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Chapter 30 – Mighty

Chapter 30 – Mighty

“This is a new dress from the Paris Fashion Week. A hundred and thirty thousand!”

The woman raised her chin with a hint of pride in her eyes.

“A hundred and thirty thousand. Alright, I’ll pay you.”

Xiao Yumei took out a card from her purse without any hesitation and threw it at the woman’s face.

“There’s two hundred thousand on the card, no need for change!”

“Is this the attitude of you apologizing?” The woman frowned and screamed at Xiao Yumei.

“Do you really think that I’m apologizing to you here?” Xiao Yumei suddenly smiled. She twitched her mouth and looked at the woman, then said coldly. “This is only my compensation for the trouble my child has caused. Now that we have already compensated you for your dress, it’s time for me to talk about your compensation for hitting my child.”

When Xiao Yumei took out two hundred thousand without any hesitation, the people in the hall all knew that this wasn’t going to end well for the loud woman.

As expected, now she was going to deal with you.

Lil’ Tiantian, who was in her arms, was still in deep pain. As everyone in the hall heard the heart-tearing cries of the child, they all felt pity for her.

Xiao Yumei also patted Lil’ Tiantian’s head with pain in her heart.

“Nice, Tiantian, don’t cry, Mommy will get revenge for you.”

As she comforted Tiantian’s emotions, Xiao Yumei looked over towards the woman and smiled coldly.

“Fifty million, that’s it.”

“You went insane for money, right!” The woman screamed out.

“If you don’t have fifty million, then I want the hand that you hit Tiantian with just now.”

It was impossible to imagine what it felt like for such a beautiful woman like Xiao Yumei to say something like that to another human being.

Ye Zichen also watched the scene in shock. Mei-jie was not someone so impulsive from what he remembered.

However, when he thought about Tiantian’s situation, Ye Zichen quickly understood.

Tiantian was her scale, she would fight anyone who dared to hurt Tiantian, with her life on the line.


Before the woman spoke, Xiao Yumei already started to make a call.

“Hu-ge, right? Yes, this is Xiao Yumei, I want you to help me deal with a person. Five million. I want one of her hands. Yes, I’m at Wansheng Real Estate’s sales center, just send someone over.”

The woman who had hit Tiantian, never thought that Xiao Yumei was actually serious.

She reached out to grab Xiao Yumei’s phone, only to get stopped by Ye Zichen.

“Be quiet.”

When Lil’ Tiantian saw Ye Zichen, she slowly stopped crying and muttered while rubbing her nose.


“Good Tiantian, don’t cry.”

Ye Zichen’s face was full of a warm smile as he rubbed Tiantian’s cheeks.

It was as if his voice was filled with magic, causing Lil’ Tiantian to really stop crying.


Xiao Yumei’s eyes were still filled with worry as the hand mark on Tiantian’s cheeks was still completely visible.

From this, they were able to tell just how much strength the woman had placed into the slap.

“You are committing a crime here. I’m going to call the police.”

“So what if it’s a crime?” Xiao Yumei suddenly laughed coldly. “From the moment, you slapped Tiantian, you were sentenced to death in my heart. One of your hands is just the interest. Don’t doubt that I have ten million ways to make you silently disappear from this world.”

“What’s going on here?”

A roar sounded out from outside the mansion sales area as a man walked in with a frown.

The man looked very normal, but it was unknown why everyone would subconsciously establish confidence about him when they saw him.

The woman, who was terrified of Xiao Yumei, quickly ran towards the man the moment he appeared.

“Wen-ge, you finally came. If you had come any later, you might not be able to see me.”

As the woman spoke out her troubles in tears, Ye Zichen noticed that Xiao Yumei’s face instantly turned pale when the man appeared.

“Hao Wen.”

“Yumei?” Hao Wen momentarily blanked out, then quickly walked towards Xiao Yumei. “Yumei, how have you been all these years?”

“Stop pretending here.”

Xiao Yumei suddenly laughed, while a distant feeling that caused people to be unable to approach her appeared in her eyes.

“We aren’t familiar with each other, please stay away from me.”

“No matter what, we were once husband and wife, is there a need to go to this extreme?”


The entire hall of people instantly exclaimed. They never would have thought that these two people in front of them had such a relationship.

“Being with you once was due to me being blind.”

At this moment, a group of muscular men wearing black vests walked in. The one in the lead was a bald man wearing a thick golden necklace and a vest with a tiger printed on it.

“Director Xiao.”

“Hu-ge, you came.”

“He, I will go in person for all large-scale businesses. Say it, who’s hand do you want?”

Hu-ge touched his bald head, while his eyes shone with murderous light.


Xiao Yumei’s gaze instantly turned cold, as she pointed towards the woman beside Hao Wen.

“Capture her…”


The girl yelled. Hao Wen’s eyes twitched as he looked at Xiao Yumei questioningly.

“What are you doing!?”

“Not much, she hit Tiantian. I’m going to make her pay. Oh, yeah, it’s fine if you pay for her as well. Five million!”

“Director Xiao, it isn’t quite right for I, Tiger, right? You are asking for five million in one go and only give Tiger five hundred thousand…”

The bald Hu-ge touched his head. Xiao Yumei also chuckled.

“Hu-ge, I, Xiao Yumei am not that sort of stingy person. He might not even pay. If he really does, then how about I double it for Hu-ge?”

“Director Xiao is generous!”

Hu-ge raised his thumb towards Xiao Yumei, then spoke to his subordinates.

“What are you guys blanking out for? Control her. With Director’s Xiao’s word, chop this woman’s hand off.”

“Xiao Yumei!”

“Stop wasting my breath, either pay, or I’ll take one of her hands.”

Xiao Yumei’s eyes were filled with a madness. When Hao Wen saw her gaze, his heart froze for some reason.

He did not doubt the truth in Xiao Yumei’s words at all.

She really could do anything for Tiantian.

“Alright, I’ll pay! Let Han Jing go!”

Hao Wen took out a cheque from his pocket, wrote down five million and handed it to Xiao Yumei.

Ye Zichen could clearly see that her hand shuddered intensely when she saw him take out the cheque.

“Alright, thank you, Director Hao. Hu-ge, let her go.”

“Let her go.”

Hu-ge kicked his underling, causing the underling to let go of Han Jing.

“Let’s go.”

When Hao Wen left the mansion area with Han Jing, Hu-ge laughed loudly.

“Director is truly a big boss, earning five million just like that. It’s so much quicker than us, who just know how to fight, and it’s also a lot safer!”

“Hu-ge is funny. I will wire a million to your account tonight.”

“That’s fine, that’s fine.”

Thus, Hu-ge left the sales center with his underlings. Only when they left did everyone in the sales center let out a sigh of relief.

It was fortunate that no blood had been shed.


When those that should leave had left, Ye Zichen walked beside Xiao Yumei.

When he got closer, Ye Zichen saw a faint trace of tears in Xiao Yumei’s eyes.

She grasped the cheque worth five million tightly with her right hand, then…


She ripped the cheque and threw it onto the floor. Everyone in the hall looked at the scene in shock.

Five million.

She ripped it just like that.

Other people could not understand Xiao Yumei, but Ye Zichen can.

“Zichen, can you hug me?”

Ye Zichen nodded with a smile, and pulled Xiao Yumei into his arms.

The next moment…

She started crying unrestrainedly.

That’s right!

No matter how mighty Xiao Yumei was.

There was somethings that couldn’t be changed…

She was a woman…

A woman that also needed a man to lean on.

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