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Chapter 16 – Ore Auction

Chapter 16 – Ore Auction

Ye Zichen’s act of saving the child attracted the attention of a large number of folks for an audience. The truck driver also frantically jumped down from the vehicle.

However, when he saw that Ye Zichen was completely unharmed, he stood there, unsure of what to say, it as if he saw a ghost.

He had been sent flying for five or six meters, yet he was completely fine.

Was this person superhuman!

Ye Zichen was also confused, what did this girl call him just now?


The little girl snuggled into his arms tightly. At this moment, a woman with a frantic expression also ran over from the shopping mall on the other side of the road.


Hearing the woman’s call, the little girl in Ye Zichen’s arms jumped off him and ran towards the woman.


“Tiantian, you scared mommy to death.”

The woman squatted in front of Tiantian and continuously checked her all over in fear of anything happening to her.

When Ye Zichen saw the woman’s face, he was completely astounded for a moment.

The woman in front of him was extremely beautiful, so much that the goddess Su Yan could not compare to her. Most importantly, there was an allure to her that only mature women would have. There was incomparable sexiness in her even just normal gestures.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but think, if anyone marries this woman…

Then the man would be a cold person if he doesn’t let her squeeze him dry!

After repeatedly ensuring that TIiantian was unhurt, the woman stood up and walked towards Ye Zichen.

“Thank you so much for saving Tiantian. This is my card, I wonder what I should call you?”

Ye Zichen received her namecard.

Beauty Jewelers, Xiao Yumei.

“Ye Zichen,” Ye Zichen shrugged and said as he played with the name card in his hand. “I’m just a poor student, so I don’t have anything like a name card to give you.”


Tiantian leaped into Ye Zichen’s arms once more.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei both revealed a hint of awkwardness.

“Tiantian, don’t call people so indescriminately.”

Xiao Yumei pulled Tiantian back to her side and took out a card to hand to Ye Zichen.

“Although this is a bit distasteful, but I really am unsure of how to repay you. There is a hundred thousand in this card, just treat it as…”

Before Xiao Yumei finished, Ye Zichen had already pushed the card back.

“I don’t need the card, it seems like you should be Tiantian’s mother. What I want to say is that don’t let Tiantian cross the streets by herself again, although she’s still young, it’s too dangerous. I saved her since I saw her, she might not be so lucky next time.”

Ye Zichen pinched Tiantian’s cheeks a little, then patted away the dust on his clothes, before turning and leaving.

“Mommy, Daddy left.”

Tiantian’s face frowned, as she pointed her delicate little hand towards Ye Zichen’s figure.

Xiao Yumei pulled the little girl’s hand down and shook her head.

“That isn’t Daddy, you can’t just call anyone that, okay? If you see him in the future, you have to say gege.”

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen took off the jade pendant from his neck and saw that the originally sparking green jade pendant was already covered with cracks, devoid of any light.

That old man Yue Lao truly didn’t lie to him. That jade pendant really could save a person’s life. As he thought back on the situation just now, if he didn’t have this jade pendant, then he really might have died.

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s phone rang.

“Ye-zi, location.”

As soon as Ye Zichen told Su Yiyun his location, the other person immediately hung up. Then, not even three minutes later, a fiery red sportscar appeared in front of him.

Su Yiyun pushed open the door and waved his hand towards Ye Zichen.

“Get in.”

Ye Zichen was wondering why Su Yiyun called him, then he found out that this guy was invited to a Ore Auction. He thought that he would be boredalone, so he decided to bring Ye Zichen to experience it.

“Are you interested in testing your luck?”

Ye Zichen shook his head as he looked at the piles of ores in the trading hall.

“You better not touch these rocks. Even if you want to bet, tell me, only buy when I tell you to.”

“You know about stone gambling?”

Su Yiyun was shocked.

“Kind of.”

Ye Zichen nodded without denying it.

Although most of these rocks looked pretty good, he, who had the Fiery Eyes of Truth, could tell whether jade would come out of it with a glance.

Stone gambling was essentially a slice of heaven and a slice of hell all in one place.

However, judging from the appearance alone, most of the people buying things would go to hell in this convention.

Within the huge ore convention, there was suddenly an ore that someone was willing to pay over twenty million for.

Su Yiyun was instantly interested, and pulled Ye Zichen through the crowd.

“Xiao Yumei, your company should really need this ore, right?”

“Heh, there is no need for Director Bai to worry about whether I need this ore.

Xiao Yumei, whom Ye Zichen had just met a short time before, was one of the ones bidding. As a jewelry shop owner, she naturally would not miss out on the bidding of ores.

Most importantly, her jewelry shop was being viciously attacked. In order to help the jewelry shop stand back on its feet, she need a piece of ore that had a lot of jade in it in order to make up for everything.

“Elder Liu, are you sure that this stone can give me a lot of jade?”

Xiao Yumei looked at the elder beside her. This elder was their jewelry shop’s consultant and was an expert with a reputation within the circle of stone gambling.

“Is Director Xiao not confident with my choice? This stone will definitely give out jade.”

The elder replied impatiently, while his shameless reaction caused Xiao Yumei to frown.

Although this elder was an expert, he wasn’t helping her out for free, she was paying him a hundred something thousand per month.

They were employer and employee, since the elder was working while receiving payment, his attitude caused Xiao Yumei to be very unhappy.

However, there was no helping it, she could only restrain herself with her jewelry shop company’s current situation.

“This ore requires a lot of money, I can’t help but to be more careful,” Xiao Yumei replied with a light smile, then spoke up once again. “Twenty-three million.”

“Ye-zi, do you think that ore will give out jade?”

Su Yiyun looked over at the extremely large ore. This ore looked very clear and its patterns were clear. From the outside, you could see the faint green moss within.

This rock would definitely give out jade without any surprise. Furthermore, its quality would also be very high.


Ye Zichen shook his head, although this rock looked like jade would come out of it, it was only in appearance.

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t be fooled by its appearance, the more it looks like it can give out jade, the less it actually would. In the end, you’ll lose everything.”

“Twenty-five million!”

The bids for that ore increased gradually, so Xiao Yumei could only call out again with a clench of her teeth.

“Thirty million.”

At the very moment this astronomical value appeared, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air, whether they were stone gamblers or owners of jewelry stores.

Ye Zichen was also attracted by this slightly-oppressive price calling. However, when he saw the person, he instantly went into shock.

“Why was she here?”

From Xiao Yumei’s appearance, she was determined to get this rock.

However, thinking about the truth about this rock, Ye Zichen hesitated a bit, then decided to tell Xiao Yumei the truth.

It was her problem whether she believed him or not.

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