Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Lythrum (2)

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The manager smiled gratefully.

“Third Young Master, is what Lady Ye said true? Is the Lythrum really in the Dead Leaves Forest?” The servant from the Si family asked Si Bai after he noticed there was no further movement on the other side.

Si Bai reclined to a side with his fingers stroking the white jade in his hands. Laying his eyes on Ye Qingtang, a smile tugged on his lips, and he said coolly, “Who knows?”

The servant became even more confused. “If there isn’t, wouldn’t Lady Ye be ridiculed publicly? Third Young Master, do you really not intend to… Ouch!”

A dejected expression was etched on the servant’s face as he covered his forehead, which had just been flicked by Si Bai.

Si Bai chuckled. “We don’t need to worry about her. Just set your mind at ease and watch on.”

The servant rubbed his forehead and could not understand what was going on anymore.

Time passed. The manager ordered tea to be served for Ye Qingtang and Duan Tianrui to enjoy.

The servants from the Duan family who came along with Duan Tianrui stood beside Duan Tianrui and glanced at Ye Qingtang from time to time.

“Third Young Master, Lady Ye is crazy. Why you are still playing along with her?!”

Duan Tianrao looked up and cast Ye Qingtang a glance with an obvious curl tugging at the corner of his lips.

“If she wished to embarrass herself, why shouldn’t I fulfill her wish?”

As he finished his sentence, Duan Tianrui looked at the entrance of the Pavilion of Treasures to see the man who had been sent to find the Lythrum rushing back hurriedly with a body covered in dust. Duan Tianrui smiled widely and placed his cup down.

“An interesting show is about to start…”

Many customers stayed in the Pavilion of Treasure to watch the development of events. Both the Ye and Duan family are top family clans in Lin town; obviously, they did not want to miss such an exciting show.

When the man came back, he was covered in dust and carrying something in his arms very carefully as if it was something precious.

“How did it go?” the manager asked him immediately.

Panting, he could not hide his excitement and nodded his head continuously. “I found it! However, it was hidden in the hole of a dead tree. If not for Lady Ye’s drawing, I wouldn’t have been able to find it.”

With that said, gasps sounded in the Pavilion of Treasures immediately.

The Lythrum was really found!

How could this be?

Everyone had a look of confusion on their faces.

The man carefully removed a beautiful box which was covered with soil from his hands and passed it to the manager, who opened the box hurriedly only. In it quietly rested an emerald Lythrum covered with dew drops.

In that instant…

The manager heaved a heavy sigh of relief!

“Lady Ye, thank you… I must really thank you this time.” the manager looked Ye Qingtang with a wide smile on his face as he held the Lythrum carefully.

God knows how many years the owner of the pavilion had spent looking for this Lythrum!

If not for Ye Qingtang’s directions, who would have known that such a precious Lythrum was actually growing in the hole of a dead tree!

Ye Qingtang smiled faintly. “You’re welcome.”

Lythrum was indeed hard to find now, but that was only because people had thought wrongly the place where Lythrum grew in. Decades later, the existence of Lythrum would no longer be a rare one. In her previous life when the Great Elder sent people to kill her, she once escaped to the Dead Leaves Forest and saw this stalk of Lythrum incidentally. Of course, she remembered its position clearly.

No one else would know all of this.

With the finding of the Lythrum, Duan Tianrui, who had been anticipating Ye Qingtang to embarrass herself completely, wore an extremely ugly and dark expression.

In a while, the manager ordered for the reward of 100,000 gold to be carried out.

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