Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Crossing the River to Moros Continent

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“What is she doing?” 14 looked at the woman who was obviously not moving anymore and asked with a bad expression.

Although Dark 16’s eyesight was not as good as 14’s, he could still see the Little Oriental Loli clearly stopping.

What was she going to do? “She’s going to cross the river. Is she going to cross the river just like that?”

“It can’t be? The ice on the river can’t bear the weight of a person. Is she courting death?”

“Quick, hurry up and go over. Boss said that he wants this girl to be unharmed. We must not let anything happen to her.”

Dark 14 and 16 hurriedly sped up and ran over.

Shen Xiaoxiao was actually feeling uneasy. She was not completely confident that she could walk across the ice. If the ice was land, it would take at least half an hour to walk across it normally.

However, the ice on the river was not able to walk normally.

Dark 14 and 16 had read the information of the little loli. They knew that the little loli had been trapped in the club since she was young. She had never experienced any education or learning, they had already thought that it was a miracle to live in the snow-covered forest.

But now, she was just casually preparing to cross the river. Was she looking for death?

Did she even know how to swim? If the ice broke and she fell down, she would definitely be looking for death.

The two of them sped up and ran over. However, the snowstorm was getting stronger, and the visibility was getting lower and lower. The worry in their hearts grew stronger and stronger.

Although Shen Xiaoxiao was afraid at this moment, she was not stupid. In her previous life, she had accompanied Pei Li in skiing. Skiing was a sport that could not be played by a person whose limbs had been torn off.

However, Pei Li liked this sport. In order to cater to Pei Li, Shen Xiaoxiao had suffered a lot when she learned how to ski.

Moreover, the skiing teacher who taught her back then had told her that when walking on the ice, the most taboo thing was to have too little pressure and too little strength. This would easily break through the ice and fall into the ice river.

Therefore, Shen Xiaoxiao knitted a simple snowboard by herself.

She needed to use the power of the snowboard to slide quickly from the top.

She calculated that if she used a snowboard, she would be able to cross the ice in at most 10 minutes.

The two huge backpacks did not need a snowboard. She tied them up with two long vines and pulled them to slide.

The rucksacks were special and waterproof. She was not worried at all. Even if her luck was bad and she fell into an ice hole, she was not afraid of getting her money wet.

She stood on the ice gently with a silky feeling. In fact, if she were to take action tomorrow in such a blizzard, the success rate might be higher. However, when she thought of the people behind her, she could not wait to leave.

Shen Xiaoxiao wanted to leave this place immediately.

If she fell into Yan Kuan’s hands, she would never be able to return to the country in this lifetime. It was better to bet everything on one gamble. She, Shen Xiaoxiao, would return to the country even if she had to die. Nothing could stop her from returning to the country.

This thing was indeed effective. With a glare from the two wooden sticks, she instantly drew two meters away. Shen Xiaoxiao was ecstatic. Good, really good.

Her palms were sweating nervously. She was afraid that she would fall if she lost her balance, and she was even more afraid that the ice in front of her would become even weaker. The closer she got to the surface of the lake, the more worried she became.


Her heart tightened. This sound, this sound was obviously the sound of ice cracking on the surface of the lake. Shen Xiaoxiao was scared out of her wits and immediately used all her strength.

Her hands were extremely strong. At this moment, she had used all her strength to support the specially modified tree branches. Each time, she was able to slide dozens of meters away.

Seeing that the shore was getting closer and closer, she became more and more excited. However, the sound of ice cracking by her ears was also getting louder and louder.

Shen Xiaoxiao did not know that the two people standing on the shore behind her were sweating for her. For some reason, she could always hear the sound of the wind and snow as if someone was shouting, “Run, run!”

At this moment, Shen Xiaoxiao did not have the time and courage to look back. She knew that people sometimes relied on this momentum. Once they relaxed, all their previous efforts would be in vain.

Dark 14 and 16 were very proud of this Little Oriental Loli. When they ran over, the little loli was already on the ice.

Dark 14 did not dare to delay and immediately stepped on the ice, preparing to chase her back.

However, as soon as he stood on the ice, a large hole immediately appeared on the ice. If 16 had not quickly pulled him, he would definitely have fallen into the ice hole.

With this pull, 14 fell onto the ice closest to the shore with a bang.

This was bad. The ice started to crack along the crack and chased after the girl who was dragging the two bags in an extremely strange manner.

The two of them were shouting anxiously behind them, hoping that she would run faster if she heard them.

They had also seen clearly that the little loli’s feet were made of simple special skis. They did not know that this little girl actually had such skills, but this thing was the best thing to use on the surface of the ice.

In the past, when there were no skis, the ancients used this thing. When they saw that she ran extremely fast, they could only anxiously hope that she would be lucky enough to run past this cracked ice surface.

In the last five meters, Shen Xiaoxiao could even feel that half of the backpack was already suspended in the air. She did not dare to hesitate at all. She jumped deeply and jumped to the shore.

On the other side, Dark 14 and 16 had just breathed a sigh of relief when they saw her jump, but the next scene scared them silly.

What was going on? Didn’t this person already run to the shore safely? But how did she get dragged into the water so quickly?

It was the backpack. It was her two backpacks. What was in there? Was it that heavy? It actually dragged her down. The two of them looked at the other side of the shore worriedly. Nothing could happen to her but it had already happened!

This person could be considered to have disappeared right under their noses. If something really happened, the two of them would be in big trouble.

Shen Xiaoxiao was depressed. She was already at the shore, but she was actually dragged into the water by the two backpacks on her back.

But if you asked her to throw away these two backpacks, don’t even think about it. She would never let go even if she died.

The coldness of the lake water made Shen Xiaoxiao grit her teeth. Although she did not know how to swim, whether it was by the lake or in the hot spring pool, Yan Kuan had taught her that she must know how to hold her breath and not panic. The more panicked she was, the easier it would be for something to happen.

Her clothes and backpack were made of special materials and had the effect of waterproof and heat preservation. She had just fallen into the water and the water had just seeped into her collar. She could still save herself.

Shen Xiaoxiao was already close to the shore. With a few flutters, she grabbed the stone wall by the shore and slowly climbed up.

When Dark 14 and 16 saw Shen Xiaoxiao emerge from the water and slowly climb up to the shore, they were overjoyed. They were even happier than having their lives saved.

However, 14’s eyes had always been good. When he suddenly cursed, 16 was shocked and thought that something had happened again. He hurriedly grabbed the binoculars in 14’s hand and looked over.

When he looked over, 16 was speechless. What kind of brain did this little loli habe? She had almost lost her life, yet she still held onto the backpack tightly. What was in the backpack that made her so desperate?

“Is she just desperate for money? She must be crazy.”

“Who knows? She must have been locked up for more than ten years. I don’t know what’s in that backpack. What’s so strange about it?”

“Alright, let’s not talk about her anymore. We can’t get her back. Let’s hurry and report to the Hall Master…”

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