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Chapter 29 – Meeting Xiao Yumei by chance

Chapter 29 – Meeting Xiao Yumei by chance

Since Su Yiyun drove a two-seated car there, he couldn’t very well bring three people back.

Thus, he just immediately called another car over.

Inside the car, Ye Rong continuously asked about Ye Zichen’s school, while Su Yiyun laughed in reply.

“Auntie, Ye-zi is amazing now, he doesn’t have very much, just several million. Prepare to enjoy your life.”

“Where in the world did you get so much money?” Ye Rong was momentarily stunned, then she asked. “Zichen, you couldn’t have gotten into bad business, right?”

“How could that be…”

Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun couldn’t help but laugh.


The phone in Ye Zichen’s pocket rang. The one who had called was Xiao Hai.

If Ye Zichen still had a bit of good feeling towards Xiao Hai, it was completely gone.

Hang up.

Not much later, Su Yiyun’s phone rang.

“Ye-zi, I feel like it’s for you.”

Su Yiyun handed the phone over to Ye Zichen, who merely snorted and laughed.

“I’m not answering.”

“Just answer it, although the brat Huang Ming isn’t quite right when he does stuff, Hai-ge is still rather nice. Just do it for me, otherwise, it’s rather difficult for me to be stuck in the middle.”

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh, then put the phone beside his ear.

“Lil’ Ye, it’s Hai-ge.”


There was an indescribable coldness in Ye Zichen’s tone. Hearing that, Xiao Hai also paused for a moment, before continuing.

“Huang Ming told me the situation. I’m so sorry for shocking auntie.”

“Hai-ge, don’t you think that apologizing right now is far too late?” Ye Zichen sneered. “Back when Huang Ming and the developers forcefully deconstructed the building, why didn’t they think about what might happen. It was all thanks to my mom being lucky this time. If my mom had truly been in the house, could you take the responsibility?”

“Even if I ignore that, and the person inside wasn’t my mom, and was another villager, would you guys apologize sincerely like this?”

“Lil’ Ye, Huang Ming was indeed wrong when he did this. We will compensate you.”

“Compensate? What can you compensate? Money? Do you think I need your compensation? You just need to give me the original amount of money that was supposed to be paid for our moving. Then we won’t owe each other anything.”

Ye Zichen drew his line. Hearing that, Xiao Hai sighed, and smiled.

“Alright, Hai-ge understands. Hand the phone to Lil’ Yun, I have a few words to say to him.”

“For you.”

Ye Zichen chucked the phone into Su Yiyun’s hands. Su Yiyun let out a soft sigh as he put the phone beside his ear.

“Lil’ Yun, help me talk to Lil’ Ye properly.”

“I’ll try my best,” Su Yiyun glanced at Ye Zichen, who was clearly still enraged. “But I won’t promise you anything.”

“I’ll be troubling you then.”

After hanging up, Su Yiyun turned around. Ye Zichen directly lifted his hand.

“Don’t try to be the middle man, I’m not that easy to talk to.”

“Who do you think I am!?” Su Yiyun rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Aren’t I putting myself at gunpoint just trying to talk to you about it when you’re still angry!? I just wanted to ask where you wanted Auntie to stay. If she doesn’t have anywhere right now, how about you letting Auntie to just put up with one of my mansions with no one living in it right now?”

“No need, find a hotel for my mom to get a room in later. I’ll go and buy her a mansion in the afternoon.”

“Oh yeah, I forget that you’re filthy rich now.”

“You brat…”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but chuckle.

After helping Ye Rong settle down, Ye Zichen went straight over to a real estate agency nearby.

The moment he entered, a real estate agent walked enthusiastically to his side.

“Sir, do you want to look at some houses?”

To be honest, Ye Zichen was rather shocked.

In novels, this would be the part where he gets ignored, after which, he would face slap them. However, that was only in novels, the sales lady was still rather professional here.

“I want to look at mansions!”

“…” The real estate agent clearly spaced out for a moment, she subconsciously checked Ye Zichen out. Although she was shocked, she still led the way with a smile.

The mansion area wasn’t together with the normal apartments

Right after the real estate agent led Ye Zichen into the mansion area, Ye Zichen heard a helpless call.

“Tiantian, don’t ran away, be obedient and stay by Mommy’s side.”


Ye Zichen looked over at the source of the voice and saw Tiantian run over to him with a smile, and hugged his leg.



Xiao Yumei also was at a loss. She look at Ye Zichen, who picked TIantian up, in shock, while a hint of redness flashed across her beautiful face.

The real estate agent also was dazed, she didn’t think that this young man would actually be Director Xiao’s husband.

It was fortunate that she didn’t offend him just now, otherwise, she would be in deep trouble.

“Sir, if you know Director Xiao, then I’ll leave first. You can call me any time if you have any needs.”

The real estate agent very understandingly moved to the side. Ye Zichen also picked Tiantian up and walked towards Xiao Yumei.

“Mei-jie, you’re here as well.”

“Mhmm,” It was unknown why Xiao Yumei was sort of avoiding his gaze. Ye Zichen saw all that, but he didn’t think too much about it even though he was a bit confused.



After staying silent for a while, both of them spoke up together once more.

They looked at each other and smiled. Then, Xiao Yumei spoke.

“You first.”

“Mei-jie, you came here to buy a mansion?”

After asking that, Ye Zichen felt like he had asked a really retarded question, what else could she be doing if she didn’t come here to buy a mansion, could she be coming here to chat up young male real estate agents?

Xiao Yumei couldn’t help but smile as well. She nodded and replied, “I came to buy a mansion, but it was for you. It looks like you have plans to buy a mansion as well?”

“For me?” Ye Zichen momentarily blanked out. At this moment, Lil’ Tiantian, who was in his arms insisted on getting down.

After Ye Zichen placed Lil’ Tiantian onto the floor, she started running around the hall again.

“Tiantian, don’t run away.”

“Director Xiao, we’ll take care of Tiantian’s safety,” the real estate agent smiled. At the same time, Ye Zichen also spoke up, “What were you giving me a mansion for?”

“Didn’t you help me deal with the jewelry shop’s danger last time? I didn’t know how to thank you, so I wanted to give you a mansion. Even if you don’t want live in it, you can treat it as a fixed asset.”

“Actually, I really don’t need…”



Before Ye Zichen finished, a clear slap sounded out in the hall, then the sound of Lil’ Tiantian’s cry immediately followed.


Xiao Yumei was worried and immediately ran over towards TIantian. At the same time, Ye Zichen followed right after her.

There was a clear hand mark on Tiantian’s cheek. The real estate agent stood helplessly on the side, unsure of what to do.

There was a woman standing opposite her. The woman was dressed flirtatiously as she cursed impatiently.

“Whose child is running around here? Why isn’t the adult controlling her? It’s so unlucky that my newly bought dress was dirtied.”


Right when the woman complained, Xiao Yumei walked in front of Tiantian and picked up her.

“How much does your dress cost? I’ll compensate you!”

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