Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Almost Drowned!

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In fact, the lake water reached Yan Kuan’s arm and Shen Xiaoxiao’s neck. As long as she stood up straight, she would not be submerged. However, for people who did not know how to swim, even if you told her that this place was very safe, she would not believe it.

Shen Xiaoxiao was like this at the moment. Yan Kuan watched as the little fellow flopped violently in the water like a little wild cat that had fallen into the water. She bared her fangs and brandished her claws. He immediately threw all the unhappiness that she had caused by hitting him to the back of his mind.

Her four limbs, which were constantly struggling and waving, caused the large black vest that had originally been pulled from the man’s body to float and collapse. The black underwear attached to the water added a hint of charm to her under the moonlight. Although it did not look special, he knew that it was a perfect match for his palm.

His gaze became more and more mysterious as the water flowed on it. Seeing that the little night cat was about to faint from the torture, he kindly picked her up.

As expected, she was already weak. Yan Kuan looked at her and smiled wickedly. He carried her in his arms and strode towards the cave.

It was close to a zero-degree night in the jungle, and her body had just been soaked by the lake water. At this moment, Shen Xiaoxiao was lying in a sleeping bag and shivering in the cold.

Yan Kuan, on the other hand, was kind enough to light a bonfire. Shen Xiaoxiao was already a little dizzy, and she was still not fully awake.

She just instinctively wanted to get close to the source of the fire.

Yan Kuan looked at the unconscious person who was still tormenting herself, and his expression was inexplicable. He impatiently reached out and pressed down on the arm that she was trying to reach out of her sleeping bag.

Perhaps it was because she had not been exposed to the sun for many years, her skin was pale and cold. It was mottled and full of scars. Most of them were old wounds.

Other than the strange dislocation of some bones that his subordinates had found, there were some greenish-yellow scars that made people feel a little apprehensive.

This girl had been in the club for ten years. It seemed that she really did not have an easy time. However, he, Yan Kuan, did not have that much sympathy. Everyone had a different fate. If she wanted to blame someone, she should blame her own bad luck. She had been sold into Devon’s basement.

Her small, perky nose and exquisite facial features somehow attracted him.

Thinking of the taste that he had tasted before, he actually felt a little eager to try it.

However, looking at this girl’s unconscious appearance, Yan Kuan did not have the hobby of taking advantage of others’ unconsciousness.

He immediately turned his head, took the kettle at the side, placed it on the fire, and roasted it. Drinking some hot water, this little guy might be better.

The warm water flowed into her body. She, who had been restless just a moment ago, immediately quieted down. Following her instincts, she gulped down a large glass of water before finally calming down and falling into a deep sleep.

Yan Kuan looked at the time. It was already close to 2 am. He added another pile of firewood, pulled open his sleeping bag, and crawled in. The little fellow was held in his arms and fell into a deep sleep.

In such a primitive jungle, you still had to pay attention that men and women should not be intimate with each other? Don’t joke around. Here, how to survive and how to maintain the best physical strength were the keys to survival.

Shen Xiaoxiao had a long dream. In the dream, she was lying in a hot spring pool, and the warm spring water completely submerged her.

The long escape made her heart full of fatigue. Such a rare enjoyment made her indulge in it and did not want to come out.

The temperature of the water seemed to be getting hotter and hotter, but it made people feel exceptionally comfortable and at ease. In the forest that was close to winter, warmth was one of the essential elements for her to survive.

Yan Kuan opened his dark eyes and looked at this little woman who was desperately trying to crawl into his arms with an inexplicable expression. Initially, he had thought that he would let her go temporarily out of kindness because he saw that this girl was covered in injuries.

However, he did not expect that this little girl would take the initiative to offer herself to him. If that was the case, then don’t blame him for not showing mercy to women.

That was true. Since when did Yan Kuan show mercy to women? Moreover, it was a woman that he was interested in.

Yan Kuan no longer held back and stepped forward while Shen Xiaoxiao slowly woke up.


This was the second time that Shen Xiaoxiao spoke. Perhaps she did not even realize that she could speak, but Yan Kuan could feel it. How could he let this little fellow who had woken up affect his pleasure? He pressed a hand on the back of her head, he pulled her down, but she could not even utter a single word…

Winter nights were not spent like this. The cold and long night was enough to feel cold, freeze, and torture a person to death!

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