Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Leave Something To Chance

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Walkie-talkies, pistols, some loose bills, everyone’s knives, belts, shoelaces, and most importantly, the dry food and salt, their supply bags, and the things they could use were all taken away by her.

The two men in black who were not directly killed also passed out because they lost too much blood. This place was originally a pure and peaceful place, but the smell of blood made it different.

It was an unusual feeling to kill someone when the sun was setting.

The basket on her back was filled with wild fruits, some prawns, and a fish. The rest were the things she had looted. With these things on her back, she slowly walked towards the place she had just passed by.

She, Shen Xiaoxiao, was clear about her grudges. She had to take revenge, but she had to live first. The man in white had given her an important piece of news. Perhaps those things were important to help her return to the country, so she had to repay this debt.

The crisis seemed to have been temporarily resolved, but Shen Xiaoxiao did not know what else awaited her in the future.

With the help of the afterglow, she could already see the white man who was still lying on the ground.

Throughout her years of boxing, her hands were stronger than ordinary people. She could knock out a 200-pound black man with a single punch. If it was heavier, she could beat him to death in a circle, so… Although it was strenuous for her to drag the white man, it was not strenuous.

The location had been chosen long ago. There was a deep pit not far away.

It was not big, but it was enough to bury a person.

She let the man in and buried him with the stones and some moving soil beside him.

‘You gave me a message, and I saved you from the belly of the beasts. We’re even…’

Yan Kuan looked at the four corpses in the room and frowned slightly. This method was exactly the same as the two black corpses that were found in the dark room. Could it be that they were all done by that Little Oriental Loli?

Right now, she was the only one in the entire jungle who had not been caught.

He looked at the corpse that was obviously buried by the soil and was a little puzzled. This little loli had actually buried the white Persian’s corpse. Could it be that this person had told her the final location of the warehouse?

It was also his carelessness. He did not expect that Devon actually did not kill the Spanish designer who had designed the warehouse for him.

Didn’t they say at that time that they had already gotten rid of all the people involved in building the warehouse? Why did Devon show mercy to him alone?

“Have you investigated it clearly?”

“Boss, I have investigated it clearly. This Persian really only knows Spanish, not English. He doesn’t know a single word.”

“Oh? Send this person to Devon and see his reaction carefully.”


Only Spanish? Yan Kuan held the information in his hands. This Little Oriental Loli was sold here at the age of six, but she had never received a day of education.

Moreover, with these people speaking, even English could only be understood simply. She couldn’t speak at all. Occasionally, she could only speak a few simple words, which was already her limit.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she was so skilled and had never lost, this Devon would have probably sold this girl long ago.

Never lost? Was she really that amazing? He turned his head to look at the corpses in front of him. Perhaps, he had really underestimated this woman.

Her technique was so neat, and her attacks were so ruthless that it was very similar to the woman from that night. However, he didn’t know why such a powerful woman would still climb into his bed?

What exactly did the greed in those eyes that he had seen before mean? In her eyes that night, he had seen something else.

This woman was really fickle and multifaceted, causing his interest to become even stronger.

However, the things of these four people had been taken clean. It was good to take them clean. If she took things that did not belong to her, it would be the greatest evidence.

“Check the signal of the walkie-talkies of the four of them. This little loli is still a little stupid. Don’t you know that these things can be tracked and located?”

“Yes, your subordinate will go and investigate immediately.”

“Mm, report immediately after you’ve investigated. I want to personally meet this little eastern loli who has never lost before.”

An evil smile appeared on the edge of his lips, causing the dark guard’s heart to tighten. Was someone going to suffer again? Boss’s smile was terrifying.

“Damn it, they died without any news. Where are the four of them? Where are they?”

Devin was furious. He did not let the designer die because he did not know the exact location of the warehouse. Of course, no one knew the news.

They all thought that he had intercepted Bill’s goods and hidden them in the depths of the forest. However, that was not the case. He had hidden the items, but the designer had left before him and then colluded with the military advisor to move the items.

Therefore, when he wanted to kill the designer, the designer had used this threat to save his life. Otherwise, how could he have survived until now?

But the man was dead, and he did not get any information. These stupid pigs! Didn’t he say that he would only kill them when he got the information? How could he dare to act so quickly?

There was also a coincidence in this. There were 15 people who had fled to the jungle. Devon’s men had sent a total of 30 people, and together with Yan Kuan’s 20 people, a total of 50 people had entered this jungle that had never been developed before.

If everyone wanted to communicate with each other, they had to rely on walkie-talkies. Each person had one. The news of sending people into the mountains to look for people had been released very urgently.

The dead people were still being cleaned up, so when Devon gave the order to search the mountains, he did not know that the designer had also run into the jungle, so he did not explain clearly.

By the time he issued the assigned task on the walkie-talkie, the few people had already entered the depths of the jungle. The signal was already very poor, and they spoke intermittently. All they heard was, “Kill, leave no survivors,” these few sentences.

The final order that was issued to the other escapees was to kill without mercy. Therefore, they assumed that they would just kill them directly, so they did not remember to ask any questions.

Moreover, Devon had also forgotten that the designer only spoke Spanish. The Black Devils that were sent out only knew their mother tongue. If they were asked to speak Spanish, they would not be able to understand at all. Thus, a series of misunderstandings were created.

Shen Xiaoxiao now had a direction and knew what she had to do. The key was hidden close to her body. On her wrist was a watch that she had searched for. On the watch was a compass that provided her with another convenience.

The southeast waterfall. Wasn’t that the Borz Waterfall? The waterfall was near Moros.

It was the perfect route for her.

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to continue walking near the water source. Those people could find other people here as well. She didn’t dare to take more risks. It was wise to save her energy.

With salt, she didn’t have to worry about her yellow hair turning white.

She had been locked up in that club since she was young. Apart from training every day, it was a luxury to see the sun.

Other than the occasional faint light from the window of the room, she had never really faced the morning sun and received the baptism of the sunlight.

Shen Xiaoxiao was really a poor woman. It was because she was too pitiful that she desperately tried to absorb the warmth that was released by the pretense when all the heat sources were near.

She was innocent and ignorant. These were not her own thoughts. Fate had laid out a path for her, and she could only go on like that.

Fortunately, she had a chance to flip the deck. As she felt the sunlight shining through the gaps between the leaves, her heart became more determined and persistent.

She wanted to go home. She had to be prepared for an even bigger storm…

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