Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Allow Me to Confirm Something

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The Su Family had always been known to be a noble family in Green City since the olden days. Although they may not be the most outstanding one of the bunch, they still managed the Su Corporation quite well.

They did not expect that the Su Family would have a useless piece of trash, Su Huiqing, as their descendant in this generation.

It was fine if she was just stupid, but she was arrogant too. She wanted to compete with Shen Anan at everything. Mr. Zhou even chased her out of the predecessor training before.

What an embarrassment!

Nobody from the upper-class society wanted to befriend her either.

After all, they would rather build their connection with Shen Anan.

At least that was what Su Zhi had always thought. However, this girl in front of him seemed a little different.

She sat opposite him, and then she casually placed her bag beside the table. She leaned backward and slightly squinted her eyes, giving off a very laid back and casual vibe. However, she had an overflowing presence that he could not take his eyes off her.

Su Zhi had met countless people in the corporate world. However, he had never felt such a presence from anyone before. She was like a cheetah ready to pounce on him.

She had a natural aura that allowed her to stand out among the crowd.

It was an aura that she could not hide.

She immediately debunked the poor image of Su Huiqing in his heart.

“Uncle, this is Shen Anan’s proposal. I have amended it.” Upon seeing that Su Zhi had snapped out of his trance, Su Huiqing casually took out a stack of documents from her bag. She then pushed it towards Su Zhi while wearing a face void of expression.

Did she amend the proposal? If he were to hear this in the past, he definitely would have given Su Huiqing a harsh scolding. After all, how could someone be so shameless?

However, things seemed a little different. Su Zhi looked at the people standing behind Su Huiqing.

One of them was Young Master Yu of the Yu family, Yu Xiangyang. He didn’t recognize the other person next to him, but he recognized the designer clothes she was wearing.

But didn’t the rumors say nobody wanted to befriend Su Huiqing?

Su Zhi went into deep thought. Which two heirs would act so politely to a useless piece of trash?

Yu Xiangyang even poured Su Huiqing a cup of tea as if he were her lackey. Meanwhile, Su Huiqing only leaned against her chair in peace. She looked very calm while doing so.

It was too unbelievable. Wasn’t Yu Xiangyang on Shen Anan’s side a while ago? How did he become Su Huiqing’s lackey now?

Su Zhi felt a little helpless. But he still flipped through the document that Su Huiqing gave him.

Su Huiqing’s phone vibrated in her pocket and she took it out to check it. She received an email.

After she had checked the email, she turned off her phone, but she did not put it back into her pocket. Instead, she lazily spun it with her free hand and placed her other hand on the table. She curled her lips up and hid the faint evil glint in her eyes.

On the other hand, Su Zhi had already finished reading the document.

When he read it for the first time, he did not pay much attention to it. After all, Su Huiqing was known as a useless piece of trash for so long. However, his expression changed after a few minutes.

He skimmed the document again with trembling fingers.

Yu Xiangyang and Qu Yan looked at Su Zhi in bewilderment. They then shifted their gaze to Su Huiqing in shock.

When he was about to read for the third time, Su Huiqing reached out and took the document away from him. She then stuffed it into her bag.

Su Zhi looked at her in shock.

Su Huiqing tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. “It seems that you have understood the contents of the proposal.”

With that said, she stood up and kicked the chair away. She threw her bag over her shoulders and lazily walked towards the door.

When her slender fingers landed on the handle of the door, she remembered something and so she stopped in her tracks. However, she did not turn around to face him. Instead, she said in a casual tone of voice, “Oh, right. I heard that you opened a new development zone. Are you trying to start your own business?”

“And…” Su Huiqing turned her head slightly and gave a light chuckle. “As to who you choose to side… I believe you will make a wise decision.”


The coffee in Su Zhi’s hands dropped onto the floor. He looked at Su Huiqing’s departing figure with his face full of shock.

Seeing that the Su Family was losing its luck, he naturally had to plan for himself. He did not even tell his closest friends and family that he was starting a new business and had hidden this secret very well. How did Su Huiqing even find out?

He stood frozen on the ground while he tried his best to calm himself down. But his fingers just wouldn’t stop trembling.

After Su Huiqing and the others finished their barbeque, they walked into an alley.

“Wow, Qu Yan.” Yu Xiangyang scanned his surroundings. “How did you even find such a deserted alley?!”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Qu Yan looked at Yu Xiangyang and Su Huiqing. She felt especially happy. She initially thought these two rich kids would not eat at such a run-down area, but they were more willing than she thought they would be. “I come here all the time.”

Yu Xiangyang gave a ‘tch’ as he suddenly remembered something. He walked one round around Su Huiqing. “How did you manage to stump your uncle in such a short time? I had my worries, but it turned out that it all had baseless grounds. Why are you so different from the rumors?”

Be it her style of doing things, her schemes, or her skills… it was nothing like how the rumors said her to be.

“There’s a tradition in my family.” Su Huiqing removed the wrapper of a piece of chewing gum. In an indifferent tone of voice, she said, “They would force talented kids to enter the Su Corporation from a young age, just like my mom. She was as busy as a bull.”

She omitted the last past of her sentence, but Yu Xiangyang and Qu Yan already guessed her intentions.

“So you didn’t want to work for the Su Corporation!?” Qu Yan widened her eyes and felt as if she was about to go crazy. “I couldn’t get in because I was bad at studying. But you, on the other hand, didn’t get in because you didn’t want to!”

Su Huiqing only chuckled and did not answer her.

The three of them walked in a line. When they were about to turn into a corner, a gust of wind brushed past them.

Yu Xiangyang looked at the figure that ran past them. He widened his eyes in disbelief. “Wow, that person is so fast!”

“I think someone’s chasing him. But too bad that it’s a dead end.” Qu Yan rubbed her nose.

Qu Yan had just said finish her sentence when they felt another gush of wind. A thin man in his thirties or forties stood in front of them for a while before he grabbed Su Huiqing towards him.

Just then, the people chasing after the thin man arrived at the scene.

“Yu Xiangyang, come here quick!” The moment Chu Xuning recognized Yu Xiangyang, he was shocked. He immediately pulled the two of them over.

He then looked ahead. He was more worried about Su Huiqing!

The thin man before him was not just anybody. He was a fugitive from the International Association!

“Young Master Yu.” He looked at the person beside him.

The man was wearing a black shirt and had slightly lowered his face, showing off his distinct features. He stared deep into the eyes of the thin man with his pitch-black ones—his gaze was sharp. In a deep voice, he said, “Let her go.”

“Let her go?” The thin man wore an angry expression on his face. “Am I stupid? Would I still have a way out if I allowed you to catch me?!”

Yu Shijin, who also stood at the side, looked at him with an elegant expression and posture. Even his voice sounded very gentle. “You have no way out even if you don’t let her go.”

The thin man could not help but tremble. “It’s either I kill her today or you let me leave Green City.”

The atmosphere immediately turned tense.

But a soft chuckle resounded in the air.

It was a soft and faint one.

Although the man held her by the neck, she still looked as indifferent as ever.

“Allow me to confirm something.” Su Huiqing slowly spat out the chewing gum in her mouth and slowly smoothened her messy hair. “Are you trying to take me as a hostage?”

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