Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Lythrum (3)

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The glistening of three whole big boxes of gold the onlookers dizzy.

Ye Qingtang glanced at the gold and reached out for the gold bricks each the size of a palm, slamming them onto the counter with the Flower Moon Stone.

A commotion stirred with her every action, yet Ye Qingtang did not mind at all. Instead, her narrowed eyes were set directly on the gloomy looking Duan Tianrui, whose expression turned darker with every gold brick placed down.

“30,000 gold bricks. I am taking this Flower Moon Stone,” said Ye Qingtang with her lips curled as she placed down the last brick of gold.

Duan Tianrui was furious. He did not expect that Ye Qingtang had this up her sleeve.

Indeed, she did not have enough money. But, so what?

Not only did she not have to pay any money, she even received three boxes of gold from the Pavilion of Treasures!

While Duan Tianrui was grim, he was so pissed by Ye Qingtang’s arrogance to the point that his breathing turned erratic.

“Young Master Duan, I’m really sorry. The Pavilion of Treasures has always had a first-come-first-serve rule. Thus, this Flower Moon Stone…” the manager said tactfully as he walked straight towards Duan Tianrui with his eyes on the Flower Moon Stone in Duan Tianrui’s hands. After obtaining the Lythrum, the manager obviously would be on Ye Qingtang’s side.

Duan Tianrui silently gritted his teeth and returned the Flower Moon Stone which he initially thought would be claimed by him back to the manager.

The manager then handed the Flower Moon Stone to Ye Qingtang in front of Duan Tianrui and said, “Lady Ye, this Flower Moon Stone is yours.”

Raising her brows and looking at the Flower Moon Stone about the size of a soybean, she looked up and cast Duan Tianrui a glance.

Her glance almost made Duan Tianrui’s lungs explode from holding his anger back.

He originally wanted to watch Ye Qingtang embarrass herself, yet it turned out that he was the one to be embarrassed!

“Congratulations, Lady Ye, for obtaining what you wanted. I still have something to do and will take a leave first,” Duan Tianrui forced his words while gritting his teeth and left with his people without turning back.

No one had expected the incident to end this way, and everyone could not help but sigh.

After seeing Duan Tianrui leave in anger because of Ye Qingtang, Si Bai, who had been watching from a side, chuckled lightly as he looked away and continued to pick a jade.

“Lady Ye, feel free to choose whatever you want. I will go ahead and process the Lythrum first,” the manager told Ye Qingtang with a smile.

Ye Qingtang nodded slightly. The Flower Moon Stone was an unexpected joy; she had more important things to find.

The manager left the hall on the first floor and headed towards the highest floor.

The door to the elegant room on the highest floor was locked tightly. Arranging his clothes, the manager knocked on the door respectfully.

“Pavilion master, it’s me.”

“Come in.”

The manager pushed the door open and entered.

In the room, an attractive looking Mu Su was sitting at a table. Once the manager saw Mu Su, he immediately went on his knees and respectfully handed him the beautiful box that contained the Lythrum.

“Reporting pavilion master, the Lythrum has been found.”

Mu Su lifted his brows slightly and received the box. After seeing the Lythrum, his lips tugged upwards involuntarily.

No one would have expected that the mysterious owner of the Pavilion of Treasures was actually Mu Su, the renowned City Lord of Fallen Stars City.

“Quite a long time was spent, but at least it is finally found. You settled this issue pretty well,” Mu Su said satisfactorily as he placed the box down.

The manager knelt at the spot respectfully and replied, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Mu Su suddenly arrived at Lin town yesterday night. The manager, who had always been fearful of Mu Su, was shocked when he saw him. Good thing the Lythrum was found today, or else he would really not dare to come here.

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