Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Fighting In the Water

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At this moment, Yan Kuan was looking at the vast open field in front of him with an inexplicable expression. How did this person disappear into thin air?

Did she fall into this waterfall? What kind of joke was this?

He had investigated everything about the Little Oriental Loli in detail. She had grown up in the club since she was young, and everyone knew about her. She had been sold since she was six years old, and she only knew her mother tongue. Moreover, it was a very simple mother tongue, so she didn’t know anything.

Then, she was imprisoned among a group of girls. Under the pressure of hunger and cold, she slowly learned the law of the jungle, which slowly attracted Devon’s attention.

Even the Muay Thai master, who had started learning boxing, was also a mute. He had never communicated with her.

In the past ten years, it was already considered pretty good that she could speak one or two words. Every day, other than boxing, she would spend her days recuperating and training. She didn’t know any other skills at all.

Such a girl, who should have been a cripple, actually managed to fight her way out of this place. Thinking of everything he had seen along the way, he became more and more curious. What did such a girl rely on, to survive in this dangerous jungle?

At this time, it was already late at night. Not far from the big lake in front of him was a huge group of waterfalls. The sound of water splashing was so loud that he could not hear anything else.

Walking upstream, he finally stopped in front of a relatively safe cave. He had to rest here temporarily. This was not a place where he could show off.

This was a jungle, a jungle full of wild beasts and dangers!

His body was a little sticky. He had not rested properly for a few days on the way here. In order to chase after this little loli, he had really spared no effort. It was just that he did not expect to still lose her.

However, his main goal this time wasn’t the little loli, but that thing, the Black Ganoderma. Once he found the Black Ganoderma, he would be able to gather the last medicinal primer, and he would be able to save that person. Therefore, he was determined to obtain this thing.

The upriver was empty land, and it was also the place where wild beasts were the least likely to appear. It could be considered the safest place.

After tidying up his temporary resting place, he walked to the side of the lake, took off his clothes, and dived into the water.

It was already midnight when Shen Xiao woke up from her nap. It was a little cold. It was even colder down here than outside. Even though she was not afraid of the cold, she was still awakened by the cold underground. She could not fall asleep anyway, so she looked at the time, she put down some food and climbed out of the cave.

It was indeed dark outside. Occasionally, she could hear the sounds of insects. This forest was very quiet at night, but the sound of splashing water from not far away attracted her attention.

She knew that Borz Waterfall was not far away, and the other end of Borz Waterfall was connected to the jungle. It was the Moros continent that she had been longing for.

Although it was also connected to a green-leafed forest, that forest was developed by someone, so it was not too dangerous. Moreover, it would only take three days to walk out of the green-leafed forest, which was a great convenience.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked around. There was no one, nor were there any wild beasts. The moon in the sky was big and round.

It was already 16 tonight. Shen Xiaoxiao knew that with the temperature here decreasing, the first snow would soon arrive.

Her body was dirty. She had not taken a shower for at least half a month. In fact, she had not taken a shower for more than ten years. Seeing the puddle of water, although it was a little cold, it could still take care of her body.

She did not know when her period would come. She only wanted to leave the forest before her period came.

Her lower abdomen had begun to hurt in the past two days. She had to seize every moment.

She did not know where Yan Kuan had gone, but she did not think that this man would come out for a night tour in the middle of the night.

Shen Xiaoxiao first washed her hands, then used the other vest that she had cut into a piece of cloth with a knife to rub it. After washing it clean, she carefully wiped it on her body.

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was about to carefully wash her hands, a splash of water rose from the lake. Suddenly, something emerged from the water, scaring Shen Xiaoxiao so much that she suddenly retreated. Her heart was beating rapidly. When she opened her eyes, she saw that this man was sick… He actually went swimming in the lake in the middle of the night without sleeping. Why didn’t the cold kill him? He didn’t drown!

Shen Xiaoxiao couldn’t be bothered with her own thoughts. She immediately ran away. If she couldn’t afford to offend him, why couldn’t she hide from him?

It wasn’t easy for Yan Kuan to catch this little wild cat. How could he let her escape so easily? He strode over and picked her up in one go. Before she could react, she only heard a ‘peng’ sound. Her ears and nose instantly invaded a lot of water, choking her so much that she didn’t know what to do.

Shen Xiaoxiao didn’t know how to swim, so her four limbs began to rise up in the water. Yan Kuan looked at the young girl who was flopping in the water, deep in thought, and shook his head. He didn’t want to kill this little toy, so he swam towards the lake step by step.

He pulled her out of the water and saw that this little guy was like a koala that grabbed onto a life-saving straw, refusing to let go even if she was beaten to death. Her whole body hung on his body just like that.

This action made Yan Kuan’s expression darken. He was only wearing a pair of shorts at the moment. Was this woman playing with fire?

“Little loli, are you playing with fire?”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not think so much. A person who did not know how to swim would not easily let go of the life-saving straw that she thought she had grabbed after choking on the water.

Yan Kuan looked at the woman who was clinging onto him like a koala. He stretched out his hand and patted her back with force. He lifted her up and kissed the woman’s mouth that was screaming loudly.

It was so noisy. The sound of the waterfall was loud enough. This woman actually called out so harshly.

Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to die. This damn man actually kissed her. Did she agree? Did she let him kiss her?

Shen Xiaoxiao reached out her hands and pushed him forcefully. However, she was no match for Yan Kuan. She was furious in her heart. No one knew what she was thinking. She stretched out her leg and kicked the middle of Yan Kuan’s open leg.

Fortunately, Yan Kuan reacted in time. Moreover, half of their bodies were underwater, so the flow of water increased the resistance. Therefore, he tilted his body slightly and easily dodged Shen Xiaoxiao’s attack. Naturally, the kiss on her lips also separated.


Shen Xiaoxiao was not a woman who was easy to bully. She did not curry favor with Yan Kuan with her legs, but her hands were not polite. She threw a punch, and Yan Kuan dodged as usual. Shen Xiaoxiao was stunned. Very few people in the world could dodge her fist.

Just as Shen Xiaoxiao was stunned, Yan Kuan’s eyes were dark. The storm was gathering. This woman was really courting death.

He let go of the other arm that was supporting Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao was pushed down by the sudden release of force and fell back into the water…

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