Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 11 - Harboring Resentment

Chapter 11: Harboring Resentment

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Hearing this, Sun Dongqing stood up from the ground right away and forgot her complaints. “You wicked girl, how dare you to talk back to me? Do you have any respect for your aunt?”

“How shameful! Retorting your senior relative like this! Of course, you would do such a shameless thing like seducing your teacher!”

“Aunt, you accused me of seducing my teacher, but have you proven your claim? Did you go to my school to inquire about it? Has the staff from school visited your house? Have you asked Ye Ying what exactly happened?” Maintaining her composure, Ye Jian involved Ye Ying into this issue. Not only did Ye Jian stand there with dignity, but her words were also full of confidence!

Several villagers who encountered Ye Jian in the early morning gathered around. After listening for a while, they realized the issue on the table and started talking about what happened yesterday.

“Jian was having an exam at that time. How did she seduce her teacher?”

“Ye Ying dragged Jian to run with her, and then Ye Ying tripped her. How did Jian get involved with seducing her teacher?”

Sun Dongqing couldn’t follow Ye Jian’s thinking pattern anymore. What’s worse, she even panicked for a moment when Ye Ying was mentioned. She would lose her chance if she didn’t think of something to say.

On the other hand, the villagers had started to comfort Ye Jian.

“There is no smoke without fire. Why would anyone accuse you of doing something if you have never done it?” Furiously, Sun Dongqing pulled away the neighbors who were surrounding Ye Jian. She cursed Ye Jian by pointing at her. “Everything happens for a reason. Who would judge you if you are truly decent?!”

Ye Jian looked at her aunt directly in her eyes, with a subtle smile on her face. “Even though I have done nothing wrong, there are people trying to taint my reputation on purpose! It’s strange that no one here has heard of this incident except you.”

“I would like to ask you from whom did you hear it? How about this? Let me confront this guy. You are my aunt, my family. I don’t think you wish for me to be wrongly accused.”

Ye Jian was retreating for the sake of advancing. She was aware that, only by talking less aggressively could the villagers believe that she was not confronting Sun Dongqing.

Sun Dongqing insisted that she was right. Thumping her chest and stamping her feet, she cried as if she was experiencing terrible heartache. “Who has wronged you? Are you aware of what you have done? You wicked girl, you can’t even admit your mistake! I would love to hide your secret for you, but is it possible?”

The villagers came to understand the severity of the problem at hand. They wouldn’t have known about it if Sun Dongqing didn’t tell them.

“She is merely a child. How could she possibly do such a thing!! What a terrible sin it is to seduce her teacher! Dongqing, I think you should fetch the person who told you about this and let them confront each other!”

“Indeed you should. It’s unforgivable to blemish a child’s reputation if she has done no such thing!” ”

Since Ye Jian had done nothing wrong, she defended herself with confidence. Her pure gaze and her composure were enough to prove that she was innocent.

Confrontation? There was no one to confront!

Sun Dongqing had harbored extreme resentment in her heart. Glaring at Ye Jian fiercely and gloomily, she said, “Ye Jian, you think you have grown up and don’t need to obey me, do you?”

“I have not grown up, just matured a bit. I know how serious such an allegation is. And I know that I must stand up for myself facing such a rumor! If you are so certain that I am shameless enough to seduce my teacher, then you must have known about the time and place when it happened!”

“Everyone, I don’t know how this rumor spread, but it’s all based on my aunt’s own words. So, please, I beg you, testify to my innocence for me!”

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