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Chapter 17 – So-called Expert

Chapter 17 – So-called Expert

“Director Xiao, you’re going all in?”

A mocking laugh rang out. Xiao Yumei frowned, then gave the person a cold stare.

The reason her jewelry chain’s state was like that was mostly due to the man in front of her.

“Hey, in my point of view, what’s the point of a woman being so strong? Might as well follow me, wouldn’t it be better if the two of us became one?”

“Dream on!”

“Heh, how long do you think you could possibly last against me?” The man with a dark expression sneered and snapped his fingers. “Thirty five million!”

It seemed like he was determined to oppose her.

Xiao Yumei looked at the very promising looking ore in front of her and clenched her teeth.


“Director Xiao!”

Before she was able to call out the price, Ye Zichen hurried over.

“Mr. Ye?”

Xiao Yumei first revealed a hint of surprise in her eyes, then she very quickly smiled. He had saved her daughter, but didn’t ask for anything in return. She wanted to use her contacts to search for him, yet she actually bumped into him here.

“Does Director Xiao want to buy that ore?”

“Yeah, you also know that I own a jewelry business. The chance of this ore giving out jade is extremely large and it should be a huge amount. I won’t hide it from you, my jewelry chain is currently in danger, and this ore is needed to stand back up.”

Xiao Yumei told him everything about her current situation. Originally, she shouldn’t speak about this sort of thing to an outsider, but she didn’t know why…

When she was facing Ye Zichen, she felt like he had some sort of magic about him, causing her to be unwilling to hide anything from him.

Ye Zichen nodded after hearing it and whispered in her ear.

“Director Xiao, if you buy this ore, then I feel like you might never be able to stand up again!”

Xiao Yumei’s expression tensed up. What did Ye Zichen mean by this?

Was he trying to tell her that this ore would not give out jade?

“Mr. Ye also knows about stone gambling?” Xiao Yumei asked in a testing manner. Ye Zichen chucked lightly, “Director Xiao, don’t call me mister, it feels weird. You can call me Ye-zi or Zichen. As for stone gambling, I do understand a bit.”

“If it’s just a bit, then don’t bullshit. This ore has a clear patterns and it shows a faint greenness from within, meaning that there is moss inside. These are the signs of a lot of jade. What are you trying to accomplish by running over and saying that this rock would not give out jade?”

Xiao Yumei’s consultant, Elder Liu, suddenly got pissed. Ye Zichen frowned, then glanced over at the old man.

“Who’s the old man?”

“Zichen, this is our company’s stone purchasing consultant, he is an expert at selecting stones.”


Nowadays, regardless of what industry was, a bunch of experts and masters would always pop up. They didn’t have any true capabilities and merely said stuff.

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth in contempt, then said to Elder Liu.

“Elder Liu, you said that this ore would definitely give out jade, right?”

“Of course!” Elder Liu said with certainty.

“Then what if it doesn’t?” Ye zichen suddenly asked.

Elder Liu raised his eyebrows, “It’s impossible for this rock not to give out jade.”

“Don’t care about if it will or not. I’m just asking you what happens if it doesn’t!”

Ye Zichen stared at Elder Liu closely. Elder Liu smiled after a glance at that ore.

“Buying ores has always been something where the risks are proportional to the rewards. Nobody can promise that all of the stones will give out jade. If it doesn’t, then all that can be said is that the appearance of this stone tricked everyone.”

“In the end, you’re just saying things without shouldering any of the risks, right?” Ye Zichen sneered. He pointed at that huge ore and said. “This is an ore worth several tens of millions, just by saying that it will give out jade, you made Director Xiao do everything she could to compete for it. If it gives out jade, you gain a large amount of commission. If it doesn’t, then you took no risks. Why do you get all the good stuff and none of the bad?”

Seeing that Ye Zichen and Elder Liu were arguing, Xiao Yumei quickly comforted them.

“Zichen, these are the rules of buying ores. I do need this ore…”

“Rules, rules my ass,” Ye Zichen snorted. “Director Xiao, if you believe me, then don’t touch this rock.”

“Xiao Yumei, do you want this rock or not?”

When Director Bai saw Ye Zichen, who was by Xiao Yumei’s side, his dark gaze turned even more sinister.

“Heh, no need for Director Bai to worry. Several tens of millions is not a small amount, can I not consider the matter a little?”

Xiao Yumei retorted coldly, then looked towards Ye Zichen with a questioning gaze.

“Zichen, why are you not letting me take this rock?”

“This rock would not give out jade.”

Ye Zichen replied to her quickly. Xiao Yumei clenched her teeth and bit her lips, then looked closely at that really promising-looking ore, then finally chose to believe in Ye Zichen.

The rock fell into Director Bai’s hands. He glanced coldly at Xiao Yumei, who was not far away, and said.

“Director Xiao, this rock is a rock for you to stand up again. You actually gave it up so easily? What, do you not have enough funds?”

“I truly am out of money, I hope Director Bai gains and wins the bet.”

Xiao Yumei’s expression was as cold as frost. When Director Bai looked towards her, a hint of greed flashed across his eyes.

“It’s a certainty that I will win, it’s just that how pitiful it is for Director Xiao. It’s such a good rock.”

As he spoke, Director Bai paid for the rock. The stonecutter, who stood by the side, also asked.

“Director Bai, do you want to cut it here or take it back to cut it yourself?”

“Cut it here.”

That rock looked extremely promising, it was highly likely to give out jade or even a large piece of jade. Xiao Yumei had given up halfway. If it really did give out jade, it would be a good way to attack her.

“Heh, Director Xiao will regret it when that happens.”

Elder Liu also laughed darkly at her side.

Xiao Yumei did not even notice Elder Liu’s comment. She merely stared straight at the ore. Although she believed in Ye Zichen’s words, she was still a bit nervous in her heart.

If there really was jade, she would definitely regret giving up half-way.

The cutting of an astronomically priced ore at the scene immediately attracted a large amount of viewers in the hall.

The stonecutter looked at Director Bai respectfully, “Director Bai, how do you want to cut it?”

Director Bai casually picked up a stick of chalk and drew three lines on the rock.

“Cut it along these lines.”

The ore was very large, and since it was inconvenient to move the rock, they could only move the machine. The stonecutter machine was finally placed on the line Director Bai drew after the hard work of three stonecutters.


A white mist covered everyone’s gaze as the ear-deafening sound rang out.

At that moment, everyone’s hearts were tense.

The crowd instantly turned silent. Only the humming of the stonecutter could be heard in the hall.


The ore was split into two as the saw cut deeply in.

At that moment, the grey and white face was extremely eye-catching. Director Bai’s face instantly turned pale.

This isn’t right, they should have saw green when they cut across the line he had drawn.

“It lost, it lost!”

It was unknown who had laughed out at his misfortune. Meanwhile, Elder Liu also frowned.

The happiest person in the all was Xiao Yumei, it was clear through this cut that even if this ore gave out jade, it wouldn’t be worth the price it was bid for.

Director Bai looked at that piece of rock with a pale expression. Losing money wasn’t a big deal, his losing face was.

What’s more, this ore was extremely big, even though a section was cut right now, a judgement couldn’t be made that easily.

“Cut-Cut it again!”

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