Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Seal the Mountain In Heavy Snow and Find a Way Out

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“Boss, let me bring some people to look for her. You go back first, and I’ll definitely capture her and bring her back for you.”

Lei Lie looked at his boss’s furious expression. Even he didn’t expect that this little eastern loli would actually run away right under their noses.

Also, Boss’ expression was several times colder than this snowy weather.

“What a little brat. The snow is about to close the mountain. Find her as soon as possible.”

Yan Kuan wanted to catch the little night cat himself, but that person was about to die. He had to rush back. Lei Lie and the others could also enter the mountain. He had already asked them to bring enough equipment in order to find the warehouse and the Black Ganoderma.

However, he had thought that the little thing would ignore the danger and come to accompany him in the bloody battle wolf pack. How could it be considered a breadwinner? He had not expected that she would actually escape in such a relaxed manner. What a mistake.

“Remember, bring her back unscathed.”

Lei Lie was stunned when he received the order. Unscathed? Was the boss really serious? What kind of magic did that Little Oriental Loli have that could make boss care about not hurting her even when he was so angry? Interesting, this was too interesting. He had to properly deal with this Little Oriental Loli.

Shen Xiaoxiao was in a good mood. It had been a long time since she was so happy. She had actually run away. She had really run away from that damn man.

It would not be so easy to catch her this time.

Moreover, he had said himself that the snowy peak was about to arrive. When that time came, she would stay here for the entire winter. She would be able to avoid his search.

She trotted forward. This was the third time she had walked this road. She was very familiar with it. Moreover, her physical strength was good. She trotted for half an hour and rested for three minutes before continuing. If she encountered any wild fruits on the way… She would pick them no matter if they were delicious or not.

However, in winter, there were almost no wild fruits or wild vegetables. Shen Xiaoxiao still remembered that there was a wild chestnut tree and a pine tree not far away. She could pick up some things.

Chestnut was a good thing for the winter. It had an extremely high starch content and was resistant to hunger. Shen Xiaoxiao continued to walk forward according to the distance in her memory.

When she passed by the chestnut tree, she indeed saw the wild chestnut trees and the footprints of some small foxes on the ground. Fortunately, it was not snowing. Otherwise, these things would have been gone.

The backpack in Shen Xiaoxiao’s hand was the empty backpack that was used to store her clothes. She climbed up the tree and slowly filled up more than half of the backpack. She only gave up after it weighed 50 to 60 pounds.

It took Shen Xiaoxiao five days to return to the withered tree from here. Compared to the time when she and Yan Kuan set off together, it saved her an entire day’s time.

As expected, as long as she left Yan Kuan, her luck would improve. She really did not encounter any large beasts on the way. Instead, she was lucky enough to hunt two pheasants and a hare.

She hung it on her waist and carried a huge backpack in front and back. Just like that, she slowly walked back to the warehouse.

She threw the things down bit by bit. The heavy snow had been falling for a few days. If she was not familiar with the road conditions, she could not guarantee that she would not be able to arrive here so quickly.

Yan Kuan had taught her how to make a fire in the jungle and how to grill food. These things were of great use to her.

She had really slowly learned the true rules of survival in the jungle by relying on these.

She had dug the small dog hole long ago. She was afraid that one day she would be locked up in this warehouse.

She had been locked up for 10 years in her previous life. In the first few years, she had thought that if her limbs were not crippled, she could dig a dog hole out with her hands. However, her limbs were weak and she could barely walk normally. She could barely take care of herself. If she wanted to dig a hole, she could not do it. She could not do it at all.

But now, looking at the small hole that she had made before, she went straight in.

The deeper the ground was, the less cold it was outside. However, this sealed place depended on the dog hole for air. She could not stay behind the door.

Shen Xiaoxiao poured out all the chestnuts. She was not in a hurry. Slowly, bit by bit, she moved the money, gold, and diamonds out of the dog hole.

However, when she was packing them, a black wooden box caught her attention.

A black, arm-long wooden box. When she opened it, there was a black thing that looked like a lingzhi inside.

Shen Xiaoxiao thought that this was a lingzhi. These things were actually very common in China. However, if it was in Country M, those foreign devils would probably think that this was a good thing. That was why they treasured it so much.

Little did Shen Xiaoxiao know that she had mistakenly thought that it was an ordinary Ganoderma herb. It had even saved her life in a crisis in the future. That was something to be said in the future, so let’s not talk about it for now.

This thing was not big or heavy. It was different from those white flour or weapons. It was actually very easy to carry it with her.

A small crack in the bag could fit it.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the two packages that were filled with cash and gold bars. Of course, the bag of diamonds was also priceless. For a moment, she felt inexplicably excited when she saw that she had such a fruitful harvest.

Now, there was still an important thing to do. As long as the snow was big enough and the temperature was cold enough, the lake would freeze, and she would be able to cross the lake and reach the Moros Continent on the other side.

The chestnuts she had collected were indeed of great use. With her small appetite, she would stay in this cave every day without exercising. More than ten large chestnuts could fill her stomach. Occasionally, she would roast a little chicken and rabbit meat to improve her diet. As long as she lived frugally, she could really survive the coldest moment.

Shen Xiaoxiao was not afraid of suffering, nor was she afraid of the cold. These hardships were already a kind of enjoyment for her. Compared to the life she had lived in the dark prison for the past ten years, it was already a world of difference. Therefore, she was very content. Those who were content would be able to survive in this place.

“Hall Master, the snow has already sealed the mountain. We’ve been searching here for more than half a month, but we still haven’t seen the little loli’s figure. Could she have already…”

The guard under the door asked Lei Lie, but he didn’t finish the rest of his sentence. After all, in the face of such a huge snowstorm, it was simply impossible for her to survive in this forest that was being developed.

“Even if she was eaten by those wild beasts, we still have to find her body to report back. However, I don’t think this Little Oriental Loli is so weak. Dark 7, don’t underestimate her. You might not be her match either.”

Lei Lie said to Dark 7 with some amusement.

“Is it really that mysterious? Is she really that powerful?”

“I don’t know if she’s powerful or not, but she was able to last 20 moves against boss without losing. What do you think?” Lei Lie raised his eyebrows and looked at the group of people with Fang Gang and spoke with some unknown meaning.

“It can’t be, right? 20 moves? That powerful? I’ll be defeated in 15 moves at most, and a skinny little girl like her can withstand 20 moves? Hall Master, are you kidding me?”

Dark 11 also didn’t believe it. He felt that the Hall Master was exaggerating.

“Hey, kids, don’t not believe it. When the time comes, won’t you know when you meet and practice? We’ll reach our destination tomorrow. Borz Falls is connected to Moros Continent. I hope this Little Oriental Loli won’t have crossed the river.”

“How is that possible? Although the entire waterfall is covered with ice, it’s not thick enough for a person to pass through. It’s more like she doesn’t want her life.”

Dark 12 was right, but Lei Lie was still feeling uneasy. His boss had repeatedly reminded him not to underestimate this Little Oriental Loli. It was easy to imagine how terrifying she was. Just how terrifying was this girl?

Lei Lie had no idea that Shen Xiaoxiao was actually standing by the side of the lake that had already turned into thin ice. She looked at the glacier with an inexplicable expression.

Borz Waterfall was well-known. The surface of the lake was a mile wide. Even with her amazing eyesight, she could not see everything clearly on the other side of the lake.

There was also a violently surging river water under the ice. Because of the waterfall, the lake water was more fluid. The ice that had formed on the lake surface was even thinner. It was almost impossible to cross it from above.

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