Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Assembly of Talents!

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With eyes darted towards the floor, Su Huiqing leaned against Su Ruohua’s car to wait for her. She had one hand in her pocket while the other played with her phone. She had a casual demeanor, yet it made one unable to move their gaze away.

Even if Yu Xiangyang refused to admit, he was finally convinced that the Su Huiqing in front of him was different from the person he knew before.

“How did you throw your phone earlier?” Yu Xiangyang could not help but ask as he curiously stared at her.

Su Huiqing slowly twirled a bunch of hair and turned her head. With raised brows, she asked, “Did I throw my phone earlier?”

When he heard her words, Yu Xiangyang had an impulse to vomit blood out of anger!

The ability to lie through your teeth—Missy Su was second to none!

No one had noticed it earlier, except for him. He was sure she made Zhang Mingxi kneel!

“Alright, my mom is here.” Su Huiqing straightened her body and spun her phone one more round before placing it back into her pocket. “Thank you for sending me to the hospital today.”

“It’s nothing.” Yu Xiangyang waved his hand. He then looked at Su Huiqing with an intrigued but gloating intent. “Aren’t you scared that brother Mingxi will ignore you after how you treated him today?”

Su Huiqing squinted her eyes. “So?”

‘So?’ Yu Xiangyang momentarily paused. When he thought of the rumors that spread across Green City, he retracted his look of gloat. “In our circle of friends and relatives, who isn’t aware that Missy Su likes Young Master Zhang? She would even jump into the river for him…”

“Enough, stop talking!” When she heard Yu Xiangyang’s words, a memory akin to what he said arose in Su Huiqing’s brain, and her head started to throb in pain. She raised her hand as a gesture for him to stop.

She slowly took out a piece of chewing gum from her pockets and peeled the wrapper off before placing it into her mouth to chew.

Yu Xiangyang immediately shut his mouth up. Seeing Su Huiqing’s look, he felt that he had touched her sensitive spot, and so he never mentioned this incident again.

He was on Shen Anan’s side as before, all because she had good looks and an exceptional talent for business. She had a warm personality and was very polite, too. Even people like him, who have had professional training to become heirs, could not compare to her. He knew how frightening Shen Anan could be!

On the other hand, Su Huiqing could not beat her in any aspect. So when you put the two of them together, they were far too different.

How could such a person be the headmistress of the Zhang Family or be a suitable match for Zhang Mingxi?!

Hence, when he knew Zhang Mingxi had intentions to reject the marriage, he put both his hands up in agreement.

However, he suddenly pitied Missy Su now… Although it was his first time hanging out with Missy Su, he felt that she was far different from what the rumors pictured her to be. It seemed like she had many secrets on her, too.

They stood on opposite sides and were both lost in their thoughts. Only when Su Ruohua had walked over did they snap back to their senses. “I should have made you dye your purple hair back to your natural color earlier! Look at how nice it looks now!”

“Despite how I look now, you could still recognize me?” When she mentioned this incident, Su Huiqing was a little curious. “You could recognize me with just a glance?”

“Did you think I wouldn’t be able to recognize you if you dyed your hair color? Su Huiqing, have you forgotten who gave birth to you?” Hearing her words, Su Ruohua furrowed her brows as she spoke loudly.

Su Huiqing frowned. “That’s enough, mom! Be civil! Don’t get angry!”

“If you possessed half of what Anan or Mingxi had, I wouldn’t have to be so worried for you.” Su Ruohua smoothed her brows and had a look of worry.

“Mom, please rest assured. I will definitely be better than Shen Anan in the future. You don’t have to worry about me.” She chewed on the chewing gum and seemed indifferent, yet her eyes flashed a sharp glint.

When those words came out of her mouth, Yu Xiangyang could not help but laugh. He rocked back and forth in laughter! He almost could not catch his breath. “Better than Anan? Do you know how much her net worth is now? With her talent and aptitude, only a few could surpass her in Green City. Su Huiqing, your words are the biggest joke I have heard this year!”

Although he could not deny that Su Huiqing had a striking change, things such as talent were innate!

If one did not possess the talent, then they will never have it! One could not blame Yu Xiangyang for having such a large reaction. She could not even read a financial statement, and yet, she had the audacity to claim that she would surpass the rising talent of the corporate world?

Su Ruohua knocked on Su Huiqing’s head and her anger turned into laughter. “Surpass Shen Anan? Despite having real aptitude, you have quite a big mouth! Talk to me again once you can understand financial statements.”

“Forget it, come with me. You have to think about how you will explain to your grandpa.” Su Ruohua opened the car door. “Your grandpa was the one who froze your card so I can’t help you with that. You just have to wait and attend the predecessor training. I heard that they hired a tutor from the International Association. This time, even if you are unwilling, you have to at least stay there for a week. If not, you can forget about getting your pocket money for the remaining half year!”

In actual fact, Su Huiqing was not listening. Yu Xiangyang’s words echoed in her head and it was hard for her to snap back to her senses.

‘Shen Anan? Business genius?!’

Not knowing how to digest that piece of information, she frowned.

Shen Anan’s proposal was unrealistic and had many loopholes. Her comrades, who are not interested in corporate affairs, could even point out errors in her proposal. But then again, they still considered that a business genius had written that proposal?! How lacking in talents was Green City?

Su Huiqing had almost forgotten one thing. Where did she use to reside at one point in her life? It was at the International Association, for goodness’ sake!

It was the center of influence where all the countries united! But then again, both good and evil were present there. Even a small fry from the International Association could easily be a reputable person in their respective countries. Not to mention, the large corporations in the International Association! It is a place swarmed with geniuses from all parts of the world!

It was a place where world talents assemble!

Many people dreamed of that place, too. It was a pity that most could only stroll around the International Association because getting into a certain family or influence party was just too difficult.

Green City was a normal first-tier city in Country Z, so how could it compare to the International Association?

Considering that Su Huiqing had a different position and outlook in life, unlike the people in Green City, she naturally had a different way of thinking. She felt that Shen Anan’s proposal had nothing valuable in it that even with a glance, she could see many loopholes. So how could such a trashy thing be supported by so many people?

If anyone were to present a proposal like hers in the International Association, it would be considered as a piece of useless paper.

Hence, she really could not see what was so good with Shen Anan. Thus, that led her to such a claim that she would surpass Shen Anan. It would even be modest of her to say that!

It was just that her point of view was different. Moreover, even if they could see the loopholes in Shen Anan’s proposal, they still had to recognize Shen Anan’s qualifications.

After all, Green City and the International Association were far different by not only a few levels.

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