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Chapter 3 – Old Lord Taishang’s Great Recovery Pill

Chapter 3 – Old Lord Taishang’s Great Recovery Pill

Latte Business Club.

Ye Zichen and co. sat in a middle-sized room. The expensive cost of this place was not something that students like them could normally afford. Even though Kang Peng and co. are already trying to save money, the table of food still cost more than fifty thousand.

“I wonder where Ol’ Three went, he isn’t answering my call either. That brat…”

Kang Peng shook his head with a sigh. Ol’ Three was called Su Yiyun. He was a rich second-generation, and was the most dissolute person in the dorm.

The main reason was that he had a good dad. Every day, he would just skip class and hang out outside. Although he was a rich second-generation, his relationship with the others in the dorm was okay, since he didn’t have that sort of normal young master temper.

His only flaw was that he was stingy.

Meanwhile, it could be said that Ye Zichen completely ignored everything around him and merely thought about snatching red packets.

You couldn’t help but to say that the speed of people snatching up the various red packets in this deity group was really quick. Quite a few deities had given out red packets already, but he didn’t manage to get anything at all.

Especially when the fairy maiden that managed the Heavenly Peach Garden gave out red packets. The red packets were the celestial peaches from the Heavenly Peach Garden.

Ye Zichen was too slow, so he didn’t get it, causing him to feel silently regretful.

Just at this moment, Old Lord Taishang, suddenly spoke up in the group.

Old Lord Taishang: My celestial friends, how are you doing?

There was no reply.

Old Lord Taishang: Cough, cough. I saw you guys chatting quite energetically earlier, why did you all start lurking when I appeared?

Monkey King: I, Old Sun, is here, which one of them dares to speak to you? I’m telling you geezer, Old Sun remembers all about you trying to refine Old Sun!

Old Lord Taishang: Insolent monkey, you are actually still bearing a grudge after so long?

Erlang Shen: Just ignore that damn monkey.

Monkey King: My son, did your dog starve to death yet?

All of a sudden, a flaming contest between deities appeared once again. Upon seeing that, Ye Zichen chuckled.

“Fifth Bro, what are you doing?” Zhu Yunbai went over, ever since they had arrived in the room, Ye Zichen had been playing around with his phone.

“C’mon, Ol’ Five, since we came to play, can’t you stop messing around with your crappy phone?”

“The hell do you guys know, laozi is snatching red packets.”

All of his roommates let out sounds of contempt. My god, he already used several tens of thousands, yet he was still snatching red packets.


Just as the Monkey King and Erlang Shen were flaming each other, a huge red packet suddenly appeared in the group.

The person that had sent it was Old Lord Taishang.

Ye Zichen saw it and quickly reacted, immediately snatching it up.

Great Recovery Pill x1

Erlang Shen: Damn, laozi didn’t get it again.

Monkey King: My son, it’s karma.

Just who was the Monkey King? He was an existence that could create several tens of thousands of monkeys by blowing on a few hairs that he plucked off his body. While he was flaming Erlang Shen, several tens of thousands of monkeys could have been holding phones in order to snatch up red packets.

These two people had held grudges for several thousand years, both of them were war gods of the celestial realm, so nobody dared to stop them.

Ye Zichen didn’t have the time to watch the two of them flame each other. He clicked open the Treasure Chest and saw a black pill lying there.

Great Recovery Pill – Old Lord Taishang refined it for fun when he had nothing to do.

“Tsk, Old Lord Taishang is too petty.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, but when he saw the effects, he instantly was astonished.

Effect: Can save someone from the brink of death.

Deities were truly amazing, even something that they refined for fun could save a person’s life.

What’s the most important thing in a person’s life? It’s not money, not power, it was their life!

Without your life, what the hell can you do with money and power.

Had you never heard of those words, the greatest depression in life was that you died without spending all your money.

“Ol’ Five, stop f*cking snatching it, come and drink a bit with us bros,” Kang Peng also walked over with his wine glass. Thinking that he had gotten enough rewards for the day, and the fact that he came here to play with his brothers, he put his phone away and started drinking cheerfully with his roommates.

