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Chapter 27 – Erlang Shen the Shameless

Chapter 27 – Erlang Shen the Shameless

“Grandson, why did you @grandpa so anxiously? Do you need pocket money?”

Since Ye Zichen did not appear for so long, the deities thought that the flame war would not begin, and had prepared to leave.

However, once this message was sent, people were instantly shocked.

Erlang Shen: Little bastard, you finally came. Quickly announce your celestial title.

The hell was a celestial title, how could Ye Zichen have one.

He twitched his mouth and directly sent three contempt emojis.

“The heck use is announcing my celestial title, the stronger person is the boss. State your coordinates, let’s meet face to face.”

The moment Ye Zichen said that, all of the deities watching were shocked.

They thought to themselves, that deity is too amazing, he actually dares to fight face to face with Erlang Shen.

Erlang Shen clearly was stunned as well. He had been famous in the heavenly realm for a long time. Aside from the monkey that dared to fight with him, everyone else would avoid him.

This brat actually dared to meet him face to face.

“Alright, then we’ll meet face to face.”

He wasn’t a war god for nothing. If Erlang Shen was scared of fighting face to face, his reputation would be all gone.


Ye Zichen directly sent the map over. The entire crowd was shocked by the map.

“What is this?”

“Don’t get it.”

“I’ve never seen this, where is this?”

Erlang Shen was also one of the ones that was confused. What are these intersecting lines? He didn’t get it.

“What did you just send?”

“It’s laozi’s address. Come, it’s Bingcheng Polytechnic University.”

“How do you get there?”

“Tsk, this is a secret location. This sovereign only entered through a series of events. You’re asking how I got in here? How would this sovereign know?”

“…” Erlang Shen stayed silent for a moment, then instantly blew up. “You’re messing with me, right?”

“Messing with you? You don’t deserved to get messed with by me. I told you the location already, come if you can, if you can’t then scuttle off to the side to feed your dog.”

“You’re pissing me off, pissing me off…”


A flame war begun.

As the number one flamer in the heavenly realm, he had never lost a single flame war.

Within a split second, Erlang Shen used his insane typing speed, filling the entire screen with his messages. Seeing that, Ye Zichen smiled in disdain.

He casually sent an internet phrase over.

Although Ye Zichen did not have the advantage in quantity, every single thing he said was completely on point.

“You little bastard.”

“You’re a dog-feeder in the Heavenly Court.”

“Don’t get cocky with me, I’ll beat the crap out of you if I meet you.”

“You’re a dog-feeder in the Heavenly Court.”

“You’re pretending to be an idiot now?”

“You’re a dog-feeder in the Heavenly Court.”


“Your little sister got bedded by a mortal.”


“Your older sister also got bedded by a mortal.”


“Your Chang’e doesn’t love you!”


Chang’e: What does this have to do with me.

At the start, Erlang Shen would say ten-odd things before rebutted by Ye Zichen’s one, to him getting rebutted once every time he says something, until the end where Erlang Shen ended up not knowing what to say at all.

Ye Zichen had achieved a complete victory in this flame war.

“Grandson, if you want to fight, then go according to the address. As for flaming… You’re not good enough.”

Ye Zichen sent the message over with a cold smile and three contempt emojis.


Erlang Shen has sent a friend request.


“Grandson, you got business?”

Ye Zichen was still submerged in his pride of his recent victory.

“This celestial friend, I feel like we have a bond. How about we become sworn brothers?”

What the hell?

Sworn brothers.

Ye Zichen looked at the intimacy level behind Erlang Shen.



This retard is just a shameless piece of crap, he actually got happy from being cursed. Then came his reply.


Ye Zichen directly refused, but Erlang Shen sent another message over.

“Brother, we didn’t get to know each other until we flamed. This god has never been matched in the flame circle in the heavenly realm. They say that a master is lonely. It’s true, I am too empty inside. Every time I cause a flame war, it’s to find someone that can defeat me. Today, you finally appeared…”


“Bro, I sincerely want to become sworn brothers with you. You should know as well. In the Heavenly Court, I am this!”

Erlang Shen added a thumb emoji at the end of it.

Number One.

Then what rank did he put the Jade Emperor at?

Ye Zichen thought about it, it doesn’t seem too bad to become sworn brothers with Erlang Shen.

To be honest, he truly was too impulsive when he flamed Erlang Shen in the group chat. If any deity pointed out that they have never seen him, or Erlang Shen was determined to make him say his celestial title, then he would be found out.

If he becomes sworn brothers with Erlang Shen, even if he gets found out, he will just @Erlang Shen.

Erlang Shen definitely can tear the person that pointed it out to shred with his insults.



Erlang Shen wishes to become your sworn brother.



Your intimacy level with Erlang Shen increased by 100. Current intimacy level is Trusted, it is 400 away from Respected.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t think that becoming sworn brothers would increase the intimacy level by 100, this is the first Trusted that he had achieved in the deities’ chat group.

“Bro, I wonder how I should call you?”

“This sovereign’s dharma name is Nameless. You can call me Brother Nameless.”

“Brother Nameless.”

As Erlang Shen addressed him intimately, Ye Zichen also felt the magic of Trusted.

Now, even if the Jade Emperor told Erlang Shen that Ye Zichen wasn’t a deity and he was going to kick Ye Zichen out of the group. This idiot would surely flame the Jade Emperor.

“Brother Nameless, add our family’s Howling Celestial Dog as your friend. If you can’t find me here, it’s the same if you send a message to him.”

Howling Celestial Dog has sent a friend request.


Howling Celestial Dog: Woof, woof, woof…


It truly was a dog.


His phone suddenly rang. When Ye Zichen took a look, he saw that Erlang Shen had actually sent him a red packet.

That Erlang Shen is rather respectful.

Ye Zichen smiled and clicked on the red packet.

You received Erlang Shen’s red packet.

Unbreakable Body x1

Unbreakable Body.

This seems to be the Great Sage’s ability.

“I wasn’t sure of what to give to Brother Nameless. This is a secret scripture that I sent the Howling Celestial Dog to steal from the monkey a while ago. I’ll give it to Brother Nameless.”

That Howling Celestial Dog is quite capable.

It could actually steal the scripture from the monkey bro. It seemed like it had always been the monkey bro stealing from other people.

However, to be honest, Ye Zichen was rather interested in that Seventy-Two Transformations.

“Bro, this Unbreakable Body is the ability of the Monkey King, I can barely use it. I wonder if you can do something about the Seventy-Two Transformations…”

“Brother Nameless, it’s not that I’m petty, the main reason is because this Seventy-Two Transformation is too special…”

“Alright, then never mind.”

Since he couldn’t get it, Ye Zichen wasn’t going to force it. It was good enough for him to get the Unbreakable Body. Thinking about it, this guy already sent him a secret scripture… He looked around.

A book fell into his sight.


Erlang Shen received your red packet.

“This is?”

“Have a read, it’s definitely useful for you. Do you know why you can’t defeat me in a flame war? It’s all thanks to this book.”

“Then I’ll have to be sure and read it properly.”


Your intimacy level with Erlang Shen increased by 50. Current intimacy level is 250, it is 350 away from Respected.


This amount…

Ye Zichen smiled helplessly, then opened the Treasure Chest.

Unbreakable Body!

If he learned this secret scripture, wouldn’t he be impenetrable?

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