Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 394 - Pregnant (1)

Chapter 394: Pregnant (1)

Yun Jin wanted to meet her by the Hua Pavilion, a pavilion in the center of the lake. During this weather… Gong Yimo had enough. Sitting there, she hugged her space heater tightly, not letting go!

Several snowstorms had passed, so the view of the lake from the pavilion was still very beautiful. Glancing at the fake mountains in the distance and the frozen lake water, it was like a black and white sketch. Just a few strokes were enough to give people a sense of natural beauty!

Seeing that Yun Jin still hadn’t been here, Gong Yimo lied against the table of the Pavilion and shifted her head sideways to admire the frost on the lake.

“Is it beautiful?”

Surprisingly, Yun Jin came by herself.

Gong Yimo looked over and in that moment, she saw shock and admiration in Yun Jin’s eyes. She didn’t know whether it was her illusion or not, but jealousy was the main emotion in the eyes.

She was still very beautiful, but she had on thick makeup and glamorous clothes, so she wasn’t as beautiful as she originally was.

“Paying respects to the Senior Imperial Concubine.”

Gong Yimo smiled and bowed, giving Yun Jin the illusion that they hadn’t seen each other for only a few days and not a few years.

Yun Jin faintly nodded and sat on the stone chair. There wasn’t even a single person to serve them tea.

“In the past few years, whenever I am unhappy, I would come and take a walk here. Is it beautiful here?”

Gong Yimo nodded and said, “The scenery is very nice!”

Yun Jin smiled and said, “What if I push you down the lake? Will you be afraid?”


Gong Yimo looked up and a glint of light flickered in her eyes.

“You can try.”

Yun Jin choked on her words. The originally warm and pleasant scene became tense and stiff instantly. Even more, there was a sense of unknown danger.

Quickly, Yun Jin laughed again. She was not the delicate young woman from the past after these years of training. Gong Yimo really saw Empress Dowager Yun Qi’s shadow on her.

“I am just joking. You… are Yun’er sweetheart. Because of you, Yun’er started to avoid me, so how would I dare to do anything to you?”

“That means that without Jin Yun, you’ll do something to me?” Gong Yimo smiled and said, “There is no enmity between us, though?”

That was the way she talked. Always straightforward and blunt like knives cutting through, making it hard for people to resist. Yun Jin’s smile stiffened.

“We don’t have any enmity, but…”

She covered her lips and said, “But… I am jealous of you.”

“Why?” Gong Yimo sat across from her and propped her chin up against the stone table, asking confusedly.

She was beautiful, so people found her casual actions pleasing to the eyes.

Yun Jin trained her eyes on her and smiled, saying, “…I am jealous of how young and beautiful you are… jealous that you are free… jealous that Yun’er likes you!”

Towards the end, a flicker of resentment flashed in her eyes rapidly. By the time Gong Yimo snapped out of her trance, she heard her say faintly, “In the past, Yun’er was very obedient. No matter what I want, he’ll get it for me and his heart was always with me, only nice to me. But… ever since you came, Yun’er changed. He stopped just thinking about me and you’re in his heart… he became biased.”

Gong Yimo smiled, listening to this. For some reason, she felt a chill.

“Since you’re scared of losing attention from him, why do you keep forcing him to get married?”

Yun Jin was displeased. Her smile was beautiful on the surface, enchanting but dangerous.

“Of course… I want the women to force you away, so… Yun’er will be mine again!”


Gong Yimo stayed quiet. There were tens of thousands of women in Da Yu’s harem, but she hadn’t heard of anyone becoming crazy. As expected, Yu Heng’s imperial palace was much more self-disciplined than Da Yu.

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