Red Packet Server

Chapter 6 – Giving a private packet to Great Sage Sun

Chapter 6 – Giving a private packet to Great Sage Sun

Su Yiyun saw Ye Zichen’s strange reaction.

Thus, he parked the car by the side of the road and asked with raised eyebrows.

“What happened?”

“Nothing, just drive.”

Ye Zichen waved his hand towards him, but his eyes continued to stare at the friend request on the screen, while he was unsure of what to do.

He had a pretty much had a good understanding of this group, they were definitely a group of deities.

It was already a bug that a mere mortal like him had gotten in. Does the Monkey King suddenly adding him as a friend mean that his good days were coming to an end?

F*ck, if it’s something good, then it isn’t trouble; if it’s trouble, then it can’t be avoided.

Ye Zichen clenched his teeth and chose to accept it.


Just after accepting the friend request, the Monkey King sent a message over.

“I, Old Sun, have been paying attention to you for quite a while. You snatch red packets everyday without saying anything. What, are you afraid of them making you send red packets?”

He even added four smirk emojis behind it.

Ye Zichen’s heart jumped as he looked at the words.

If he didn’t reply in a satisfying way, then it might be over for him!

Just as he was hesitating about how to reply, the Monkey King sent another message over.

“Hehe, I, Old Sun, am not someone that would do something that would take a loss. You just got the secret scripture for my Fiery Eyes of Truth. Although you definitely won’t successfully learn it, you should clearly know that I, Old Sun, relies on this to be like a fish with water in the Heavenly Court. Shouldn’t you show some goodwill?”

After this, he showed two smirk emojis again.

Some goodwill!

Does it mean that Great Sage Sun found him to get a private packet?

Ye Zichen felt rather helpless. He didn’t know what he should send at all. He can’t exactly send a hundred kuai to Great Sage Sun.

Great Sage Sun wouldn’t be able to use it!


Intimacy Mode activated.

Intimacy Levels: Cold, Friendly, Trusted, Respect, Worship.

Monkey King’s current intimacy level: Friendly.

Ye Zichen saw that there was “Intimacy Level: Friendly (100)” behind the Monkey King’s name on their chat. He was 100 from Trusted.

What the hell was this intimacy level?

However, judging from the way the Monkey King was talking to him, it was friendly, so it means that it probably wouldn’t be found out.

The most important thing right now was how he was supposed to send a private red packet to the Monkey King!

“Are you pretending to be AFK with I, Old Sun? Fine, Old Sun will @ you in the group.”

Ye Zichen definitely knew about Great Sage Sun’s bad temper, due to watching Journey to the West since he was young. If he doesn’t satisfy this monkey, this “Friendly” might become “Cold”.

He definitely had to calm him down right now.

“Great Sage Sun, wait a moment, this little deity will immediately send it to you.”

“That’s more like it, hurry up!”

The Monkey King pretty much replied instantaneously with three sunglasses emoji behind it.

Ye Zichen clicked on “send red packet” with the mindset of just trying.


It was different from him normally sending red packets, after clicking on it, the screen immediately showed a square like the one used to scan QR codes.


Ye Zichen slapped his thigh with force. F*ck, after thinking about it for so long, it’s actually like this.

There wasn’t anything he could really send to Great Sage Sun at the moment. Judging from Great Sage Sun’s personality, Ye Zichen thought that he probably likes some nice things to eat or fun things to play with.

“Stop at the store in front of us.”

“What is it?”

Su Yiyun was completely confused. Ye Zichen had been weird even since he got in the car. Su Yiyun really would have been freaked out by Ye Zichen’s sudden actions if his mentality wasn’t that good.

“I want to buy a bit of stuff to eat.”

Not long later, Su Yiyun parked the car in front of the store. Ye Zichen hurriedly ran inside, then ran out again a short time later.

When he came out, he held a row of Wahaha Calcium Milk.

“What did you buy this for?”

Su Yiyun asked with a surprised expression the moment Ye Zichen got on the car.

“Don’t mind me.”

At this moment, the Monkey King’s temper rose again. In just three minutes time, there were ten-odd messages all hurrying Ye Zichen to send to the red packet.

He clicked on “send red packet”, and the scanner appeared once again.

“Buddha, bless me, this has to succeed.”

Scanning. Successfully recognized.


A pure red packet immediately appeared on the screen.

Haha, it really worked!

The Monkey King received your red packet.

“What is this?”

Seeing that the product arrived, Ye Zichen swallowed. That is so f*cking amazing, it really could send it over.

However, the most important thing right now was to explain to Great Sage Sun about how Wahaha should be drunk.

Using approximately three minutes time, Ye Zichen explained about how Wahaha should be drunk. To which, the Monkey King replied “I’ll give it a shot”, then disappeared.


“Daoist friend, what kind of treasure is this?”

As Ye Zichen looked at what the Monkey King asked, the corner of his mouth slowly lifted.

He had truly judged correctly, this Monkey King really likes this sort of stuff.

“This is something that this little deity found from a certain secret place.”

“Do you have anymore, send Old Sun a bit more.”

“Treasures are naturally rare. The ones sent to Great Sage was all that this little deity had left.”

“Tsk, petty.”

The Monkey King added three contempt emojis behind it, clearly showing that he didn’t believe what Ye Zichen said.

“Alright, Old Sun is going to leave some to drink. Old Sun is very satisfied about your red packet, so Old Sun won’t @ you in the group.”

“Thank you, Great Sage.”


Monkey King’s intimacy level with you has increased by 30, you still require 70 to reach Trusted.

Although Ye Zichen didn’t know what exactly intimacy level was used for, but it looked like a high intimacy level was definitely useful.

This encounter with the Monkey King allowed Ye Zichen to learn how to send private red packets, so it seemed like his life in the WeChat group would be even more interesting in the future.

Of course, the most important thing was the secret scripture for the Fiery Eyes of Truth.

Treasure Chest, withdraw.

Do you want to learn the secret scripture – Fiery Eyes of Truth?


A light flashed in front of his eyes, then immediately afterwards, Ye Zichen felt that his eyes were much more clear. However, there didn’t seem to be anything else that was special.

He turned towards Su Yiyun and looked.


Flowered boxers.

No no.

Why can he see the boxers he was wearing.

Ye Zichen quickly opened his eyes and clenched his first. Damn, this Fiery Eyes of Truth is really amazing!

If he can use it on the school beauty, Su Yan…

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen had a lecherous look on his face.

The place Su Yiyun brought Ye Zichen to was an antique street. This street would sell antiques all year long, but most of them were fakes.

“What did you bring me here for, I can’t afford anything!”

“What do you mean you can’t afford it, these are all counterfeits, if you like something, then I’ll give you an entire truck of them.”

Su Yiyun replied indifferently. Hearing that, Ye Zichen momentarily blanked.


When he glanced over these antiques with his Fiery Eyes of Truth, he was unable to tell if they were real or fake due to never seeing the difference between them before.

“Look around here for a moment, I’m going to get a friend. I’ll introduce you later.”

“Sure, go.”

After Su Yiyun left, Ye Zichen started wandering around on the antique street.

Since Su Yiyun had told him that these were all fakes, he merely looked around from an appreciation angle.

“Boss, have a look to see how much this vase can sell for?”

A foreign accent caught Ye Zichen’s attention. To be more precise, it was the vase in his hands.

This vase was different from the other products on the antique street. There was a faint purple aura surrounding it.

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