Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Create Trouble and Run Away

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She gathered her thoughts and didn’t dare to be distracted by anything else. She looked down at her clothes.

Because of the auction last night, in order to increase their value, she was only wearing her usual short-sleeved uniform which covered as little as a swimsuit.

Now that it was dirty, she would be easily caught if she went out like this.

She looked at the two of them again. Both of them only had a black vest, but the pants were quite suitable. She couldn’t care less at the moment and directly pulled the clothes off of the man with a slightly smaller figure.

If she had known, she would have fought them after. The clothes and pants were stained with blood. The sticky feeling when worn was uncomfortable, but it was still better than walking out without them.

Her body was still aching. She knew that, as a female, her most important thing had already been taken away by that man called Yan Kuan. This was already a foregone action and could not be changed.

Being able to be reborn and return to the present was already the greatest gift. She would definitely not be greedy and pray for more.

Since it was like this, she could only make do with it. She was not going to get married in this life anyway. Her only goal was to return to the country to take revenge.

Those who owe her, those who owe the Shen family. She would clean them up one by one, and take them back one by one.

At the age of six, her father and grandfather had died in a car accident. Before their bodies were even cold, she had been sent to Country M by her mother, who looked as kind as a white lotus flower, in the name of studying.

At such a young age, she thought that as the sole heir of the Shen family, this was an ordeal she had to go through. This was also what her good mother had said to her before she left.

Once, she had used these words as her only reason to survive. She had always known that she was the last hope of the Shen family.

This was why she could set off to study in a foreign country alone without crying or making a fuss at just six years old.

However, before her so-called study career had begun, she had been sold to this foreign club that specialized in accepting young children as thugs.

In a flash, ten years had passed. Perhaps it was because she had always had that belief in her heart that she had been able to persevere. Even though she had narrowly escaped death a few times, she still held on to the belief in her heart that she was the successor of the Shen family.

It was just that all of this was a scam, a scam that her good mother and her lover had meticulously planned…

Fortunately, everything could be redone now. Although she had been reborn again, ten years had already passed. She had already been an underground boxer for ten years.

Fortunately, the real trials had not yet begun, so there was still time for everything.

She tightly tied her pants with a belt and shook her head, which was still a little dizzy. With a ruthless heart, she used the dagger to dig into her hand in order to keep a clear mind. Only this way could she walk out of this place and leave this heavily guarded devil’s den.

In order to take advantage of her and to be able to see clearly in the dark room, those two idiots had kept the heavy iron gate open. This had solved her biggest problem.

The leather boots on her feet had not been taken off and were still firmly worn on her feet. It was good to be young. She was only seventeen at most. She was different from the other girls who had also been sold here. Some of them had been tortured to death and some had been sold to other places. Some had even gone on the road of drug trafficking and never looked back.

Only she was able to fight her way out of dozens of girls. If she did not have enough food, she would snatch it from others’ mouths. If she was cold, she would pull off their clothes and wrap them around her body. In those years, in order to survive, she would be cold-blooded and ruthless.

Her eyes were always filled with murderous intent and sharpness. That was why she had been chosen by Devon. Only when she had value could she survive. Only then could she preserve those naive thoughts in her heart. Only then could she hope to one day return to her mother’s embrace and return home.

However, all of this was because of her mother. How could she be content?

The pain that she had suffered, they must pay back tenfold– hundredfold.

The top of the long underground passage shone with a dazzling light. This was the place where the club imprisoned the prisoners. There were close to a hundred rooms, and each room held Devon’s enemies, opponents, and enemies.

She had to run out by herself. No, she was too big of a target. Moreover, now that she was drugged, she really did not have the ability to escape from the grasps of those people.

If she wanted to escape her fate of being sold again, she had to run out of this club that had imprisoned her for ten years, in addition to preventing her limbs and tendons from being broken.

Now, as long as she let go of those who were locked up like her, it would definitely cause a riot in the club. At that time, the target on her back would become smaller and she would be able to escape in the chaos without anyone knowing.

One room after another clanged open at 4 am in the morning. It was the most tiring and darkest time of the day.

But it was as if she had opened Pandora’s Box, creating one beautiful dream after another.

The black guards were stationed at the end of the dark room. There was only one way out, so they were confident that no one was guarding the bottom. The camera clearly recorded all of Shen Xiaoxiao’s actions at this moment, but as the people watching were in a daze, no one noticed anything at all.

How many people were there? Ten? A hundred? Shen Xiaoxiao did not know. She looked at these people who went from thinking this was a dream in their sleep to being full of surprise and excitement. She gradually hid her figure behind these people who were in a state of excitement.

People who were truly smart never fought alone, but rather would learn to use their brains. In the past, she had not understood these things. She only knew how to rampage. However, during every moment of every day, as she was locked up for 10 years, she had carefully thought about all the things that she had experienced. Bit by bit, no matter how stupid she was, she had to learn and see things clearly.

Sure enough, the combat strength of over a hundred people could not be underestimated. The four black guards at the door were killed by them in just a few seconds. They took away all the weapons that could be used. The real crisis of the club only began then.

“Boss, the people below have all run out.” The guard knocked on Devon’s door in fear.

Devin got up from his bed. He did not care about the scattered clothes. He had finally managed to convince Yan Kuan to continue their transaction, but had lost a large sum of money.

He did not expect to hear this news just as he lay down. There were all kinds of people imprisoned in the dark room. If these people ran away, he would be finished.

Who was it? Who was so bold as to let these people go?

“Where are the guards? What did the guards do? Why didn’t they keep an eye on these people?”

Devon was burning with anger. The black guard took a few steps back in fear. In order to appease Devin’s anger and prevent himself from being implicated, the guard said,

“They- they are all dead. Surveillance shows that the Little Loli let those people go. It was the Little Loli who did it.”

“What? The Little Oriental Loli? Wasn’t she locked up? How did she escape?”

Damn it, one of the promises he had made with Yan Kuan was that he would never let the Little Loli appear in Country M again. if she escaped, it would be troublesome.

“Go all out to hunt her down. If you see the Little Loli, kill her without mercy.”

Initially, he had thought that he would let her live considering how much she had earned for him all these years, and simply sell her off. He had not expected for her to actually cause him so much trouble now. Then, he could not be blamed for being ruthless.

The freeing of nearly a hundred people started from the basement, layer by layer. So what if these black guards had weapons? They could not mobilize enough people in such an instant. Moreover, it was late at night, and it was the most tiring time of the day. Therefore, the swarm of nearly a hundred people was unstoppable. They ran directly to the hall on the first floor near the main door.

Every one of them wanted to escape, it was not just Shen Xiaoxiao. Everyone who had been imprisoned wanted to run out.

“What happened?”

Yan Kuan had just walked to his car door when he heard a series of violent noises. He turned around and asked his subordinates behind him. In just a few seconds, someone immediately came to tell Yan Kuan what had happened.

“Are you saying that all the people in the basement have escaped? Where is Qian Weitang? Did He also escape?”

Qian Weitang was a wanted criminal in Count A. Yan Kuan had long known that this person was being protected by Devon. This time, he had wanted to take the opportunity to take him away, but he had changed his mind at the last minute. However, he had not expected there to be a riot here.

“Boss, we haven’t found any traces of Qian Weitang for now, but our men have already gone in to look for him. I believe we will find him soon…”

Just as his subordinate finished his sentence, a gunshot sounded, and the door was forced open. Dozens of people rushed out of the door and ran toward the spot they were standing…

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