Rebirth of the Heavenly Empress

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I Am Not Interested in Your Young Master Chu

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They went back to the Su Residences and Su Huiqing followed Su Ruohua into the house. When she entered, she saw Uncle Chen waiting at the door.

“Missy, the old master issued an order for you to live in the Old Residences for half a month. He wants to train you personally, hence it’s highly advised for you not to go back to the villa for the meantime.” Uncle Chen glanced at Su Huiqing before giving her a ‘take care of yourself’ look.

Su Huiqing was speechless.

Although Su Lun was almost seventy, he did not seem old at all. His eyes still looked as energetic as ever.

He was initially furious, but upon seeing Su Huiqing’s face, he immediately got taken aback. “Don’t think that just because you dyed your purple hair back to black, I will let go of what you’ve done.”

“Yes, yes, yes. You are always right.” Su Huiqing closed her eyes. He was probably referring to the incident where she allegedly pushed Shen Anan down the stairs.

“Look at you! You are the only descendant of the Su Family and our future predecessor. How could you easily allow anyone to plot something against you?!” Upon the mention of it, Su Lun could not control his temper that even the look he threw at Su Huiqing was as though he expected better from her.

His words deeply stumped Su Huiqing. Did someone plot against her?

So, he didn’t think that she was the one who pushed Shen Anan down the stairs?

Su Lun took a glance at her and he immediately knew what she was thinking. “Alright, pack your things and attend the predecessor training tomorrow. That rascal, Zhang Mingxi, is already preparing to take over the Zhang Corporation. He even invited your uncle to help him compete for the land today! If you still cannot understand these financial statements after two weeks, you can forget about getting pocket money from me for the next half a year!”

“Okay.” Su Huiqing looked at Sun Lun and nodded her head. She was swift and decisive.

“You…” Su Lun initially wanted to continue on nagging. However, after hearing Su Huiqing oblige to him so willingly, he immediately looked at her in disbelief.

The reason he would nag so much was because he meant well for her. He and Su Ruohua doted on this descendant of the Su Family more than anyone else, and as such, it resulted in her poor character. He initially thought that she would not easily oblige, but she agreed within a second.

Su Huiqing spun the phone in her hands and smiled. “What about my schoolwork?”

She was decisive and assertive. Even her facial expression seemed as indifferent as ever. Was this his dumb-headed granddaughter?

“The predecessor training would be an additional lesson. You still have to do your schoolwork as per normal.” Su Lun looked at Su Huiqing and spoke with uncertainty. “About that. You are still sick, so head back to your room and rest.”

“Understood.” Su Huiqing nodded her head and then turned it slightly to look at Su Lun and Su Ruohua. She then gave them a small smile. In a deep voice, she said, “Good night to you, grandpa and mommy.”

With that said, she flipped onto the spiral staircase.

Su Lun and Su Ruohua were a little stumped by her actions.

“Ruohua, why do I feel as if I just received an electric shock from this brat?” Su Lun slowly turned his head to face Su Ruohua. “I am hallucinating, right?”

Su Ruohua was also in disbelief. That dumb and arrogant image of Su Huiqing was so deeply etched in their minds that they feel as though the world had gone nuts upon seeing the current Su Huiqing.

Su Huiqing locked her room door before leaning against her window. Sitting with her legs crossed, she lazily made a call on her phone.

“Hello?” A curious voice lingered over the other line.

“It’s me,” Su Huiqing casually replied, “Do you know where the Green City racing competition is taking place?”

Yu Xiangyang immediately recognized Su Huiqing’s faint and lazy voice. “Yup. Missy Su, what are you up to?”

Su Huiqing curled her lips up. “Wait for me at the Su Residences and you will know.”

Yu Xiangyang put down the phone and quickly returned to his seat. He took a few quick bites of his food before leaving the house with his chauffeur.

Everyone in the Yu Family called for him, but he casually waved them away. “I am going to meet my friend for a while. I will be back soon.”

On the other side… Su Huiqing took off her clothes and opened her wardrobe to find a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans to wear. She then took a pair of sunglasses out of her drawer.

After she had changed her clothes, she caressed the jade pendant on her neck before walking to the window to open it. And with one swift action, she leaped out of it and did it ever so lightly and gently. Since she was not wearing any heavy clothing, leaping out of the window was a piece of cake for her.

If someone were to see her, her actions would have shocked them.

After all, she jumped out of her window without making a single sound. She even avoided all the bodyguards on her way out of her house. Was she even human?

