Uncle Chen.”

With the existence of the International Association, the stock market opened up greatly and a hefty amount of people around the world invested in it. Usually, those who were familiar with stocks would choose to register an international account. But only a few would invest in stocks across national boundaries.

It was because every countries’ stock market is different. Thus, one would have a different level of familiarity with other countries’ stock markets. The tactic one used in their country might not be useful in other countries.

However, real stock geniuses would challenge themselves and invest in foreign stock markets.

The control tower of such international trading is the International Stock Exchange Association—a name that made one tremble with fear.

‘Kacha.’ Su Huiqing opened the car backdoor and extended her long legs out.

Yu Xiangyang followed closely. But before he could catch up with her, he bumped into a person.

“Qingqing! I waited for you for so long!” Qu Yan excitedly said as she hugged Su Huiqing’s arm.

Qu Yan’s sudden action had stumped Yu Xiangyang, and so he pulled her away. At that instant, he recognized her as a schoolmate. “I thought you were someone else! It’s just you, Qu Yan.”

Qu Yan heard his unpleasant tone and immediately let go of Su Huiqing. She fiercely glared at him.

Su Huiqing casually twirled a bunch of hair and tilted her head. As she looked at the two arguing with each other, she raised her brow and swung her school bag to her back. She stuffed her hand into her pocket and lazily walked towards the school building.

She did not care about those two arguing people at all.

The third-year students had a simple lesson schedule. Other than their fundamental subject lessons, the only relaxing class was physical education.

The first lesson was biology class.

Su Huiqing took out her biology books and casually flipped through them. She threw it to the side and leaned back in her seat. She continuously spun the pen in her fingers and squinted her eyes. She was in a relaxed state.

“Qingqing, this manga was just released. Look.” Once Qu Yan saw her bored attitude, she immediately took out her stash of books and leaned over.

Su Huiqing suddenly stopped spinning her pen around and turned her head to her. She threw away her pen and placed her hand over Qu Yan’s chair and leaned over.

The two of them sat near the window. As a large patch of sunlight shone down, it cast a light shadow over Su Huiqing. With the wind blowing up her hair, she looked elegantly beautiful despite her posture.

Qu Yan felt that her breathing got messy. ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t back down!’


Su Huiqing casually took out a biology book from the stack of books on her desk and slammed it on Qu Yan’s desk. “Listen to the teacher and take notes.”

It was a short seven-word sentence.

But it did not take no for an answer.

Qu Yan froze and immediately took out her notebook. She listened attentively.

Su Huiqing continued to lean on her chair.

That year, she graduated with a science degree.

She studied at the university of the International Association—the world’s most terrifying university.

Lessons such as biology and chemistry were etched in her brain. She would have no problem giving lessons to university students, not to mention the knowledge she learned in high school.

Su Huiqing took out her phone and downloaded the International Association trading application. She then set up an account.

There was 50,000 yuan in there.

She was shocked. But she suddenly realized that Uncle Chen might have deposited it to her account.

50,000 yuan. Together with Yu Xiangyang’s 70,000 yuan, she had a total of 120,000 yuan.

It wasn’t a hefty amount, but it was not a small starting sum either.

She changed her account name to a name with two words. Su S!

It was the same identification account name that she had used in the past.

On her small phone screen, green and red colors intermixed.

Normally, stock settlement dates were T+1. However, one could change it to T+0 through margin trading or short selling. Only a few could do such acts!

T+0 would mean that she could settle the trade on the date that she bought the stocks.

Someone once said that if you do not feel comfortable owning a stock for ten years, you should not own it for ten minutes.

Su Huiqing looked at the candlestick chart. Looking at the increasing trend of the stock market line graph, no one would sell at this point.

She placed her arm on the chair and raised her brow as she calmly sold her stocks.

The few thousands of stocks that she had just bought were instantly sold out.

Comments quickly filled the comment section below Heng Guang Electronics.

“Wow, I was able to buy stocks from Heng Guang Electronics! Is this person a moron?!”

“The increasing trend is so obvious yet someone still sold their stocks! They must be a dumb newcomer!”

Su Huiqing looked at her cash value and it rose a little. She calmly looked away.

She scrolled down the screen and saw the comments.

She slightly squinted her eyes. She had spun her phone one more round before she edited a post.

[Better sell today. If not, you will fall into a trap tomorrow.]- Su S.

Once people opened the thread, there were many follow-up posts below her post.

“I’m going to wait for the original poster to get her face slapped tomorrow!”

“Even Professor Xie said that this stock has a high potential. Are you trying to attract attention?”

In the room, Xie Zhengyuan looked at the Weibo comments and casually lit up a cigarette. He then tapped on that stock and saw a hot thread gaining attention.


The cigarette in his hands immediately dropped to the ground as he stared at the account name with deep eyes.

It had only two syllables!

‘Su S!’

“What? You earned 170,000 yuan in just one morning?!”

Yu Xiangyang took Su Huiqing’s phone and saw the cash balance. 295,589 yuan!

Her starting amount was 120,000 yuan.

So that meant she earned 175,589 yuan!

Su Huiqing tilted her head and took her phone back. With a calm expression, she asked, “Is there a problem with it?”

“There is a problem!” Qu Yan screamed. “Shen Anan made headlines on many business newspapers before with her profit gain of 30%!”

Yu Xiangyang stared at her. She was calm and did not take it to heart. He took a deep breath while his heart raced. “Almost no one in Green City could double their funds in just a morning. Even brother Mingxi couldn’t do that! Missy Su, you are too terrifying.”

Su Huiqing casually replied with an, “Oh.”

Was she terrifying?

When she invested in the stock market in the past, she made billions of yuan—over ten times the amount she had now.

She merely doubled her cash for today. She didn’t think it was that terrifying.

If Yu Xiangyang knew that she had only played for the duration of one lesson and not the whole morning, he would be even more terrified!

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