Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Floating Pagoda (1)

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Seeing that Mu Su was in a good mood, the manager suddenly remembered something and quickly said, “Reporting pavilion master, there is one more thing.”

“What is it?” asked Mu Su.

“A few days ago, the Si family sent someone to deliver a letter and wanted me to hand it to you,” the manager replied as he passed the letter that he carried along with him to Mu Su.

“The Si family?” Mu Su was curious. Master Si was one of the few who knew about Mu Su’s identity as the pavilion master of the Pavilion of Treasures.

Mu Su opened the letter, and his expression turned increasingly weird as he read on.

“Ye Qingtang from the Ye family wants to see me?” With a face of surprise, he instinctively glanced at the inner chamber in the elegant room.

The man sitting inside the inner chamber frowned slightly.

The manager noticed Mu Su’s gaze but did not have the nerves to look towards the inner chamber and further lowered his head instead.

Mu Su came along with another person yesterday night, and towards this person, even a person of high status like Mu Su had to be very respectful.

The manager could not help but recall that his master was loyal to the Antiquity Palace… Could it be that that person was the rumored God himself… As he thought about it, the manager did not dare to speculate any further and watched his own words and actions.

After hesitating for a moment, Mu Su asked, “What is Ye Qingtang’s relation to the Ye family?”

When he went to see the young lady of the Ye family with His Highness, he still did not know the girl’s name and whether she was the said Ye Qingtang.

The manager replied hurriedly, “Ye Qingtang is the Young Lady of the Ye family and the next successor of the Ye family.”

“Other than Ye Qingtang, how many ladies are on the Ye residence now?” Mu Su asked.

“The Ye family has three daughters in total. One of them is family Master Ye’s daughter, Ye Qingtang. Another is the Great Elder’s granddaughter, Ye You. The last girl is an orphan whom the family master adopted, Ye Xun. Ye You left for Yunxiao Sect not long ago while Ye Xun usually resides in the manor outside the Ye family on normal days. Ye Qingtang should be the only lady of the Ye family on the residence now,” the manager replied honestly.

“It really is her?” Mu Su’s eyes widened slightly.

The manager added on, “Actually, we could only find this Lythrum after Ye Qingtang provided us with its location. Lady Ye is currently still in the Pavilion of Treasures.”

“…” At this point, Mu Su really wanted to laugh.

He suffered an internal injury in his early years and needed the Lythrum for treatment. After waiting for so many years, it was actually found with the help of the girl whom His Highness was searching for.

“Since she is a customer of my Pavilion of Treasures and she even helped me to find the Lythrum, I need to thank her well. From now on, whenever Ye Qingtang comes to my Pavilion of Treasures, all items will be sold at twenty percent discount to her,” Mu Su said generously and peeked at the inner chamber.

“Noted,” the manager nodded his head as he noted to himself in surprise that the twenty percent discount which Mu Su said was not only applicable to the store in Lin Town but all the Pavilion of Treasures branches over the world.

God knows how many extremely pricey treasures there were in the Pavilion of Treasures. She could save a shocking amount with this discount!

After hearing Mu Su’s orders, the manager exited the elegant room quietly.

After the manager had finally left, the man in the inner chamber came out.

The moment Mu Su saw the man, he immediately stood up and knelt on the floor with one leg.

“Your Highness!”

There was no hint of emotion on Han Cangming’s gorgeous face. As his deep set of eyes looked over at the letter from the Si family, a deep voice sounded.

“Agree to her request.”

“Noted! I will notify the Si family now.”

Han Cangming was the boss, and Mu Su was to fulfill whatever he said.

Using his feet to think, Mu Su also predicted that his highness would want him to agree to the request. However, he did not know why Ye Qintang wanted to meet him.

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