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Chapter 11 – Huang Ming Apologizes

Chapter 11 – Huang Ming Apologizes

Just as Ye Zichen had returned after eating out with his roommates, an expensive sportscar blocked the space in front of them.

The sportscar that sped past them freaked Ye Zichen and co. out. Just as they were calming down, the owner of the sportscar got out from the car.

“It’s you!”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. The person in front of him was no other than Huang Ming, who was the biaodi of Xiao Hai.

“Ye Zichen!”

“What did you come here for?”

Ye Zichen didn’t like this guy much, and it was the same vice versa.

He was just out having fun with a few pretty girls at a nightclub, when Xiao Hai had randomly called him to go and apologize to Ye Zichen.

Although he was Xiao Hai’s cousin, he was still only his cousin.

Xiao Hai’s hostile tone scared him, so he could only go apologize without any other choice. Yet, he was sure in his heart that Ye Zichen had said something to his biaoge behind his back, causing his biaoge to act like that towards him.

“I’m telling you, brat, don’t you dare to use any tricks behind my back. Did you really think that calling my biaoge, and telling him to force me to apologize would make me actually apologize? Dream on. I’m telling you, it’s impossible for laozi to apologize to you!”

“Are you crazy?”

“Heh, I’m warning you, don’t play tricks behind my back.”

With this ruthless warning, Huang Ming left in his sportscar.

As Kang Peng and co. watched the retreating back of the sportscar, they raised their eyebrows and said.

“Ye-zi, how did you manage to piss off someone like that? His sportscar seems rather expensive, he definitely isn’t anyone normal.”

“He’s just a maniac, ignore him.”

Huang Ming’s appearance also caused Ye Zichen to be confused. However, he guessed that it was because Xiao Hai must have given the peach to his family member to eat.

Thinking about the peach, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but feel a bit of heartache.

Damn, even he didn’t have a taste before giving it away!

Back at the Xiao family.

Xiao Hai specifically asked Cui Xuefang to have a full body checkup done, and they found that her bodily functions had returned to when she was thirty years old. Most importantly, all of the small issues with her body had all disappeared.

That news had completely shocked everyone in the Xiao family.

“Young Master Ming has returned.”

Huang Ming walked into the mansion, while sighing in annoyance, after leaving from Ye Zichen’s school, he had only wanted to go chill at the nightclub, but he was told to immediately return.

Since there was no other way, he could only pitifully return to the mansion.

However, the moment he entered the door and saw the people inside the mansion, he was immediately astonished.

Everyone in the living room set their sights on Huang Ming. Huang Ming gulped, then slowly walked over.

“Did Ye Zichen forgive you?”

Xiao Hai interrogated him.

“I… Biaoge, did that guy say something to you behind my back? I’m telling you, that brat is only just greedy for money, you don’t need to care about him.”

I’m asking you! Did he forgive you!?”

Xiao Hai’s tone was irate to the point of being terrifying. Huang Ming had never seen his biaoge get that angry before.

Huang Ming licked his lips and replied with his head dipped.

“I didn’t apologize.”


It was unknown whose cup fell to the floor. When it happened, Xiao Hai glared at Huang Ming for a time, while his fists creaked.

“Second Uncle, this is your good son!”

Xiao Hai left furiously, while Huang Ming looked towards his father in terror.


This slap completely stunned Huang Ming.


Huang Zhen was someone that had received his son when he was older, so he overly spoiled his son, Huang Ming. He had continuously allowed Huang Ming to do things, and had never beaten him for his actions.

“Bastard son, bastard son… I’m telling you, no matter what method you use, you have to make Ye Zichen forgive you. If you can’t, then I won’t have a son like you…”

Huang Ming was truly confused, he looked at his father in confusion. At this moment, Cui Xuefang walked over and spoke meaningfully, while holding Huang Ming’s hands.

“Ming, listen to auntie, go and apologize to Ye Zichen.”


Huang Ming looked at the woman, who could essentially be his older sister, and couldn’t help but be shocked. All of a sudden, he finally understood the reason in his heart.

“I understand.”

The next day, Ye Zichen’s brain was about to explode from the technical lessons throughout the entire morning.

It wasn’t the technical knowledge, but the gazes of the surrounding students that had caused him to feel like his head was about to burst.

The moment class ended, Ye Zichen quickly ran over to the dorm. During this process, he could still see the surrounding students pointing their fingers at him.

“Yo, isn’t that the fake rich second-generation Ye Zichen, Young Master Ye?”

Ye Zichen raised his head and saw Yao Yue holding Guo Qiang’s arms while they stood not far away. As he gazed at that familiar face saying such awful words, Ye Zichen shook his head and walked off to the side.

“You’re leaving just like that?”

“No matter what, we had a past together. Is there a need to do things to such extreme?” Ye Zichen stopped and smiled helplessly. “It seems like you did all this. Very good, it has indeed affected my life. Your goal has been reached, hasn’t it?”

“Stop pretending to be a good person with laoniang. Poor is poor, and yet you still try to pretend to be rich. During the six months or so laoniang had been with you, you never once bought a bag like this for me!”

It was unknown why Yao Yue’s ugliness was infinitely magnified to Ye Zichen at that moment. No matter what he did, Ye Zichen could not understand how he actually had a girlfriend like that.

It’s true that he was just a normal poor student. However, when had he ever held back when Yao Yue wanted to buy anything?


Ye Zichen shook his head and ignored Yao Yue, then walked straight towards the dorm.


Just as Ye Zichen was about to enter the dorm, a silver sportscar suddenly stopped at the entrance to the dorms.

“Young Master Ye, Young Master Ye…”

Huang Ming frantically ran from the car only to stop in front of Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen smiled falsely towards Huang Ming. He didn’t really like this fellow.

“Isn’t this Young Master Huang, what did you come to find a poor student like me for?”


Huang Ming promptly kneeled in front of Ye Zichen.

“Young Master Ye, Young Master Ye… You are a great person that I hope will not mind a petty person’s mistake. A great person can accept a lot of things, please just treat it as the foolishness of my truth, please just pretend that I farted.”

Huang Ming definitely said this full-heartedly. The previous night had essentially been suffering for him.

His heart was filled with terror due to Xiao Hai’s and his father’s reactions. When you coupled that with Cui Xuefang’s change, he completely understood that Ye Zichen really wasn’t normal.

Being someone of the Xiao family, he did know a little about that that place.

The people there are all hidden masters. It wasn’t much for Xiao Hai to get mad at him, but if he truly pissed Ye Zichen off, he was definitely screwed if Ye Zichen decided to do anything to him behind his back.

Just as they were about to drive away, Guo Qiang saw the scene occuring at the male dorm.

The two familiar figures caused him to look over quite a few times, but he really couldn’t see clearly due to the distance.

“Qiang-ge, let’s go.”

Yao Yue hugged Guo Qiang’s arm coquettishly. Guo Qiang raised his eyebrows and touched Yao Yue’s body with a smile.

“Let’s go.”

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