Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A King Will Not Meet A King

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In the hospital room, Su Ruohua sat on the chair. Unlike Su Huiqing’s lazy attitude earlier, Su Ruohua straightened her back and looked very elegant. “Anan, how is your recovery?”

Shen Anan looked at Shen Ruohua and could not help but think of Su Huiqing. Between the two of them, one was rough and stupid while the other was intelligent and graceful. They did not seem like a pair of mother and daughter at all. Just like the rumors, compared to Su Huiqing, she was more like her…

At the thought of it, her heart clenched and she immediately lowered her head to hide the dark glint she had in her eyes. “The doctor said I may not be able to go to school for a few days.”

She was a good student who had ranked in the top ten in school. She never once missed a lesson, especially now that it was a critical period for third-year students. Examinations were just around the corner, and knowing this made Shen Anan a little frantic. She was worried that her grades might plummet down all because of this incident.

“Focus on recuperating. I will settle things in school and hire a private tutor for you. Since you are in your third year, you cannot miss your lessons.” Su Ruohua looked at Shen Anan, and she suggested, “Is that alright with you?”

Shen Anan could not hide her happiness and never thought that Su Ruohua would fancy her so much. She tried to suppress the elated feelings in her heart and said, “No problem. Thank you, auntie!”

“It’s a small matter.” Su Ruohua smiled and took out a document file from her bag.

Shen Anan took the file and scanned it. It was the proposal she suggested to the Su Corporation earlier. What could possibly be the reason behind it?

“I have pondered about something for a long while. Since you are still in your third year in high school, you should focus more on your studies and end your cooperation with the Su Corporation. This will be good for both of us.” Su Ruohua smoothened her brows and smiled. “I will transfer the money for breach of contract to your card. Our Su Corporation did you wrong this time. So, if you want any compensation, feel free to let your dad inform me.”

Shen Anan forced out a smile, but her carefully trimmed nails had already pierced the paper that it dug into her palms. “I understand, auntie.”

“Okay, that is all. Qingqing is still waiting for me downstairs. I have already greeted the hospital director, so please just focus on recuperation.” After giving out some advice, Su Ruohua took her bag and left.

While on the bed, Shen Anan’s face turned sour. She swatted the cup beside her.

What did she mean by ‘focus on your studies?’ Was it because Su Huiqing did not like her?! Shen Anan gritted her teeth and hated Su Huiqing to the core! “Cheng Yue, why are the heavens so unfair? In which way am I inferior to Su Huiqing? Just because she is the missy of the Su Family, she can easily trample over me?!”

The girl who had pushed the door open to enter, heaved a sigh before she comforted her. “The Su Family are all intelligent people. I heard that Madam Su earned a scholarship funded by the city and went to the capital to further her studies. So, how could Su Huiqing be so dumb? But then again, you should remember that Old Master Su highly values talented people. How can Su Huiqing compare to you in that aspect?! If they don’t want to use your proposal, then so be it. You already have a good reputation on your shoulder so you don’t have to bother about other stuff anymore. Do you know how popular you are in Green City? Even Old Master Su complimented your proposal! Su Huiqing, that piece of trash, can’t even compare to a fingernail of yours. Even her fiancé’s heart is with you, so what are you so scared of? Su Huiqing should be the scared one! If it wasn’t, she would not have pushed you down the stairs out of hatred and jealousy.”

Thinking that Cheng Yue’s words made sense, Shen Anan calmed down.

At the underground car park, Su Huiqing lazily had her hands in her pockets and she looked bored.

“Missy Su, aren’t you being too dumb?” Yu Xiangyang followed her from behind and with a look of pity, he stared at her. “But I can’t blame you either because even my dad admitted that she is very talented in corporate affairs. I have had professional training since I was young, and yet I don’t understand how her brain works. I can’t even beat her in that aspect.”

Yu Xiangyang heaved a sigh.

“What proposal does she have? Tell me about it?” Su Huiqing raised her brows.

“Even if I said it, will you even understand?” Yu Xiangyang looked at her with a hint of contempt.

Who in Green City was not wholly aware that the Missy Su of the Su Family could not even understand a financial statement!?

Su Huiqing paused her footsteps and glanced at Yu Xiangyang. She spun the phone with one hand while she placed her other hand in her pockets. She had a lazy look, yet her lips curled up. She drawled, “Speak.”

Yu Xiangyang’s legs went wobbly like jelly again. Damn! Was this domineering woman the rumored Su Huiqing who was beyond hope?!

He suspected the rumors. However, once Shen Anan’s proposal was mentioned, he coughed. “Anan’s proposal was indeed a novel idea. Su Corporation is a big company and with abundant capital. Not only does making use of the debt leverage to increase the investment returns make new stocks favorable, but it will open many markets as well…”

“Just these?” Su Huiqing raised her brow and remained uninterested. “It is bold and imaginative, yet unrealistic.”

She gave a critique of seven words.

“What do you know? Forget it, why am I arguing with a moron?!” Yu Xiangyang scratched his head and found her beyond redemption. “Missy Su, I forgot that you did not train to inherit your family business. Hence, you do not understand this jargon. Just take it as though I’m spouting nonsense.”

Su Huiqing squinted her eyes to look at Yu Xiangyang. The bored look she had on her face disappeared and the smile on her lips turned cold. Her eyes, on the other hand, turned sharp. “Is that how others think of me?”

“Since when were you not?” Yu Xiangyang had yet to return to his senses when he realized she had already walked far away. He quickly followed up with hesitation. Just now, Su Huiqing’s presence and strength…

Oh, my gosh! Was she the rumored Missy Su who was a loser? They must be kidding him?!

After they left, two people walked out of the car beside them.

The person who was in front had an elegant yet slothful demeanor. But at the same time, the man had a hint of nobility such that even the dim car park could not cover the shining radiance from him.

They were the people Yu Xiangyang met in the lift.

“Missy Su is dense and dumb,” Chu Xuning said in a calm voice. But the man beside him raised his exquisite brows, and his black eyes had a hint of curiosity.

“Just now, the seven words she spoke hit the nail on the head. Also, that gaze was sharp and wise. She did not seem like a dumb person at all. Xuning, you should correct your information sources.”

“I never expected that she was Missy Su. She was different from the last time I met her.” Chu Xuning stroked his chin. “She is indeed interesting. If we didn’t come down just in time, we wouldn’t have witnessed all of that.”

What did he mention recently? Missy Su was even more frightening than what the rumors said her to be. Whether it was the looks or capability, she could not compare to that illegitimate daughter.

He never thought he would smack himself in the face so fast!

“Oh right, Young Master Yu. How is the arrest for that fugitive going?” Chu Xuning suddenly recalled something. “Why are there more and more fugitives around? And they are all fugitives from overseas! They even escaped past the International Criminal Court. Even I have my hands tied. So how can they escape so easily?”

“Have you heard of the shocking recent international news?” Yu Shijin turned his head and his eyes narrowed. “The head of the Rapid Fire Mercenary Regiment died.”

“Rapid Fire Mercenary Regiment? No wonder these fugitives are so arrogant, no one is around to frighten them.” Chu Xuning froze before he snapped back to his senses after a moment. “It is such a pity! I initially thought that we can meet up with them in the international arena so that you two kings can meet each other, but I never expected…”

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