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Chapter 25 – Let him go

Chapter 25 – Let him go

The lights of the interrogation room fell onto Ye Zichen’s face. Since the light made him a bit uncomfortable, Ye Zichen blinked a few times.


The female officer walked in from outside the interrogation room and slammed her notebook onto the table.

“Admit it.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen looked up, he didn’t think that the female officer would bring him here just like that.

He glanced at the female’s officer’s face. The officer was rather pretty.

She had a slender face and long black hair that was tied into a ponytail. The coldness of her expression did not affect her beauty at all.

“Officer, I have nothing to admit.”

“Alright, you’re being troublesome,” the corner of the officer’s mouth rose. Then she opened the notebook and took out her pen to start an official interrogation.


“Officer, when you are asking for someone’s name, shouldn’t you say yours first?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled, causing the female officer to slam down on the table try to shock him a little.

“Do you not believe that I will throw you into prison in the name of the obstruction of justice?”

“Why so angry!?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “At least tell me your surname.”


“Hehe, Officer Lin, I’m called Ye Zichen.”




“…” Ye Zichen stopped. He couldn’t help but think of that answer that people were already sick of.

“How about I take it out for you to see?”

“Take it out yourself to see.”

Officer Lin didn’t answer at all. Ye Zichen had thought that he could cause her to be angry just like in novels, but she just directly hit the ball back into his court.


“Why did you hit him?”

“Officer Lin, you really are sort of falsely accusing me. The fatty already told you personally that he tripped, what right do you have to be framing me, and saying that I hit him?” Ye Zichen said with a helpless expression.

“Heh, don’t pretend to be innocent. The reason the victim said that might very well be due to being threatened beforehand. Don’t try to go around circles with me, just directly admit it,” Officer’s Lin’s eyes stared straight at Ye Zichen, as if it was going to go through his heart.

“I didn’t hit him,” Since he was going to resist, Ye Zichen planned resist to the end. If he admitted it, he would have to be detained for at least half a month.

“How long do think you can pretend for? We have already sent the victim to the hospital, with our protection, the victim will point you out in no time.”

“I just didn’t do it,” Ye Zichen decided to act shameless with her, and stared at Officer Lin’s chest. “36C, they’re very big.”


Officer Lin slammed the notebook onto the table and stood up. Ye Zichen also opened his eyes wide then shrank backwards.

“What, the police are going hit people?”

“Heh, hitting you is hitting scum at most!”

Officer Lin cracked her knuckles, and approached Ye Zichen with a cold expression.

“The police are going to hit someone…”

“Susu, sorry, Riche Bro was brought to the police station since he was helping me.”

Xia Keke pouted pitifully as she called. The person on the other side of the call momentarily blanked out, then said worriedly.

“Then how is he?”

“I don’t know, but that police lady looked so mean, I don’t know if Riche Bro will suffer inside.”

“Alright, I understand.”


The call ended. Xia Keke stood outside the police station and looked inside a few times. Then, after a bit of hesitation, she dialed a number.

“Officer Lin, don’t forget your identity. Even if I am a suspect, you can’t use violence against me, otherwise, I’ll get my lawyer to file a lawsuit against your police station.

Ye Zichen gulped and warned with an intent of threatening her. God only knows what this crazy woman was going to do to him.

He was still handcuffed, even if he got beaten, he could only take it forcefully.

“Don’t worry, we have a lot of ways to make you hurt, but unable to get any wounds that can be detected,” Officer Lin was like a little devil as she approached Ye Zichen step by step.

At the moment she raised her hand, Ye Zichen suddenly submitted.

“I’ll admit it!”

“Heh, wouldn’t it be fine if you admitted it from the start,” Officer Lin sat back down with a proud smile. “Say it.”


Just as Officer Lin picked up the pen, the door to the interrogation room was banged open.

“Captain Lin, there’s a call.”

“I’m interrogating a suspect.”

“The commissioner called.”

Officer Lin threw the pen to the side angrily and snorted, “Wait for me to deal with you when I get back.”


“Lil’ Lin, did we arrest a gentleman with the surname Ye?”

Officer Lin’s expression tensed up after hearing that.


The tone of the other person clearly stopped a bit, then said anxiously continued, “Hurry up and let that Mr. Ye go.”

“But he intentionally…”

“Nothing, Lil’ Lin, this is the orders from the higher-up. Furthermore, the military had also just asked us to release that very same Mr. Ye, do you understand!?”

Officer Lin hesitated a long time as she held the phone, then she couldn’t help but sigh.


Officer Lin hung up the call and looked at the police officer beside her.

“What did the victim say?”

“The victim is determined to say that he tripped and that it has nothing to do with the suspect.”


“Let him go!”

Ye Zichen walked out of the room in a carefree manner, then before leaving, he ran in front of Officer Lin in a low manner.

“Beauty, I’m going. Don’t miss me.”

“Don’t let me catch you again.”

“Hehe, don’t be so angry. They say if a woman gets angry easily, then she’ll bleed too much in her time of the month.”

Ye Zichen made a face at Officer Lin, causing her to clench her teeth in anger.

As she looked at Ye Zichen’s cocky image, Officer Linn couldn’t help but clench her fist.

“Find all the information we have on Ye Zichen and bring it to my office.”

Ye Zichen’s mood could only be described by one word after leaving the police station.


“Riche Bro.”

Xia Keke, who had been waiting outside the police station, leaped into Ye Zichen’s arms. Ye Zichen subconsciously caught her, and saw that the loli in his arms was already crying.

“You scared me so much…”

“It was no big deal, why is your mental capability so weak? I really don’t know how you got into Master.”

“This lady… did it… through skill!”

Xia Keke instantly put on a strong and tsundere face when LoL was brought up, but she still stuttered as she wept.

“Alright, alright, it’s through skill. Keke’s League skills are the best.”

“Of course.”

Xia Keke sniffed and looked up. She looked blankly at Ye Zichen’s smiling face, then tipped up on her toes.


A pair of warm and wet lips landed on Ye Zichen’s cheek. When he turned around in shock, he saw Xia Keke giggling as she wiped away her tears.

“This is this lady’s first kiss. We don’t owe each other anything now. No blackmailing me with this in the future.”


Ye Zichen’s heart jumped.

Thinking about the girl’s kiss, Xia Keke can’t have also gotten a marriage string with him, right?

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