Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Little Wild Cat Being Chased

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It’s him? He actually chased her personally. Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect to see this Yan Kuan chasing her alone with a bag on his back.

This man was different from those men in black. She would definitely not rashly confront this man called Yan Kuan. She vaguely remembered that he was called “Black Emperor” by them.

The Black Emperor that she had only heard of in legends, the King of the Dark Empire, the most powerful man in the world? The Black Emperor that no one dared to bully and provoke?

Back then, she was sold to an underground brothel and escaped several times. The last time was when she was discovered by her Third Uncle.

She had seen that man when she was hiding in a small alley. At that time, he was surrounded by more than ten black men. At that time, he was seriously injured, and he actually killed all those men in black with guns with his bare hands.

Even now, she still remembered her fear. Even though she had always boasted of her skills, she would never dare to directly confront those men with guns.

In fact, this was like the principle of tying an elephant. When an elephant was still very young, it was tied with a thick chain. No matter how it struggled, there was no way to escape.

If this went on, when the elephant grew up and the breeder changed to using a very small rope to tie it, the elephant would not dare to try again when it could break free with a light pull.

Shen Xiaoxiao was such a person. There was still a scar on her arm.

She was the same back then. She wanted to escape with her skills, but Devon pressed the gun on her arm and shot her. He deliberately missed her bones and let the bullet pass through her muscles.

She still remembered the burning pain of the gun on her arm. It was completely different from the pain of a knife.

Therefore, she was afraid of guns. Usually, as soon as she saw a gun aimed at her, she would hold back her anger no matter how great it was.

Therefore, later on, when everyone knew that little loli was very skilled, she herself was not very clear. Because not far away, there were still a few pistols aimed at her at all times.

What she had learned in the prison, aside from her amazing hearing, was that she had worked hard to weaken her sense of presence and slow down the length of her breathing.

Many times, because there was no sound, the guards would open the door to check. It was only at this time that Shen Xiaoxiao could see a glimmer of light through the open prison door.

In this way, she was a little happy. She only wanted to see the source of light, just to welcome the sunlight and fresh air.

At this moment, she was doing the same thing. Her breathing was light and low.

She knew how powerful this man was, so she climbed extremely high, thinking that she would not come down unless she was caught by him. Moreover, since she was so high, maybe she could even win some life for herself.

The wind started to blow. As the temperature became lower and lower, and they were in this bamboo forest, the wind was very common. It was also because of this gust of wind that Shen Xiaoxiao really dodged a disaster.

After Yan Kuan walked into the forest, he felt as if he was being targeted by something. However, there was nothing around him in the bamboo forest. It was only after a gust of wind that he felt somewhat relieved.

However, his gaze immediately fell on the large locust tree beside him. It was just that he was very far away, so he could not see everything on the branch of the tree clearly.

Yan Kuan’s perception of danger had always been very high. As long as he was sure of the big tree, he would naturally walk towards it.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan who was slowly walking over and her heart tightened. ‘Don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over at all.’

Beads of sweat fell from her forehead. This person was indeed very scary. He could even sense her from far away from him. Just what kind of person was this guy? Even a dog’s nose was not as sharp as his. Shen Xiaoxiao was so angry.

Eh? Why did this person suddenly stop?

Standing on the tree, Shen Xiaoxiao saw that Yan Kuan suddenly stopped and did not move. She felt a little strange, but she did not dare to relax a little.

However, Shen Xiaoxiao had always felt that ever since she was reborn and changed her fate, her luck had been extremely good.

Not far away, a wild boar actually ran over and crashed into the person who was suddenly standing in a daze.

Yan Kuan was actually quite depressed. Why did he stop halfway?

Because he saw something interesting. A fruit core. A fruit core covered with teeth marks. It should be a wild apple.

There were small. Obviously, a girl’s teeth marks were imprinted on it. Yan Kuan immediately thought that perhaps the little wild cat on the tree was that little loli.

Just as Yan Kuan was thinking about how to tease this little loli down, a dangerous aura blew over. His reaction was extremely fast. He quickly moved to the left and saw a black shadow brush past him.

‘A wild boar. Good. I’m going to have a good meal tonight.’

At that moment, he couldn’t care less about the little wild cat and focused his attention on the wild boar. Shen Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, saw the opportunity and directly climbed down from the tree. Within a few seconds, she jumped to the ground, right where Yan Kuan’s back was facing away from her. She ran away in a hurry with her tail between her legs.

Yan Kuan saw that the wild boar weighed more than 200 kilograms, and it was rare for him to tangle with it. He still had to deal with the little loli, so he took out his pistol and shot it right in the eye. The bullet was specially made, and one shot was enough to take the wild boar’s life.

Seeing the wild boar fall to the ground, Yan Kuan put away his gun and walked over. After checking it, he found that it was indeed dead.

When he turned his head to look at the big tree again, the feeling of being stared at by others was gone. He smiled sinisterly. This little thing ran fast, but it was useless no matter how fast it ran… The destination in this direction was the huge boulder waterfall. There was no way for her to escape.

He might as well sit down and build a fire and comfort his internal organs properly. He would let the little loli enjoy herself for a few hours.

At that moment, Yan Kuan was no longer in a hurry and directly cut up the wild boar.

If Yan Kuan knew that his temporary fix had missed the thing he wanted the most, he would probably never look down on women so much in his entire life.

Shen Xiaoxiao ran desperately. She only prayed that the wild boar would give her some strength so that she could at least stall for some time. That man was so sensitive that he must have sensed that she was on the tree. Otherwise, why would he walk towards her?

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was worried and running forward, with a bang, she tripped over a tree branch that stretched out from somewhere beside her feet.

Shen Xiaoxiao grimaced in pain. Just as she could not help but curse, she was shocked by the withered tree that tripped over her.

There was a splash of water not far away, and there was such a large withered tree stump. It was so eye-catching. Could this be the withered tree in the southeast that the man in white had mentioned? Could this be the so-called warehouse? Was this luck too heaven-defying?

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