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Chapter 26 – The Broken Marriage String

Chapter 26 – The Broken Marriage String

Your affability level with Su Yan has decreased by 40. Current Affability level is 0. The marriage string snapped.

It actually wasn’t Xia Keke’s marriage string showing up.

Ye Zichen was a little disappointed for some unknown reason. This loli was rather good looking and her strange appearance also made people like her alot…


That wasn’t the main point, alright?

Su Yan’s marriage string snapped.

Ye Zichen hurriedly opened his phone’s Treasure Chest. It really was as he expected, there was only a marriage string with Xiao Yumei left.

Su Yan’s marriage string had already disappeared.

Just what exactly happened, why did Su Yan’s affability level with him suddenly decreased to 0?

Could she have seen Xia Keke…

Ye Zichen quickly searched around to find Su Yan. At this moment, on the street opposite the police station…

Su Yan stopped a taxi and got in.

“Su Yan…”

Ye Zichen shouted loudly, but the taxi door had already closed, and it was getting ready to drive away.

“Susu came?” Xia Keke, who didn’t know what happened at all, looked around. “No, I don’t see Susu, you hallucinated, right?”

“I… Su Yan saw you kiss me just now, so her affability level towards me turned to 0.”

“Affability level turned to 0?” Xia Keke was completely confused. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen rubbed his throbbing head, unsure of what to say.

He couldn’t exactly tell her that he had Yue Lao’s marriage string and knew of the affability level between Su Yan and him, right?

“Never mind, let’s go back to school.”


Back at the dorm, Ye Zichen’s roommates were still fighting on Summoner’s Rift. Just after they entered the room, they invited him excitedly, only to be faced with his refusal.

Play games my ass.

The goddess was going to leave me, okay?

He opened the chat with Yue Lao on WeChat, and directly sent a row of angry emojis.

“My celestial friend, what happened?”

“My marriage string with Su Yan snapped. Yue Lao, can you connect us again?”

“Allow me to go and check.”

Not long later, Yue Lao sent another message.

“The marriage string did snap, but it only has the effect of linking you two. It snapping means that it isn’t time yet, being forceful isn’t going to end up well. I can’t exactly…”

“Okay, okay, okay, I get it.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t be more annoyed. However, Yue Lao sent another message over.

“The treasure that celestial friend sent me is nearly gone, I wonder…”



Yue Lao received your red packet.

“Take it to smoke, don’t bother me.”

After sending Yue Lao away, Ye Zichen blanked out on the bed.

He finally got linked with Su Yan with much difficulty, but it snapped so randomly.

The goddess left him, just like that.

At that moment, Ye Zichen’s heart was in shambles.

At the same time, in Su Yan’s room.

Xia Keke skipped into the dorm and saw Su Yan zoning out on the sofa.

“Susu, what are you doing?”

“Keke, you came back,” When Su Yan saw Xia Keke, a flash of light flashed across her eyes.

“Yeah, I had been waiting for Riche Bro at the police station just now. I’m so tired.”

Xia Keke casually kicked away her shoes, then laid down on the bed. After rolling around the bed a bit, she asked.

“Riche Bro said to me that he saw you at the police station. Did you go just now? Why didn’t I see you?”

“Nope,” Su Yan shook her head.

“I was saying, Riche Bro must have had a hallucination,” Xia Keke sat up and stretched, then walked and sat down in front of the computer. “I have to continue to fight. There are so many jobs that I haven’t finished.”

“Keke!” Just at that moment, Su Yan spoke up, but then went silent again.

Xia Keke looked at her in confusion. Su Yan also bit her lips and asked, “What do you think about Ye Zichen?”

“Mhmm,” Xia Keke blinked, then suddenly smiled. “He’s great. I feel very safe with him.”

“Is that so…”

Hearing Xia Keke’s reply, Su Yan’s face suddenly turned pale, while she forced a smile.

Should I explain to Su Yan or not?

Ye Zichen hesitated for a long time after clicking open the chat with Su Yan. However, he didn’t manage to send anything.


Ye Zichen rubbed his temples and frowned on the bed. After countless struggles, he chose to close the chat.

So what if he explained? Explaining was hiding things.

There was a clear red “1” on his contact list.

Ye Zichen clicked on it, the new friend…

Howling Celestial Dog wants to add you as a friend.

Why did this dog add me!?

He ignored this friend request. Yet, just at this moment, his phone vibrated.

Erlang Shen wants to add you as a friend.

What’s this!


Right after he accepted, Ye Zichen received a message on his WeChat.

Erlang Shen: Brat, you’re very cocky. You actually dared to force this god to wait for so long.

Is he retarded?

He accepted the moment the request came through. Wait his ass.

Then he looked at the intimacy level.



At this moment, Erlang Shen sent another message.

“Wow, playing dead, huh? Do you believe that I’ll not tear your home apart with the Howling Celestial Dog?”

This retard is a harlot screaming on the streets!

Ye Zichen thought about the large-scale flame wars that he had seen in the chat before. It seem to be all initiated by Erlang Shen.

If it was before, Ye Zichen would definitely submit to him.

However, the goddess had just left him, so he was in a terrible mood.

“You got business with me?”

“Heh, not playing dead anymore?”

“Just fart out whatever you have to say, stop wasting my time. This god is very busy and have no time to waste with a small fry like you.”

“You’re cocky. Say your celestial title, see if laozi beats the shit out of you or not.”

“Say your ass.”


Ye Zichen directly deleted him.


Erlang Shen wants to add you as a friend.

Who cares.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

Someone @’d you.

Not even a minute later, Ye Zichen saw that Erlang Shen had @ him in the group.

You piece of shit!

Ye Zichen was instantly pissed.

That grandson truly started flaming immediately.

He clicked open the group.

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism, little bastard, you actually dared to delete laozi. Don’t play dead with laozi, say your celestial title!

God of Thunder: Erlang Shen started to flame again.

Mother of Lightning: Watching.

Immortal Peach Goddess: Aiya, I have to watch the garden. I have no time to watch this, what a shame.

Jade Rabbit: Selling white carrots, water carrots and large carrots on the front row.

The entire crowd of deities all arrived just to watch the flame war.

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism, weren’t you very cocky just now? Come, pretend with laozi. Why didn’t you submit? I’m telling you to say your celestial title, stop playing dead

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism.

Erlang Shen: @Only Idealism.

In an instant, the entire screen was filled with messages from Erlang Shen @ Ye Zichen.


Erlang Shen was forcing him.

He had become famous in the celestial realm for a long time, even the Victorious Fighting Buddha, the Monkey King, was only equal to him in a fight. He was truly undefeatable in terms of fighting prowess.


In terms of flaming…

I am a capable young man that has experienced twenty something years of nurture by the country, and watched over several tens of thousands of videos. How could I back down?

I might as well go forcefully instead of submitting.

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