Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Tracking

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Shen Xiaoxiao had been here for more than ten minutes. The overwhelming snowflakes were enough to upset her.

It seemed that if she wanted to get through the Connors Jungle, she had to go upstream.

The farther away from the waterfall, the less fluid the river was, and the thicker the ice on the lake.

In such a snowstorm, it was impossible to move like this, but for some reason, Shen Xiaoxiao felt that if she did not act immediately, she would definitely meet with big trouble.

Sure enough, Shen Xiaoxiao left with the two big packages in the cave, and soon, someone had arrived outside the withered tree.

“Hall Master, is the warehouse under here?” Dark 14 asked Lei Lie with some doubt. It was just a withered tree. If this Devon really built the warehouse here, it would really be an extremely hidden place. At least, he would never have thought of it.

“Boss said that the most likely place is here. Alright, let’s not talk about it. Dark 7, you’re smaller. Go down and take a look.”

Dark 7 took off his heavy backpack and slowly walked into the withered tree with a flashlight. As time passed, the people standing outside stomped their feet and exhaled. The weather was so cold that they were panicking.

Snowflakes danced in the air. The forest that was sealed by the heavy snow was filled with a danger that could not be ignored. After waiting for half an hour, Dark 7 climbed out of the cave.

“How is it? What’s the situation down there?”

“Hall Master, there’s an iron door down there. It should be the warehouse we’re looking for. However, there should have been people down there already. There are traces of a fire, and the fire is still a little warm. I think someone left here not long ago. There are also some chestnuts and other daily necessities.”

Dark 7’s words made Lei Lie’s heart tighten. This Little Oriental Loli was indeed hiding here.

They were not familiar with the road conditions, so it took them more than 20 days to arrive here from the time they met their boss. These 20 days could be considered as suffering.

If not for everyone being well-trained, they definitely would not have dared to walk to the deepest part of this forest like this.

Pressing on the mini-computer on his wrist, the instructions were issued. In less than three hours, the plane would arrive at the open space outside. The most important thing now was to take out the things in the warehouse and then find the Little Oriental Loli.

“I’ll go down with Dark 7. Dark 9, 11, and 12 will be on top to receive her. 14 and 16, you guys follow along the lake to find the Little Oriental Loli.”

“Remember to bring her back unscathed after you find her. Also, be careful.”

Lei Lie immediately gave the order. He threw down his bag and followed Dark 7 into the underground. Finding the Black Ganoderma was the most important thing. Even the Little Oriental Loli could not compare to that person. Even if their Boss was here, he would still make the same choice.

Dark 14 and 16 walked along the lake. Looking at the vast world filled with scenes of snow dancing in the sky, they became more and more curious about the mysterious Little Oriental Loli.

The seven of them had encountered countless dangers and troubles when they entered the depths of the forest. This little loli actually dared to live alone in the depths of the forest. Where did her courage and ability come from?

“14, look. Are these footprints?”

With sharp eyes, 16 immediately saw a pair of footprints by the lakeside. However, because of the heavy snow, there was only a shallow shadow. However, they had hope. This Little Oriental Loli, who didn’t show any traces along the way… Finally, they found some clues.

With a hint of excitement in their eyes, the two of them hurriedly walked in the direction of their footsteps. Since there were no traces left, they continued to move forward. This was because this path had a direction to go in, and that was the upstream of the river.

Yan Kuan’s subordinates were in charge of the world’s largest underground organization, the “Dark Empire”.

Sniping, offering rewards, and black market transactions. As long as one had a need, no matter who it was, as long as they could afford the price, there was nothing that the Dark Empire couldn’t handle.

However, although the Dark Empire was known by the people on the global street, no one had ever seen their true appearance. Even Yan Kuan himself was just an ordinary businessman in the eyes of outsiders. At most, he had some background, however, no one knew what it was exactly.

Every single person in the Dark Empire was capable of fighting ten people by themselves. Although they had been running around in the jungle for more than a month, each of them still retained enough physical strength.

They were moving in groups, so whether they were eating or resting, they were definitely one street ahead of Shen Xiaoxiao.

Their movements were also faster, quicker, and their stamina had clearly increased the distance between them.

Half an hour later, the footprints were becoming more and more obvious. They could even vaguely see a white dot moving in the distance.

The clothes Shen Xiaoxiao was wearing were the jungle combat uniform that they had sent over. It was waterproof, warm, and well-concealed.

Therefore, Shen Xiaoxiao did not feel much cold along the way.

It had to be said that the only good thing that Yan Kuan did was to give her these tight-fitting clothes, which solved her biggest and largest problem.

After staying in the withered tree hole for more than ten days, her period had also passed. Fortunately, there was a first-aid kit in the backpack that contained the clothes. There was sterile cotton and some gauze in it. Shen Xiaoxiao remembered that she had her first period since she was 16 years old, if one were to really count it, this was the third period in her life.

It was not much. Three days had passed, which saved her a lot of trouble.

However, in her previous life, because of her three years as a call girl, Shen Xiaoxiao’s period began to become extremely abnormal. Later on, her period became less and less every time she went to the toilet. In the end, when she returned to the country, her period was cleaned up every single day, and there was only one point.

Third Uncle had hired a doctor to specially treat her, but at that time, she did not want to drink Chinese medicine every day. After seeing that she was getting better, he did not persist.

Therefore, she added a problem of infertility. This was also the reason why the Pei family looked down on her.

Later on, when it was revealed that she had worked abroad for three years, the Pei family was even more determined to break off the engagement.

Shen Xiaoxiao was very concerned about this aspect of herself. During those three days, she had been cooped up underground and did not go out. The chicken and rabbit meat that she had saved were all taken out to eat. She needed to ensure nutrition, and she needed to have a healthy body.

The topic had gone off-topic, and she returned to the main topic.

Shen Xiaoxiao had an extremely strong observation ability, and she was exceptionally sensitive. She instantly felt that something was wrong behind her.

She turned her head and saw that the snowflakes that filled the sky could not stop her amazing vision. There were two men wearing the same clothes as her. They were Yan Kuan’s subordinates.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s heart tightened. They had really come looking for her.

She immediately quickened her pace. However, she was carrying a huge bag on her back and chest. The two items added up to more than 200 kilograms. If it were not for her great physical strength, she would not have been able to carry these two items for half a day.

Of course, these two items were obviously dragging her down. However, Shen Xiaoxiao was now a typical person who wanted money but didn’t want her life. She wanted to hold on to this money until her death. If she wanted to take revenge, she needed to have enough capital.

Counting the time, she had walked for at least four hours. She had walked at least ten miles before and after.

Moreover, it was snowing heavily. There were no wild beasts out for a stroll, so her walk was exceptionally fast and smooth.

The river surface was actually getting smaller compared to the area near the waterfall. Actually, it wasn’t that it was getting smaller, but that it was already close to the branches of the river, and the two branches had gathered together to form a huge waterfall. At this moment, Shen Xiaoxiao was standing at the branch entrance, holding a simple snowboard that she had prepared long ago, ready to risk her life to cross the river…

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