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Chapter 12 – The Handsome Monkey King’s Monkey Wine

Chapter 12 – The Handsome Monkey King’s Monkey Wine

Ye Zichen also spaced out the moment Huang Ming kneeled.

“Hurry and get up…”

Seeing that more and more students were surrounding them, Ye Zichen walked over to Huang Ming’s side in order to help him up.

However, he didn’t expect Huang Ming not to get up, and instead, he straightforwardly hugged Ye Zichen’s leg.

“Young Master Ye, I’m begging you, please just let me off.”

“Isn’t that the fake rich second-generation from the school forums!?”

“It really is, what kind of show is going on now!?”

“Look at that sportscar, Porsche 911!”

“Damn, it really is, what’s going on…”

Many students had already started to take out their phones to take photos. In an instant the school’s forums had exploded again.

Ye Zichen was already a recent hot topic, now that this new thread was posted, lots of people instantly appeared to follow the thread.

At the same time, in front of the school’s dormitory.

Seeing the students around starting to take photos, Ye Zichen stopped getting angry. He tried his best to pull Huang Ming up, but he was just like an permanent sticker, unwilling to move at all.

“F*ck, if you don’t want to die, then f*cking stand up to speak.”

Huang Ming immediately bolted up like it was a conditioned reflex.

“Young Master Ye…”

“I know the reasoning for you coming here. Go back to tell Hai-ge that I don’t have anything that can save the old man currently. When I do, I’ll contact him.”

“Young Master Ye, are you not forgiving me…”

Seeing that Huang Ming was about to kneel again, Ye Zichen was defeated by his shamelessness.

“I forgive you!”

“No, Young Master Ye, you didn’t forgive me!”

It seemed like speaking nicely was of no use. Ye Zichen licked his lips and pointed to Huang Ming’s sportscar, then swore.

“Immediately get on your car and disappear from my sight!”

“Young Master Ye!!”

“Do you need me to repeat myself?”

Ye Zichen frowned. Huang Ming clenched his teeth, then turned around and ran towards the sportscar. While he was leaving, he still relentlessly asked Ye Zichen for forgiveness.

After finally getting rid of that sticky nuisance, Ye Zichen quickly returned to the dorm.

“Ye-zi, you heated up the school website again…”

The moment he entered the dorm, Zhang Rui threw his phone towards Ye Zichen.

After catching the phone, Ye Zichen immediately saw the top thread on the forums.

Fake rich second-generation or real rich second-generation? A life like a show, it’s all thanks to acting!

On the thread were photos of Huang Ming hugging Ye Zichen’s legs, as well as a close up image of Huang Ming’s Porsche 911.

The speculations underneath the photos caused Ye Zichen to smile wryly, but what made him even more speechless were the various replies of the students.

There were two main parties in the replies.

One group of them believed that Ye Zichen was just a low-lying rich secondgeneration. The other thougt that Ye Zichen was simply trying to get famous.

The thread was like a battlefield and the flaming was continuous from both sides.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but praise the school website’s advertisement capability. By that afternoon, Ye Zichen actually received a lot of invitations from girls to dine together that night.

That was something Ye Zichen had never experienced before. Although he was a bit handsome, this wasn’t an era where he could live on just his looks.

What made Ye Zichen even more speechless was that the gossip journalist from the school website actually found him and wanted to do a private interview with him.

People truly were as afraid of being famous as pigs where of getting big. Ye Zichen didn’t manage to catch a break through the entire day. Even his brothers at the dorm were interested. Without any other choice, Ye Zichen could only go outside the school to eat by himself.


Great Sage Sun sent you a private red packet.

Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly ran when he was sitting at the barbeque store. When he picked up his phone, he saw that the Monkey King had actually sent him a private red packet.

One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions!

Recently, he had chatted a lot with the monkey King. Ye Zichen understood very well that the Monkey just wanted Wahaha.


Monkey Wine x5

“Haha, I, Old Sun, knew that you were here!”

“Thank you, Great Sage Sun.”

“You’re too courteous, these were brewed by my children when they were playing around. These five bottles were just brewed, so I thought of you.”

“Haha, this little deity is truly honored.”

They saw gifting should go both ways. Ye Zichen casually used his phone to scan the Sprite on the table and sent it over.

The Monkey King received your red packet.

“Nice, what kind of treasure is this now!?”

“This was gotten by this little deity recently. Good bros should share things, Great Sage can try it!”

“Good good, good bro, good bro!”

The Monkey King was clearly very excited, so he disappeared after his reply.

About two minutes later…

The Monkey King’s intimacy level with you increased by 30, the current intimacy level is 170, 30 away from Trusted.

“Great treasure, it truly is great!”

“It’s good that Great Sage likes it.”

Ye Zichen did understand Great Sage Sun thoroughly, so he had casually earned 30 intimacy points.

Seeing that Trusted was about to reached, Ye Zichen wondered about what changes would happen after the level up.

After chitchatting for a bit, Ye Zichen closed the chat.

Ye Zichen clicked open the Treasure Chest looked at the monkey wine, then at the lamb skewer in front of him, before revealing a smile.

Withdraw monkey wine.

A green gourd appeared in Ye Zichen’s hands.

When he opened the cork, the smell of alcohol rushed out.

“Good wine.”

At this moment, an old man sitting on the next table walked over as he had followed the smell.

“Little bro, can you let me drink a glass?”

“Of course!”

Ye Zichen wasn’t a petty person, so he lifted the gourd and poured a cup for the old man.

The aroma of wine filled the barbeque store for a long time. Many wine-lovers looked over. Even some women that didn’t drink wine couldn’t help but sniff a few times.

“Monkey wine,” the old man said after having a taste. “But it is more aromatic than monkey wine. The alcohol level also seems lower. No, I have to sip again.”

The old man muttered to himself, while Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

That old man wasn’t simple since he could taste it with a sip.

“Grandpa, you’re sneakily drinking wine again!”

A beautiful voice rang out. The old man, who was enjoying it was shocked, and immediately drank all the wine without tasting it carefully. Then he crossed his legs and sang, while he pretended like nothing happened.

“Grandpa, the doctor said that you can’t drink alcohol.”

“When did I drink?”

The old man played dumb.

“You’re still saying that you didn’t drink. I saw everything. What’s more, the smell of alcohol hasn’t dispersed yet. Even if you want to lie, you have to make something better up. What’s more, if you didn’t drink, then why did you come over to someone else’s table!?”

“There are so many people drinking in the barbeque store, why do you say I drank it?” The old man started acting shameless. At the same time, he twitched his mouth at Ye Zichen, “I saw that this young man was bored eating by himself, so I came to chat with him a few times. Aren’t I right, young fellow?”

The old man looked towards Ye Zichen, hoping Ye Zichen to lie with him. However, he saw that Ye Zichen had already blanked out.

The girl calling the old man wasn’t just anyone else, it was Polytechnic University’s school beauty, Su Yan.

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