“Hey, what are you planning to do here?” Yu Xiangyang got out of his car. Upon seeing the crowd, he shot Su Huiqing a puzzled gaze.

Su Huiqing leaned against the car door and casually opened a packet of chewing gum, which she then popped into her mouth.

Upon hearing Yu Xiangyang’s words, an evil glint flickered in her eyes.

Within the country, Green City was famous for its racing tracks, and it had organized countless large-scale racing competitions. It was also because of this that the people in Green City respected top-notch racers more than anyone else. They were also very passionate and interested in car racing.

Businessmen often use car racing to settle bids.

That night, the Zhang Corporation and many other corporations were holding an auction to bid for the southern territories.

As the organizer of the competition, Zhang Mingxi invited the best racer in Country Z, Su Jiu, to race for him in an attempt to increase his chances of winning.

Although he always gave Su Huiqing looks of disgust and would rather see her dead, he made use of the people around Su Huiqing very well.

Su Jiu was Su Huiqing’s uncle. If it wasn’t for Su Huiqing, would Su Jiu even agree to help Zhang Mingxi?

Zhang Mingxi had just taken over the Zhang Family’s business and naturally, he wanted to come out as a victor so that people would have faith in him. As such, he invited Su Jiu to race for him. It was a pity that he did not expect that Su Huiqing would come and gatecrash the competition.

“Do you want to win this competition?” asked Su Huiqing in a deep voice while she patted a middle-aged man’s shoulders.

The middle-aged man nodded his head. “O—Of course, I want to win! But…” However, the racer he invited was a racer from the lower ranks. Once news got out that the Zhang Corporation invited Su Jiu, many racers got scared out of their wits and automatically admitted to their defeat.

Su Huiqing slightly curled her lips up and wore her sunglasses. She then entered the red racing car in a swift action. “Well, great! I will win this competition for you.”

Once she said her piece, not only was the middle-aged man shocked, but also Yu Xiangyang who was standing beside her was also left in shock. Yu Xiangyang looked at her as though she was a lost cause. “Su Huiqing, have you gone nuts? You don’t even have your driving license. Yet you want to race? Do you have a death wish?”

“Oh.” Su Huiqing placed one hand on the steering wheel and another hand on the car door. In a casual voice, she said, “A piece of cake.”

The racing competition was about to start. Yu Xiangyang waited for her while seemingly in a panic.

Although he felt that Su Huiqing was searching for her doom, he could not help but think that she might win the competition upon thinking about the casual yet confident smile she had thrown his way earlier on.

“This is nuts!” Yu Xiangyang muttered a silent curse.

The racing competition had already begun.

Compared to the nervous looks on the faces of her other competitors, Su Huiqing seemed very calm and steady. She steadily retracted her hand and stepped on the gas once the flag was down.

Even though her body was not as flexible and coordinated as before, it was still enough for her to win a small competition.

The people who came to see the competition that night were experts about cars, and most of them were Su Jiu’s fans. However, Su Jiu’s car not being the center of attention that night was not what they expected. Instead, the most striking car of the night was a red race car that no one had ever heard of before.

With a speed of 270 km/hr, the car casually sped past many racers.

The spectators looked at the red car in disbelief.

“What the heck! T—that car actually surpassed my God Jiu!”

“God Jiu probably hasn’t unleashed his real ability. Don’t worry.”

“Goodness, where did this racer come from? How could he be so good?”

“Relax, my God Jiu would speed up later, and he would surpass him in a second!”


The spectator had just finished his sentence when the red race car swiftly surpassed everyone the moment it curved in.

The car went beyond everyone’s expectations.


The red race car directly drove past the red string and won the race.

On the other hand, the best racer in Country Z was not even around yet.

Su Jiu’s fans were left in shock and everyone fell into silence.

In the controls room, Chu Xuning touched his chin and took a glance at Yu Shijin. “I didn’t expect to see such an interesting scene here. The red car racer must be a dark horse. We just don’t know who he or she is.”

Yu Shijin stood by the window and gave a faint glare. “Don’t forget about our mission.”

“Don’t worry. I have already asked someone to stop the red car. We will just take a look. I promise we won’t delay the mission!” Chu Xuning waved his hand.

At that same time, Su Huiqing got out of the car and casually took the phone from a man dressed in a black suit. She deleted the photo that he secretly took and threw it back to the man. “Sorry, I am not interested in your Young Master Chu.”

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