Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: His Change of View

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“Boss, we’ve already found out that she appeared in the southeast.”

The secret guard reported the news to Yan Kuan, and Yan Kuan couldn’t help but frown.

“Alright, have you found her? Once we do, the game will begin.”

“Hall Master Feng, Hall Master Huo, return to the headquarters. Hall Master Lei, stand by and wait for orders. Hall Master Yun, go to China ahead of time. Everyone else, listen to Hall Master Lei’s orders.”


Yan Kuan arranged everything properly and carried his backpack alone into the forest.

It had been a long time since he had encountered such an interesting thing. He wanted to see which side of this woman was her true self.

‘Little loli from the east, you have completely aroused my interest. What should I do?’

“Do you guys think that boss is really interested in little loli from the east? So boring?”

Feng Hao looked at his boss with a hint of amusement as he watched him enter the jungle. He could not help but start gossiping to the other three.

However, it seemed that he was the only one who was talkative. Although the others were curious, they did not ask the same question as him.

Moreover, this was not the time to talk about this. Everyone had orders on them. Now, they were all packing up their things and preparing to immediately split up to carry out their missions.

Yun Qi, on the other hand, looked at Feng Hao’s gossipy expression and said to him, “You should stop gossiping. I don’t know if Boss is interested, but I know that if you don’t find out the mole under your department, the next time you lose something, it won’t just be a key, but your life.”

“Speaking of which, I’m really angry. They actually dared to leave without permission. If they didn’t leave without permission, how could they let someone steal the thing?

“There’s actually such an idiot among my people. Don’t worry, all kinds of torture are waiting for them. I’d like to see who has the guts to put a mole under my nose.”

“Alright, alright, let’s go quickly…”

Yesterday, the sun was still shining brightly, but today, the temperature had started to drop abruptly.

Looking at the watch, Shen Xiaoxiao knew that it was already the beginning of October. A few days ago, it was probably the last heat wave, so the temperature would only get lower and lower.

Fortunately, Shen Xiaoxiao had pulled out the white man’s clothes, and her body was relatively resistant to the cold, so it was not a big deal.

However, if she continued to stay here, the winter here would be filled with heavy snow, and it would definitely not be so easy to get through. She had to leave this forest before the first snow fell.

It would only be more than a month at most.

Yan Kuan followed the walkie-talkie’s GPS system and slowly caught up with her footsteps.

Walking along the path that the little eastern loli walked, she first saw a wild boar lying there covered in blood. Both of its eyes had been blasted open, and its abdomen had been ruthlessly stabbed, even its intestines were exposed. With such a look, it was naturally certain to die.

However, Yan Kuan still had some doubts in his heart. Why did the little eastern loli not take away such good prey? Even if she were to share a portion of it, it would definitely be the greatest gift of survival in this jungle.

Looking at the flies crawling all over the wild boar, he calculated that it had been dead for at least two days. His footsteps were not slow, and they should have been very fast. However, he did not expect that he still could not track down the little loli.

This time, he had another purpose in entering the mountain. He already knew the approximate location of some of the warehouses. He also wanted to see if he would be lucky enough to find what he wanted this time.

Now, looking at the direction that the little loli was heading in, it seemed that there were similarities between the two places.

Could it be that the little loli really knew about that place? Could it be that Persian really told her the news at the last moment? Otherwise, why would she be so kind as to bury the corpse of the Persian?

Yan Kuan held back the disgusting rotten smell and frowned. He took the package and continued to walk southeast. There was no signal. Now, he had to rely on his own abilities to find the whereabouts of this little loli.

Deer, wild boar, and wolves. Along the way, the sight of these animal corpses refreshed all his senses.

From the obvious maggots covering the carcasses to the fact that these beasts had only been dead for a few hours, he knew that he seemed to be getting closer and closer to the little loli.

The closer he got, the more curious he became.

She had been living in the jungle for at least ten days. How did this little eastern loli, a woman who had been imprisoned in the underground club since she was six years old, survive?

Also, why didn’t she eat any of the prey that she had been able to catch that even he wanted to slap on the table and scream in admiration? How did she survive?

Wild fruits? Don’t be ridiculous. How could she maintain such astonishing stamina for more than 10 days just by relying on wild fruits and wild vegetables?

She had to fight with these beasts in the middle. Where did she get so much energy?

Even a man like him could only survive for 15 days without food in the jungle.

He was a man, and that was because he was very familiar with the jungle.

And this woman actually had this ability. To be honest, he did not believe it.

However, along the way, his impression of her had been refreshed again and again. Other than not eating the prey, she had not made a fire, and there were no signs of a fire around her.

She was like a mystery, causing him to be constantly curious, constantly wanting to know more about how a 17-year-old girl lived here.

Shen Xiaoxiao was walking with more difficulty, but she believed that her route was not wrong. The compass was good, and the surrounding jungle was obviously denser than the previous place, which meant that there must be a water source nearby.

Her lips were a little dry and cracked, and she stuck out her tongue to lick it.

Along the way, she had encountered too many wild beasts. There were some that wanted her life but were killed by her, and there were also some that were weak and cute that ran away. All of these were things that she had never thought of eating.

After 10 years in prison, she had already forgotten what meat tasted like. Fish and shrimp were her limits. Even now, her stomach and mouth were still not used to their taste. Just to survive, she had to force herself to swallow it.

Moreover, to eat the prey, she had to build a fire. She had been trying to minimize the traces of her journey and did not want to be discovered again.

There was not much food left in the basket. The four of them did not have much food, but Shen Xiaoxiao distributed it very reasonably.

In addition to the fish and prawns that she had taken away before she left, she ate fish and prawns for the first two days, then wild fruits and cherries. She did not eat much to begin with.

During those ten years in prison, she had gotten used to eating only one meal a day. Even if this body of hers had an instinctive desire to absorb food, it was enough for her to survive.

Not to mention one meal a day, two meals a day was enough to maintain her physical strength.

The most important reason why Pei Li, this scumbag, was able to completely attract Shen Xiaoxiao’s attention back then was that he was a lover of wilderness exploration. Moreover, he was very fond of it. He loved it.

She still remembered that back then, whenever he had the time, he would invite someone to go camping in the surrounding mountains for a few days. She had followed him there a few times.

Of course, only now did she realize that every time she went there, her scumbag sister Liu Yufei was also there.

She had never been interested in those explanations about the jungle. However, in order to cater to Pei Li, she had tried her best to memorize this knowledge. However, no matter how much she did, the only thing that Pei Li could see was Liu Yufei.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao never dreamed that she could be reborn. Moreover, she could even use the knowledge of jungle survival that had meant nothing to her in the past.

The sound of the bamboo joints made her happy. There was water in the bamboo joints.

She inserted the knife with force and a stream of water flowed down.

Shen Xiaoxiao hurriedly caught it with a water bottle. In this way, she broke four bamboo joints and filled the water bottle with water. Moreover, the water also carried some bamboo fragrance. It quenched her thirst and tasted good.

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was sitting under the bamboo forest for a short rest, a very subtle and almost imperceptible sound was heard in the distance.

Shen Xiaoxiao was so frightened that she immediately climbed up the big tree beside her…

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