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Chapter 4 – My Occupation is a Vet

Chapter 4 – My Occupation is a Vet

Not only were the people from the dorm were amazed, even the people in the room blanked out.

“Ye-zi, this isn’t a place for you to just say random things.”

Su Yiyun lowered his face and warned Ye Zichen in his ear. He knew that Ye Zichen did study medicine, but it was veterinary medicine.

“If I say that I can save him, then I can. Don’t you trust me?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. Commissioner Liu is the police ommissioner of the city’s police department, your entire life will be screwed if you just arbitrarily blurt things out.”

Don’t just think that Su Yiyun was only stingy and unruly, he was truly good to his brothers at the dorm.

“Believe me, I really can save him.”

Ye Zichen patted Su Yiyun’s shoulders and walked towards the middle of the room, stopping right in front of Commissioner Liu, who was on the brink of death.

Everyone in the room was in a state of unease, because all of them would get dragged into it if anything happened to Commissioner Liu here.

The General Manager of Latte, who was covered in sweat, also stood in the room while being unsure of what to do. Ye Zichen reached out his hand to lift Commissioner Liu’s eyelid briefly. Seeing that, the policeman beside him immediately grabbed his hand.

“Who are you?”

“If you don’t want your Commissioner Liu to die, then stop it and stand on the side!”

Ye Zichen roared, shocking the policeman with his imposing vigor, and causing him to not be able to utter a single word.

“Great Recovery Pill, it’s all on you now.”

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and poured the Great Recovery Pill out of the jade bottle. The moment that the pill came out, the fresh scent of the pill diffused through the room.

“Find a way to make your Commissioner Liu swallow it!”

Ye Zichen yelled at the policeman beside him. That policeman frowned then immediately interrogated him.

“What the hell is this? Is Commissioner Liu someone who you can try your medicine on?”

“Then what can you do, it was a sudden heart attack. By the time the ambulance gets here, you’ll have to go to the funeral parlor to show your loyalties towards your Commissioner.”

Ye Zichen’s words were terrible to the extreme, because this puny policeman had stopped him over and over again, making him very unhappy.

Damn, laozi is reluctant to use Old Lord Taishang’s heavenly pill!

“What do you think you are saying!?”

The policeman immediately stepped up to slap him. However, Su Yiyun’s father Su Qilong grabbed hold of the policeman’s arm.

“Office Zhang, what this child says is the truth, you might as well let him try.”

“Try?” Officer Zhang snorted, “He said he can save Commissioner Liu’s life after taking out a crappy pill, who knows if he has any ill intentions.”

“He is my classmate, be more respectful when you speak.” Su Yiyun also became annoyed, although he didn’t know what Ye Zichen was planning, he did trust Ye Zichen’s personality.

“Little fellow, how certain are you?” Su Qilong also asked with a worried expression. He already felt the extraordinariness of the pill the moment it appeared.

“A hundred percent,” Ye Zichen said with certainty.

“A hundred percent, I cannot possibly let Commissioner Liu take this sort of risk,” Officer Zhang laughed coldly once again.

“I think you are the one to have ill intentions, right?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and said, “You say that you don’t want Commissioner Liu to take the risk, but is his situation not dangerous right now? You have been continuously wasting time with us, could it be that you want to use this chance to get promoted? It’s true that Commissioner Liu probably brought you over in this sort of situation because you are pretty close to him, but at the same time, you are also his direct subordinate. If anything really happens to Commissioner Liu, then wouldn’t you get promoted?”

Ye Zichen’s words were deadly, and this accusation caused Officer Zhang’s face to turn green.

He roared at Ye Zichen, saying that he was making a baseless accusation, but Ye Zichen merely responded with a cold laugh, “Stop f*cking bullshitting here, laozi needs to save him! Third Bro, control this Officer Zhang.”


Su Yiyun immediately wrapped his arms around Officer Zhang, while Ye Zichen put the pill into Commissioner Liu’s mouth.

Then, he took a cup of water from the tea table and directly helped the pill to go down Commissioner Liu’s throat.

“What you’re doing is murder!”

Officer Zhang swore with anxiousness and anger, while Su Qilongn said with squinted eyes.

“I’ll take responsibility if anything happens.”

“Can you take responsibility?!” Officer Zhang shouted at the room. Everyone in the room became extremely worried, Ye Zichen’s earlier actions had tied everyone down onto the same line.

After a minute.

Cough, cough.

Commissioner Liu, who was on the sofa, suddenly coughed intensely and opened his eyes. Seeing that, everyone in the room let out a long sigh of relief. Commissioner Liu also muttered and patted his chest, “I barely escaped from the jaws of death again.”

“Commissioner Liu, you’re alright!”

Officer Zhang escaped from Su Yiyun’s restraint and ran over. Commissioner Liu laughed out loud and replied, “Haha, I live.”

The moment he finished, he touched his chest and felt that it was warm.

“Who saved me?”

“It’s him,” Su Yiyun pointed at Ye Zichen and smiled lightly. His brother had actually saved Commissioner Liu.

“Oh, it’s actually this young man?” Commissioner Liu stood up from the sofa and nodded. “You’re a doctor?”

“Mhmm, a vet.”

“A vet!” Commissioner Liu momentarily blanked. As Ye Zichen was afraid of him misunderstanding, he immediately explained, “I didn’t save you using any medical knowledge, I relied on a Great Recovery Pill.”

“Great Recovery Pill, interesting.”

Commissioner Liu shook his head and looked meaningfully at Ye Zichen, before taking out a name card from his pocket to hand to him.

“Old bro owes you a life. This is my private number. Great Recovery Pill sounds like something rather important, but old bro doesn’t have much to give to you. If you need anything in the future, then call this number, old bro will try his best to help you.”

“Thank you, Commissioner Liu.”

“What Commissioner Liu, I’m just a few years older than you. If you don’t mind, then call me Liu-ge.”


“Haha, good.”

Commissioner Liu laughed loudly, then looked towards Su Qilong, who was standing on the side.

“Old Su, you’ve seen how my body is. Let’s hang out next time.”


When Commissioner Liu and Officer Zhang left, Su Qilong looked at the young men in the room and smiled.

“I won’t get in the way of you young people, go and enjoy, I’ll go back first. Oh yeah, I wonder what you are called?”

“Uncle Su, I’m called Ye Zichen.”

“Ye Zichen, good name. Yiyun, thank your classmate properly.


Su Qilong looked at Ye Zichen with a significant gaze, then left the room.

The moment he left, everyone else in the room surrounded Ye Zichen.

“Ye-zi, what miraculous medicine was that? It was actually so great!”

“Ye-zi, you can’t have heart disease and just gave Commissioner Liu an Instant Cardio-Reliever Pill[1], right?”

Everyone laughed as they smoked, while Su Yiyun held a glass of red wine and walked in front of Ye Zichen.

“Ye-zi, thank you.”

Then he drank the entire glass of red wine. Ye Zichen patted his shoulders and said.

“We’re all brothers, no need to treat me in such a foreign manner!”

“True that,” Su Yiyun chuckled, then called the waiter over and ordered a bunch of famous wines. “Tonight, we’re not going back till we’re drunk.”

[1] Instant Cardio Reliever Pill is a Chinese pill that works by increasing blood flow to reduce heart pain

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