Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 12 - You Are So Disgusting

Chapter 12: You Are So Disgusting

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Ye Jian gained more advantages rather than disadvantages. Sun Dongqing panicked a bit, but she insisted. “Wicked girl! I’m just trying to do what’s best for you! And yet, you treat my kindness as garbage! Fine, I will wait and see what you have to explain to your school!”

She could not stay here any longer. Sun Dongqing had a vague feeling that she might not be able to win this argument if she stayed.

Damn that girl! Has she become a different person overnight? I can’t believe she asked all the neighbors to testify for her! Don’t bother to argue with her!

Seeing that she was at a disadvantage, the cunning Sun Dongqing waved her hands and left the scene while swearing at Ye Jian.

At this moment, all the villagers present had realized what was going on and they criticized Sun Dongqing of being unreasonable. And they felt sorry for Ye Jian for having such an aunt.

But before long, some sensitive and cautious guys subtly pushed the people around themselves, indicating that they should stop the criticism for their own sake.

After all, Sun Dongqing’s husband was the deputy town mayor of Fujun Town. It’s said that he might be promoted to serve as town mayor this year.

As Ye Jian stayed silent and observed the people around them, she subtly lowered her eyes. Her long eyelashes concealed the chill deep inside her pupils.

She was aware of the person whom the villagers were frightened of.

Because Ye Ying was the daughter of the deputy town mayor, no matter what happened, the school staff would not criticize her too harshly.

As for Ye Jian herself, her destiny was in her own hands. After the villagers left, she gently opened her hands. In her tender palms, there were clear nail prints, just like the path that she was about to take.

Her uncle, Ye Zhifan, was the person that she didn’t want to confront with for the time being.

She knew all too well about this power-seeker, who could do anything to get what he wanted.

But he had one flaw. He cared too much about how others perceived him!

Although she couldn’t confront her uncle directly at this moment, she could take advantage of his very drawback to take down Sun Dongqing.

Standing alone, Ye Jian raised her head and smiled resplendently under the sun. She had nothing to fear! Nothing to worry about!

Her destiny was in her own hands, and she was having a very nice beginning.

At the age of 14, her smiles were worry-free and full of life. There was no trace of sadness but the prospect for her future displaying on her delicate face.

But in the eyes of Ye Ying, those smiles were so repugnant. How she wished she could pounce on Ye Jian and destroy her face!

Sensing the hateful glare shooting from behind her, the shrewd Ye Jian slowly restrained her smiles.

She turned around and looked at Ye Ying in the eye, with disdain and contempt.

Ye Ying, who was steps away from Ye Jian, was also a detail-minded person. As she realized the expression in Ye Jian’s eyes, she became outrageous.

“Ye Jian!” She gritted her teeth and growled in a low voice. Then, she rushed ahead, stretched out her hands and pushed Ye Jian as she did in her house.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she noticed that several villagers were looking towards this way. She reacted swiftly and hugged Ye Jian by her shoulders instead, pretending they were close to each other.

“Ye Ying, you disgust me as much as I disgust you.” Ye Jian avoided Ye Ying’s hug deftly. She didn’t let Ye Ying have her way. She then smiled indifferently in a low voice. “We both know that. So there is no need to pretend in front of others.”

In the eyes of the villagers, Ye Ying, the daughter of the deputy town mayor, was a well-behaved, good-looking, kind-hearted student who studied well.

Ye Ying was thwarted for the second time. She frowned and glared at Ye Jian more fiercely. As her mother had said, this damn girl had become completely different!

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