Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Surprising Warehouse

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If Shen Xiaoxiao had not remembered the last words of the white man, she would never have thought that this so-called warehouse was built under this withered tree. The entrance was the heart of the withered tree, and a very small cave extended down.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart was thumping. She did not know what was underneath. At this moment, she was extremely nervous. The key that was hanging around her neck was tightly gripped by her.

She got up from the ground. Fortunately, she was petite and it was very easy for her to enter the hole. However, the basket was in the way.

In other words, if she wanted to go down, she had to leave the basket outside. However, when she thought of the man not far away from her, she could not help but shudder. She could not let him catch her.

Moreover, there was some food in the basket. She had stored it all along the way. If she were to give up just like that, she would definitely not agree.

However, no one knew what was going on under the tree. At this moment, even Shen Xiaoxiao felt that she was bold.

She had no way out. Grabbing anything could be used as a lifesaver. That was why she had really come all the way here just because of a sentence.

Not far away was the waterfall. Although the waterfall was big, there was also a lot of vegetation around it.

Shen Xiaoxiao hung daggers, lighters, water bottles, and supplies on her body.

There was nothing left in the basket except for some wild fruits and wild vegetables. She then threw the basket on a tree not far away and hurried back to the withered tree.

It was almost evening. The darkness came quickly here. In a quarter of an hour, the place would be completely dark.

Shen Xiaoxiao was not afraid of this. After all, her eyes had a complete advantage in the darkness.

The dagger was tightly held in her hand. There was no way out. She could only brace herself and walk down the withered tree.

A long corridor led directly to the underground. When her feet landed on the ground, she realized that she had walked at least ten to twenty meters down.

The lighter came in handy. She opened it and looked around. A man-made underground warehouse suddenly appeared in front of her.

Fortunately, there was a torch on the stone wall. Shen Xiaoxiao hurriedly lit the torch. She still needed to save some fuel for the lighter.

The bright red light from the torch made the basement clear at a glance.

It was too simple. There was an iron door in front of her, a particularly strange keyhole, and nothing else.

Now Shen Xiaoxiao was really glad that she had a stroke of genius before she left. As expected, she couldn’t be polite to the man named Yan Kuan. Taking this key was simply letting him off easy.

Shen Xiaoxiao immediately inserted the key in excitedly. With a click, the large iron door opened.

As soon as she pushed the door open, she saw a space of at most 20 square meters, which was less than 20 square meters. It was almost obvious at a glance that there were more than ten boxes inside, scattered all over the place. Shen Xiaoxiao held the torch and looked at the boxes one by one.

It was quite dry here. The wooden boxes were not locked, and the surroundings were nailed down. She was not good at other things, but her physical strength was not bad. She was also quite strong. Moreover, she had a knife in her hand, and the four long nails were pried open by her little by little.

Under the light of the torch, she began to look carefully at everything in the wooden boxes. At first, she was a little confused, but in an instant, she thought that these packets of flour were drugs?

Shen Xiaoxiao could not help but feel a little excited. If that was the case, there were a total of 20 packets. If one packet was five catties, then this was 200 catties. How much was it worth?

However, this thought only lasted for an instant. This thing was not a good thing. Who knew how many people would die if it got out?

No wonder these people were looking for this warehouse. Even Yan Kuan was looking for this place. It seemed that they wanted to obtain these things here.

However, she didn’t want every box to have this. This was completely useless to her.

Shen Xiaoxiao then opened the second box. It was still the same white powder. Shen Xiaoxiao’s expression was a little bad. What she was afraid of came true. If that was really the case, she would have spent so much effort. She was really full.

However, she had suffered so much along the way. How could she give up? After resting for a while, she started to open the third box.

At this moment, a pleasant surprise appeared. The third box was filled with 1,000 US dollars wrapped in rolls of half a meter by half a meter. Shen Xiaoxiao wouldn’t be mistaken about this money.

15 years ago, the exchange rate of the US dollar was over 11 points. Even before Shen Xiaoxiao was imprisoned, the exchange rate of the US dollar was over 8 points. In other words, the earlier it was, the higher the exchange rate. Now, at least the exchange rate of the US dollar was over 11 points.

Needless to say, Shen Xiaoxiao was really a little excited at this moment. So much money could really help her a lot.

With this unexpected surprise, she worked even harder to continue opening the other boxes. And this time, it was even more efficient.

In the fourth box, there was nothing special about this box. It was just some gold bars, but it was not much. There were only five bars. Each bar was estimated to be around three or four catties. The rest were still some US dollars and pounds.

From the fifth box to the eighth box, every box was opened. Other than money, they were all guns and ammunition. These were not valuable to Shen Xiaoxiao. They were useless. It was not good for her to take them.

However, she chose a small silver pistol. She did not touch the other boxes of bullets. She only took this pistol because it was small and suitable for her. As for the bullets, she was not stupid. She could not just have a pistol without bullets.

Shen Xiaoxiao calculated and sorted it out. There were 11 boxes in total. Two boxes were filled with US dollars, and one box was filled with gold bars and pounds.

Right, there was also a palm-sized cloth bag in the gold bar box. There were also a lot of diamonds in the bag. Shen Xiaoxiao was so excited. Looking at these things, she was about to burst into laughter.

As long as she thought of a way to get this money out, she would be able to return to the country for revenge. It would be even smoother. With so much money and diamonds, not only the Liu family, but even the Shen family was not worth it.

At the beginning, she wanted to use the life-saving money left behind by her grandfather and father so that they could continue to keep it in place for the time being.

But now, there was Yan Kuan eyeing them like a tiger watching its prey. She had to move these things before he discovered them. However, this place was surrounded by jungle. Where was she going to move them to?

It had been two hours since she first entered the underground warehouse. It was around 8 pm.

She held the torch and looked around carefully. This place was hidden, but fortunately, it was still relatively breathable. After staying underground for such a long time, she did not feel any shortness of breath.

She still had some dry rations on her, and the water bag contained the bamboo water that she had gathered previously. If she stayed in this underground warehouse for two days, it would definitely not be a problem.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know that the man outside seemed to be chasing her relentlessly. She only knew that at this moment, she could only stay here and wait for the man to leave on his own.

Or, she could wait for the darkness, wait for the darkest moment of the day, and then go out to find a way out. Only then would she have the confidence to win…

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