Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Do You Have Any More Inquiries?

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The Yu Residences.

Yu Xiangyang held his phone and stared at the stock prices of Heng Guang Electronics.

He still remembered Su Huiqing’s prophecy. She said that the stock prices of Heng Guang Electronics would fall.

However, the price of Heng Guang Electronics’ stocks went up the moment the stock exchange market opened.

The candlestick charts were also rising quick and the trade volume reached a new high again!

Yu Xiangyang felt a little skeptical. Could Su Huiqing just be lucky? But it did not seem like it either.

Just then, the candlestick charts reached a turning point!

“What the heck! We will make it big now!” Yu Xiangyang could not help but jump in happiness, causing his phone to drop onto the ground. With his face full of shock, he exclaimed, “It hit the limit down!”

That legendary idiot, who knew nothing about business, predicted it correctly?

At the same time, those people who were watching the stocks were also taken aback.

That included Xie Zhengyuan.

“Did it hit the limit down?” The middle-aged man beside Xie Zhengyuan looked at the screen. “It’s probably a new guy. He predicted it correctly.”

“No.” Xie Zhengyuan lit a cigarette and showed the operation records to him. “That person only did five transactions in twenty minutes. This definitely isn’t the work of a newbie.”

He looked at the operation records and widened his eyes. “This is…”

“Even if it is someone from the International Association, there aren’t many who can do this.” Xie Zhengyuan lightly tapped onto his cigarette. “Do you still remember the stock market crash eight years ago?”

‘Eight years ago?’ The middle-aged man froze. He clearly could not recall what had happened eight years ago.

Xie Zhengyuan glanced at him and typed a sentence on his computer.

[There’s something I would like to confirm, can you add me as a friend?]

It was a short-term investment, yet the investor did it without a hint of sloppiness. The investor only needed to do one move and it was enough to stun the other party. There aren’t many who could pull off such a technique.

Especially that ID. Xie Zhengyuan’s eyes darkened.

The Su Residences.

With steam filling the bathroom, Su Huiqing sat in the bathtub. Smoke rose from the water towards her head.

Her breathing was very faint yet well-regulated.

The brown liquid in the bathtub slowly turned clear.

“Missy.” Uncle Chen’s voice could be heard outside. “It’s time to eat.”

She suddenly opened her eyes and her pitch-black orbs flickered under the light.

She stood and wrapped a towel around herself. After she had cleaned up, she took a blouse to wear.

She buttoned her shirt with her slender fingers and narrowed her eyes. It seemed that she still needed a few more days before she could level up.

But she didn’t have an ample amount of medicinal herbs left. If she wanted to level up without risk, she would need more medicinal herbs.

She dried her hair while looking at her phone. A new notification popped on her screen.

She casually typed a reply. ‘No.’

She then stuffed her phone into her pocket.

Su Lun was sitting on his chair while reading his document when he suddenly remembered something. “Why isn’t that rascal, Su Jiu, coming back yet?”

“I heard that he’s searching for someone.” Su Ruohua massaged her temples. She was exhausted.

Su Lun mumbled a sentence to himself and raised his head, only to see Su Huiqing saunter over.

Su Lun immediately got angry at the sight of her. He threw the document onto the table with a ‘Pa!’ He looked towards Su Huiqing. “I heard that you scribble alien symbols during a predecessor training lesson?”

Su Huiqing pulled a chair and sat on his left. She placed a hand at the back of the chair and turned her head to face him. “Who told you that?”

“Do I even need to hear it from someone?” Su Lun rolled his eyes. “When I went for my morning jog today, a bunch of people came to tell me this piece of news. Did you chase Professor Xie away? Su Huiqing, you have become more daring nowadays, haven’t you? Well, you don’t have to write anything if you don’t know what to write. What’s the point of scribbling alien symbols? You have to understand that Professor Xie came from the International Association. He is different from other teachers. If you offend him, even I can’t help you anymore.”

“Don’t you know that you shouldn’t believe rumors?” Su Huiqing casually tapped the table. In an indifferent tone, she said, “I learned a lot in Professor Xie’s lessons and perhaps my talents scared him away..”

“Give me a break!” Su Lun was so used to getting angry at Su Huiqing that he did not feel that angry anymore. “Shen Anan is already Professor Zhou’s disciple and there’s no way I could change that fact. You even offended Professor Zhou before. I don’t need you to excel well, and I am not hoping that Professor Zhou would take you in as his disciple. But I hope that you’d be more serious in your studies as your mom and I can’t protect you forever. Shen Anan is a very ruthless person. I am terrified that she might finish you off…”

She suddenly stopped tapping the table.

Su Huiqing raised her head and gazed at Su Lun.

She slowly stood up and took the document in Su Lun’s hands.

She placed the document onto the table and took his pen away from him.

She spun the pen while reading the document.

With her eyes slightly lowered, her expression was as peaceful as ever. She straightened her back and her eyes looked as dark as the abyss.

She just sat there in peace, but her presence was so strong that nobody could ignore it.

She was just sitting there in silence and that was enough to stump Su Lun.

Su Lun gave a confused gaze.

Was this his playful granddaughter?

“The asset turnover ratio reduced.” She placed the tip of the pen on a line on the document and did a simple mark. She then placed the document aside and took a newly submitted proposal. “Didn’t the Su Corporation terminate their contract with a certain partner recently? This proposal would temporarily solve the turnover issue, but the Southern lands would not have any new developments in the next twenty years. This proposal isn’t a good solution.”

Su Huiqing closed the document and leaned against her chair. She tilted her head and lightly chuckled. “Grandpa, do you still have any more inquiries?”


The cup in Su Lun’s hands dropped onto the ground.

She only took a few minutes to finish reading the financial statement as well as the recent proposal.

She even accurately pointed out the problems with the proposal.

Despite her stoic expression, her presence was very domineering.

After a long silence, Uncle Chen finally broke the silence. “Missy, Young Master Yu is here.”

Su Huiqing turned her head around and saw Yu Xiangyang walking in with quick steps. “Go upstairs,” she commanded.

It was plain two words, yet it sounded very commanding.

However, Yu Xiangyang did not seem offended by it. After politely greeting Su Lun, he went upstairs as told.

Upon witnessing such a scene, everyone froze.

Yu Xiangyang was the eldest grandson of the Yu Family. He had a bit of a temper. Then again, it was common for people of noble background to be a little arrogant. Nonetheless, they were happy that Su Huiqing and Yu Xiangyang got along well together.

Uncle Chen even told Su Huiqing to suck up to Yu Xiangyang.

They felt that it was not easy for Su Huiqing to befriend Yu Xiangyang. They had always thought that Yu Xiangyang was the more powerful and commanding one of the two.

However, it could be seen from today’s incident that Su Huiqing was more domineering.

Yet, Young Master Yu, who was very stuck up and impulsive, did not feel offended at all?

“Grandpa, mom. I think you two need to cool down.” Su Huiqing stood up and returned to her laid back and casual self. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and raised her eyebrows. “I will come down for dinner later.”

With that said, she turned around and went up the stairs.

Su Huiqing kicked open her room door.

Upon hearing the noise, Yu Xiangyang took his phone and looked at her with excitement. “Look! Look! Professor Xie wants to add you as a friend!”

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