Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Waiting For the Rabbit

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Slowly waking up, Shen Xiaoxiao subconsciously covered her eyes with her hands. Fortunately, the light coming in from outside the cave was not that blinding. After waiting for the waiter to open her eyes a little, she slowly opened them.

At this time, she was alone in the cave. Her body was a little sore, but she did not feel the sticky and wet feeling. It seemed that it had been cleaned. She would not thank that man for his kindness. This was what he should have done. Thinking of the whole night yesterday, she gritted her teeth in hatred.

That damned man did not even look at how she was. He just tormented her for the whole night. With such a young body, how did this stinky man do it?

Moreover, she had looked at the sky outside the cave at that time, and it was a little pale. She really could not help but fall asleep. That man seemed to have slowly stopped moving.

This was the jungle. He did not save his strength to walk out of here. Instead, he spent his strength on these things. He was really courting death.

Shen Xiaoxiao sat up from her sleeping bag. Where was that man? Had he gone out? Or had he left?

However, the possibility of him leaving was too small. His bag and some tools were all placed in the cave, and Shen Xiaoxiao’s clothes were also thrown aside.

Seeing the scene in the cave, Shen Xiaoxiao immediately smiled wickedly. If you bully others, you will have a hard time.

She did not care about the soreness all over her body. She immediately put on her clothes and shoes as fast as she could. Fortunately, she had short hair that reached her ears. She casually fiddled with it a few times and it was neatly arranged.

The remaining sleeping bag was randomly rolled up by her and put into the backpack that he was in. There were also cups, food, whether she used them or not, all of them were put in.

Even the remaining large coat that was exclusive to him was in her hands.

After carrying the backpack, she immediately walked out of the cave. Just as she stepped out of the cave, she was swept away by a gust of cold air.

Damn it, it actually rained. If it rained in the jungle, it meant that the heavy snow would arrive soon.

Looking at the clothes in her hands, she guaranteed that she was not soft-hearted. She just pitied that damn man. Yes, she pitied him.

Shen Xiaoxiao threw the clothes in her hands into the cave and said, “D*mn it.”

Eh, just now, she seemed to be talking? She could speak? Shen Xiaoxiao opened her mouth. Shen Xiaoxiao’s voice was hoarse and had a hint of tearing. Although it was unpleasant to the ears like a male duck’s voice, Shen Xiaoxiao was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes.

It had been 10 years. She had not spoken a single word for 10 years. Now, she could actually speak. She could speak?

That’s great. That’s really great. Yes, yesterday. Last night, she seemed to have scolded that man. It seemed that this man was not only her nemesis, but he had also unintentionally helped her once. Alright… just treat that shirt as his reward for making her speak.

With that thought, her mood became a little better. Of course, her mood was extremely good. However, she also knew where she was. She was carried by her backpack and hurriedly ran towards the withered tree.

As soon as Shen Xiaoxiao left, Yan Kuan returned to the cave with two rabbits in his hands that had been cleaned up.

The weather looked like it was going to snow. Today, he had to start searching for that warehouse. Initially, he wanted to first feed the little night cat and then bring her along to search. However, he did not expect that the moment he returned to the cave, he would actually be given such a big surprise.

This little thing did not seem to be tired enough. She had only rested for two hours and she had already woken up. Not bad, not bad at all. It looked like he would definitely not let her off the hook just because this little thing looked like she could not take it anymore.

Kill her, kill this heartless little girl. She had actually taken all of his things, not even leaving behind a cup.

No, she was still kind enough to leave a coat for himself. Good, that’s great. Did she really think that she could escape just like that? Dream on.

Shen Xiaoxiao, who had already run into the hole in the withered tree, did not know that Yan Kuan was burning with anger at this moment. She was excitedly checking the things in the man’s backpack. This equipment was much more complete than the equipment that those black men brought.

It had been seven or eight days since she entered the mountain. She did not expect that he still had so much dry food in his bag. This guy must have harmed the animals in the forest. Otherwise, how could there be so many things left?

She took out the things one by one. What satisfied Shen Xiaoxiao the most was the sleeping bag under her body. This thing was simply a god-like item. It was waterproof and kept warm.

Shen Xiaoxiao even thought that even if she could not walk out of this jungle, she could rely on this thing to survive the winter here for a while.

What do you mean to eat? Whether it was wild fruits, wild vegetables, or even tree bark, she, Shen Xiaoxiao, could eat all of them.

For someone who only wanted to fill her stomach, nothing was important. She never asked for delicious food. She just knew that it was enough to fill her stomach.

With a plan in mind, Shen Xiaoxiao was not in a hurry to run out. She temporarily stayed in the basement and waited quietly.

What was she waiting for? Naturally, she was waiting for that man to be unable to take it and quickly leave the vicinity. She was still thinking about the many treasures behind her and wanted to bring them out.

Yan Kuan was not in a hurry to find the little night cat that had escaped. Instead, he added a fire to the fire and roasted the two rabbits until they were charred yellow. Other than the fact that there was no salt, the taste was really good.

After eating his fill, Yan Kuan slowly walked out of the cave and carefully looked at the tiny traces outside the cave.

If he wanted to find a woman, there was nothing that he could not find. However, this time, Yan Kuan once again refreshed his impression of this Oriental Little Loli.

This was already the third day. Other than finding a handmade basket that had been abandoned for a long time on a tree branch, there was no trace of her at all. The closest trace was around a withered tree, in front of him was a lawn. There were traces of wild beasts stepping on it, but there were no traces of human footprints.

Yan Kuan did not believe that this woman would really disappear into thin air. He had a feeling that this girl was not far from him.

He was just curious. The rations in his bag would last at most two days. Logically speaking, that girl would definitely come out to look for food after she finished eating.

However, this was already the morning of the third day. No matter what, this girl should have crawled out by now, but she was still nowhere to be seen. Could it be that he had miscalculated? She had already left ahead of schedule?

No, he did not believe it. He, Yan Kuan, would definitely not miscalculate. wait. At this moment, he had the patience to wait slowly.

The information on his watch was sent out in time. The location was already set. Once he found this girl, he would directly use the helicopter to bring her away.

Once he reached his nest, he would see if the girl still had the ability to escape.

It did not rain today, but the temperature had dropped a few degrees. The coat that the little guy had left for him was really useful. However, Yan Kuan would not thank her. At this moment, his heart was filled with anger.

Just as Yan Kuan was leaning against the withered tree to rest, a soft sound rang in his ears…

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