After drinking three rounds, they were unable to hold the water in any longer, so they walked towards the toilet together.

“Why are you guys here?”

Ye Zichen and co. saw the Ol’ Three in the dorm, Su Yiyun, letting out some water just after they had entered the toilet.

“F*cking hell, laozi was looking for you, and yet you are f*cking hiding here. Are you afraid of us making you pay?”

Kang Peng wrapped his arm around Su Yiyun’s neck, while everyone else also smiled evilly.

Su Yiyun scratched his head rather awkwardly. To be truthful, it really was like that.

“Tsk, I’m telling you, we aren’t going to screw you over, from now on, we have Fifth Bro,” Zhu Yunbai scoffed, just as Su Yiyun was getting curious about why they had came here.

Hearing Ol’ Six’s words, Su Yiyun exclaimed.

“Ol’ Five, what happened, did you win a lottery?”

“Something like that.”

Ye Zichen answered ambiguously.

“Good brat, I never would have thought that you were an amazing person after you cheated food and drinks from us for so long.”

After chatting a bit more, Su Yiyun looked at the time and said.

“Alright, bros, just go and play, I came here with my dad to host some people, I still have to go back to accompany them, so I’ll leave first.”

“See ya.”

Everyone chuckled softly. Just at that moment, a figure frantically ran over from outside the toilet door.

He spoke a few words beside Su Yiyun’s ear, causing Su Yiyun’s expression to immediately change. He quickly left them behind with that person, causing Ye Zichen and co. to raise their eyebrows.

“Ol’ Three ran into some trouble, right?”

“How about we go and have a look?”

“Let’s not, he’s hosting, what would it be like if we went over?”

“But something seems to have happened over at Third Bro’s place.”

“Ol’ Five, what do you think?”

Everyone set their gazes on Ye Zichen. At this moment, he became everyone’s decision maker.

“Go and have a look.”

“Did you bring Commissioner Liu’s cardiac medications?”

The room was in a complete mess, with the man sitting in the very middle showing the face of suffering.


“Then call the ambulance quickly.”

At that moment, Ye Zichen and co. also appeared in the room. Seeing that, a man, who looked pretty much identity to Si Yiyun, asked with a frown.

“Who are you?”

“Dad, these are my classmates.”

Su Yiyun was also completely confused, he quickly walked over to Ye Zichen and co.’s side and said with his eyebrows raised.

“Why did you guys show up?”

“I felt like you ran into trouble just now, so we came to have a look.” Kang Peng frowned, then said while raising his eyebrows towards the man on the sofa, “What’s the situation?”

“Commissioner Liu had a heart attack, but we didn’t bring any medication. We were just about to call the ambulance. Don’t stay here, if something really happens, that’ll drag you guys into it.”

Su Yiyun pushed them out towards the door forcefully. At the same time, Ye Zichen’s expression moved slightly as he touched his phone in his pocket.

Seeing that the person on the sofa was more or less dead, Ye Zichen thought to himself, it should be fine if I use the Great Recovery Pill, right?

He quietly moved off to the side, then clicked on Treasure Chest in his WeChat.

The Great Recovery pill was still lying calmly in the Treasure Chest. Ye Zichen had already wanted to use this Great Recovery Pill to save a life, but when he was truly about to withdraw it, he hesitated.

This was just something could only be gotten by chance, if he sold it, wouldn’t he be able to get an astronomical amount for it?

“Damn, something’s going to happen to my bro, and I’m still thinking about money…”

He clenched his teeth.

Withdraw Great Recovery Pill x1.


An exquisite jade bottle appeared in Ye Zichen’s hands.

F*ck, it really got withdrawn.

When he opened the bottle, the faint smell of the pill rushed into his nostrils. However, with but a smell of the aroma, Ye Zichen already felt like he was really refreshed.

This product of Old Lord Taishang was truly exceptional.

Ye Zichen held the jade bottle in his hands and ran over quickly.

“Wait a moment, I can save Commissioner Liu’s life.”

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