Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: It’s Me

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Su Huiqing walked over and bent down to snatch the phone away from him. She then swiped the comments page off.

With her eyes slightly lowered, her posture made her seem laid back and casual.

“Why did you close the browser?” Yu Xiangyang widened his eyes and snatched the phone back. “That’s Professor Zhou we are talking about. Why did you…”

Su Huiqing switched her computer on while Yu Xiangyang continued babbling on. She turned around and raised her eyebrows. “You have a problem with that?”

Upon hearing her words, Yu Xiangyang immediately kept quiet. It was as though someone pressed the stop button. “No… Not at all.”

“Well, that’s great.” Su Huiqing retracted her gaze and typed a sentence on her computer.

She seemed calm and was so indifferent when he mentioned Xie Zhengyuan’s name. After staring at her face for a long time, Yu Xiangyang finally believed that she was not interested in Xie Zhengyuan.


It was Xie Zhengyuan they were talking about, no?

He was a famous figure in the International Association. If she could get into his good books, Su Huiqing would be better off in the future.

“What are you doing?” Yu Xiangyang thought for a long time, but he still could not understand what she was writing. With the bright white light shining on her, it cast a faint shadow on the ground. It made her look especially mysterious.

It was as though nobody in the school knew that her penmanship was beautiful.

Su Huiqing leaned back against her chair with one hand placed at the corner of the table and another hand on the black keyboard.

With her fair and slender fingers placed on the black keyboard, it made her fingers look more crystal clear than ever.

Su Huiqing did not reply to Yu Xiangyang, instead, she said, “Open the door.”

Open the door? Why? Yu Xiangyang was a little confused.

After three seconds, someone knocked on the door.

It was not until then did Yu Xiangyang realize what Su Huiqing meant.

But how did she know that someone was coming in when there was a door separating them from the outside world?

While opening the door, a thought flashed past. He used to think that Su Huiqing was just an irritating presence in his life. However, things seemed to have changed now. He could sense an overpowering presence from her, be it from the way she talked or whenever she did something. It was especially so when she used her sharp eyes to look at others with such indifference. She was even scarier than his grandpa.

Uncle Chen was the one who knocked on the door. He came to deliver some food for them.

After Uncle Chen had placed the plate down, he opened the door and prepared to leave.

Su Huiqing typed her last word and turned her chair around to face Uncle Chen. Her hand was still placed on the table.

She looked at him, and in a deep voice, she asked, “Uncle Chen, what happened at the Su Corporation today?”

She saw the worried look on Su Ruohua’s face earlier on. Although Su Ruohua pretended to look fine in front of her, she could sense that something was wrong.

Uncle Chen froze and looked at Su Huiqing.

Despite her pure and young look, her pitch-black eyes were sharper than ever. It was as though she could see through him with a glance.

Although she only asked a simple question, it was enough for her to confirm that something was wrong with the Su Corporation.

“Since the Su Corporation terminated their contract with Miss Shen, your uncle and the other shareholders are not exactly thrilled by it.” In the past, he would never tell Su Huiqing about company matters. However, upon seeing such a different Su Huiqing, Uncle Chen pondered for a moment before deciding to tell her everything. “Well, you know, your uncle is the biggest shareholder of the Su Corporation and he appreciated Miss Shen’s talents more than you…”

Although Uncle Chen omitted the last part of his sentence, Su Huiqing understood his meaning.

In everyone’s eyes, she was just a useless piece of trash who had no value. Shen Anan, on the other hand, was a talent that even Mr. Zhou regarded highly of. How could she ever compete with Shen Anan?

Her uncle, Su Zhi, was a very righteous person. Thus, he naturally would not wash his hands when he saw Su Huiqing bullying Shen Anan.

Most importantly, everyone felt that Shen Anan’s proposal would be vital to the Su Corporation. Yet, her contract got terminated because of a useless piece of trash? How could the other shareholders not be angry?!

Su Huiqing leaned against her chair and played with her hair.

In the quiet room, only the sounds of her tapping her table could be heard.

“Yu Xiangyang.” She suddenly stopped tapping the table and turned around to face Yu Xiangyang. She squinted her eyes. “Help me do something.”

Her tone was very indifferent, but her gaze was very deep.

“What?” Yu Xiangyang froze.

Su Huiqing lowered her gaze and turned her chair around. She took out a piece of chewing gum, and she casually said, “Since I started it, I have to solve it.”

The following day. Before school ended.

The class monitor was returning the test papers they took last week. Su Huiqing took her paper and casually placed it aside.

This was the test which the real Su Huiqing took. As for her results? It did look pretty unsightly.

Su Huiqing looked at it before deciding to look away. Leaning against her chair, she played with her phone while she placed one hand on the back of her chair.

Qu Yan leaned over to take a look at her test paper before breaking into a smile. “Hahaha! Qingqing, you scored zero marks! It’s even lower than mine!”

She suddenly stopped playing with her phone and grabbed Qu Yan’s hand.

She snatched Qu Yan’s test paper and spat out the chewing gum. She then drawled, “Eight out of a hundred?”

Su Huiqing fared worse than her, but why did she act as if she scored full marks? Especially with that calm and lazy attitude of hers!

“Eight marks aren’t little! I only scored six the previous time…” Qu Yan tried to explain herself.

Just then, a handsome figure with distinct features walked over. Although he was just seventeen, he looked especially mature. He placed their physics test paper onto her desk and walked away without looking at them.

Upon seeing him walking over, Qu Yan’s voice faded as though she was a balloon that went out of air.

Su Huiqing looked at him with a meaningful gaze. He was their class monitor, Gu Li, and he was a genius who ranked third in the school.

“He already left.” Su Huiqing retracted her gaze and lifted her school bag with two fingers. She kicked her chair and gave Qu Yan one last look before leaving.

After Qu Yan had snapped back to her senses, she casually stuffed two books into her bag. She then chased after Su Huiqing.

“Where’s Yu Xiangyang?” Qu Yan looked around her surroundings and felt a little strange that Yu Xiangyang was not around.

Su Huiqing buttoned her coat and carried her school bag on one shoulder. With one hand stuffed in her pocket, she curled her lips up. “I am going to find him right now.”

At a cafeteria not too far away from their school.

“Xiangyang, why did you find me?” Su Zhi looked at the kid opposite him. He had finished half of his coffee, but the other party still said nothing.

Yu Xiangyang raised his head and gave a warm smile. “Uncle… I am not the one who actually wishes to meet you.”

“Who is it then?” Su Zhi furrowed his eyebrows.

Just then, the door to the suite suddenly opened.

Yu Xiangyang looked up and stared deep into a pair of lazy eyes.

With one hand in her pocket, she lazily stood at the door. She looked towards them with slightly squinted eyes, and she casually said, “It’s me.”

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