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Chapter 24 – Take him away

Chapter 24 – Take him away

Ye Zichen turned his head back to look.

There was a spherical object that had appeared at the entrance of the coffee shop.

His forehead would be covered in sweat after only a few steps, it also looked like his body was weak, so it seemed like he needed some medicine to help with his kidney function.

“Beauty, I came.”

That Fatty had the accent of a foreigner, when it was accompanied by the large golden necklace and the large golden ring, it couldn’t help but cause Ye Zichen to think of the word “upstart”.

“Boss, didn’t you want to see my boyfriend? He is my boyfriend.”

Xia Keke blinked her large and cute eyes, and reached out her white finger and pointed. At the same time, Ye Zichen also stood up.

The main reason of the fatty looking like a ball was due to his height.

From the looks of it, he was only approximately 1.65 meters. Ye Zichen was 1.86 meters, so he was a head taller.

“Fatty, I heard that you want to pay to date my girlfriend? How much are you going to pay? Let me see if it’s worth it.”

The moment Ye Zichen finished, Xia Keke pinched his waist.

You came to help me stop him, what are you saying that for!

When Ye Zichen stood up, the fatty was a bit worried. However, after hearing what he said, his green pea-like eyes flashed with contempt.

A poor student is always going to be a poor student!

“Brat, you want money, right?”

“Don’t worry if I want money or what. I’m just asking you, how much are you paying?”

The fatty raised five fingers.

Fifty thousand!

Ye Zichen subconsciously glanced at Xia Keke, he didn’t think that this girlie was worth so much, fifty thousand…

That was the price of a not very famous escort.

Xia Keke bit her lips, did this guy actually listen to what she had said?

Why did she feel like she jumped from a skillet into a fire pit.

As expected…

“You want to pay to date my girlfriend with fifty thousand. Just look at her body, her curves, what’s more, she’s a talented student in Polytechnic University, she is an existence of both beauty and intelligence, you actually want to pay only fifty thousand.”

“Then how much do you want?”

“Five hundred thousand. If you can pay five hundred thousand for my girlfriend, then I’ll let you have her.”

Ye Zichen waved his hand generously, but the fatty’s eyes turned green upon hearing that.


“If it’s Impossible, then f*ck off, don’t try to pay to date a university student. Idiot.”

Ye Zichen showed an expression of contempt. The fatty squinted his eyes, “Alright, little bro, don’t you just want money? To be honest, I pity this beauty quite a bit, she actually had a boyfriend like you. How about this, I’ll pay two hundred thousand, that was the price of a third-rated celebrity.

“Two hundred thousand…”

Ye Zichen hesitated a bit. When the fatty saw this, the despise in his eyes became even more obvious.

A poor student was a poor student indeed.

After a long time…


Ye Zichen directly agreed. This caused Xia Keke to go completely blank.

She was just sold like that!

The fatty took out a card from his pocket with a face full of contempt.

“There is 1.2 million on that card, that is enough money for half a year!”

“Hehe, boss is truly generous,” Ye Zichen put on a money-loving look and picked up the card, but Xia Keke slammed down on her hand.

“What are you doing?” Xia Keke grabbed onto Ye Zichen’s arm with a nervous expression.

“Girl, it’s two hundred thousand, be happy.”

“Yeah, beauty. Say, what use is it to be with a man like this? You might as well be with me, I can ensure you that you will be rich at least.”

As the fatty tried to persuade her, Xia Keke’s entire face turned dark.

Ye Zichen rubbed his hands and picked up the card.

“This money is mine, right!”


The fatty nodded.

“Then…” Though Ye Zichen had picked up the card, he directly threw it onto the table again. “You’re bringing my girlfriend away, so you have to let me have a woman, right? How about this, I’ll pay for your daughter, fifty thousand per month, here is the money for 2 years!”

“Brat, you were f*cking messing with me.”

The fatty stared with his tiny eyes. Ye Zichen shrugged and smiled without denying it.

“You just noticed?”

“Do you believe that I won’t find someone to kill you?” The fatty’s tiny eyes shone with a murderous light. Ye Zichen shrank his neck and pretended to be terrified. “Ya, I’m so scared!”


Ye Zichen slapped the fatty’s mouth, causing him to spin around, then Ye Zichen kicked his stomach.


The fatty hit the coffee shop’s wall, letting out a loud sound.

This sound startled everyone in the coffee shop.

“Young Master Ye.”

A figure suddenly walked out from the crowd of customers, Ye Zichen looked over.

It was Bai Dahai, Director Bai from the stone gambling place.

The fatty that had hit the wall also shouted out when he saw Bai Dahai.

“Bai-ge, save me.”

“Lil’ Zhao.”

Bai Dahai was momentarily confused, then looked over the fatty and Ye Zichen.

“What, you want to be a busybody?”

Bai Dahai did want to calm the two of them down, but when he saw the coldness in Ye Zichen’s eyes, he directly swallowed his words.

“I don’t dare.”

That was Young Master Su’s friend. He wasn’t someone he could mess with.

“If you don’t dare, then scuttle off to the side.”

Ye Zichen pushed Bai Dahai to the side and walked towards the fatty.

As Ye Zichen approached him, the fatty’s calls to Bai Dahai became more and more anxious.

Bai Dahai shook his head and said.

“Lil’ Zhao, Young Master Ye is Young Master Su’s friend. Although I don’t know how you managed to offend him, but older brother can’t help you.”

Young Master Su!

The fatty’s looks instantly turned like a round eggplant. They all knew who Young Master Su was.

All of a sudden, the fatty prostrated on the ground to ask for forgiveness.

“Young Master Ye, just let me go once.”


Ye Zichen mercilessly slapped the fatty’s face.

“Now you know about calling me Young Master in order to get let off? Just now when you were fighting over laozi’s woman, why didn’t you call me Young Master Ye? Oh yeah, weren’t you going to find your underling to kill me? Where’s your fierceness now?”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, while wearing a devilish smile on his face.

The fatty’s eyes jumped, while he gulped and begged to be let off.

The siren of a police car was heard from outside. Ye Zichen looked out the window and saw two police cars parked outside the coffee shop.

It seemed like someone in the coffee shop had called the police.

Ye Zichen looked at the fatty that was heavily beaten up by him, then slapped his face.

“The police are here, you’re safe. But, do you know what to say later?”


The fatty couldn’t really speak properly due to Ye Zichen’s beating. However, hearing that, Ye Zichen sat down.

“How is it, my wife, are you satisfied with what I did?”

The moment Ye Zichen made a move, Xia Keke was completely shocked. She brought him here to help her stop the fatty, but she didn’t think it would turn out like this.

However, she didn’t seem to dislike it at all, and even found that he was now a bit handsome!


At that moment, the police also rushed in from the outside.

When they saw the fatty, whose face was swollen, one of the female officers roared.

“Who hit him?”

Ye Zichen whistled and looked at the ceiling, while the fatty’s little eyes flashed with a hint of struggle, before he clenched his teeth and said.

“Officer, I tripped.”

Even a three year old could tell that it was a lie. The officers glanced around the room.

Then, the blood on the corner of Ye Zichen’s trousers immediately caught the officers’ eyes.

“Capture him and take him away!”

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