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Chapter 7 – The painting in the vase

Chapter 7 – The painting in the vase

The person that brought the blue and white porcelain vase over was a suspicious looking young man, he didn’t look like anyone proper.

On the other hand, the pawn shop owner looked rather kind with a beard in the shape of “八”.

Hearing the young man’s question, the owner walked over and took the blue and white porcelain in his hands, then carefully examined it with a magnifying glass.

The blue and white porcelain was about a meter tall. When it appeared, many people came over to watch, but those that were more experienced quickly shook their heads and left.

It was clear that it was a fake.

The pawn shop owner was naturally someone who could tell. After looking at it a little and noticing that it was a fake, he lost interest.

“Shop owner…”

“Your blue and white porcelain is a modern forgery. Such a large fellow would just take up space in my shop, so please take it away.”

“Shop owner, you can’t be wanting to intentionally push the price down. Just name the price, if I think it’s suitable, then I’ll sell it.”

The shop owner clearly wasn’t a petty person. He didn’t get angry, and instead laughed when he heard the young man say that.

“I, Liu Yong, rely on trust to stay in the antique street for ten odd years. You can casually take it to anyone with a bit of experience, ask them if I lied to you.”

All of a sudden, many people that were a bit more experienced all sounded out their agreements.

Actually, the young man also clearly knew that this blue and white porcelain was fake, he merely wanted to try his luck to see if he can scare anyone.

However, his brain might be offline, since he actually came to the antique street to try and trick people.

“Wait a sec.”

Ye Zichen stopped the young man, and pointed at the blue and white porcelain.

“How much do you want for it?”

The young man’s eyes shone, it seems like his luck wasn’t bad, there really was an idiot that fell for it.

“Little fellow, his blue and white porcelain is a fake, it is also rather crudely made. It would take up a lot of space in the living room. It isn’t worth collecting at all.”

Liu Yong couldn’t help but make a reminder out of good will. When the young man heard that someone wanted to destroy his business, he shouted out.

“You evil businessmen! You worked together with the bystanders to trick me. Right now, someone that understands the industry wants to buy it and you want to accuse me. Do you believe that I won’t pour a bucket of black dog blood onto your shop at night?”

The moment he finished speaking, Liu Yong’s expression blanked.

Businessmen did avoid this sort of stuff. What’s more, he wasn’t related to Ye Zichen at all, so all he could do was make a simple reminder.

He sighed lightly, then shook his head and returned into the shop. The young man also rubbed his hands with a smile.

“Boss, how much are you preparing to pay?”

“The pawn shop owner said that yours is a forgery just. It isn’t really fake, right?”

Ye Zichen pretended like he didn’t understand anything and asked carefully.

He really doesn’t understand!

The young man was really happy. It seems like no one can stop the fortune coming!

“Tsk, that old fellow just wanted to push down the price to take my vase. I’m telling you, boss. This porcelain was passed down from my ancestors, it definitely isn’t a fake.”

“I think so too.”

Ye Zichen nodded like he was convinced. Hearing their conversation, the pawn shop owner let out a long sigh again. He wanted to speak up, but chose not to when he saw the young man’s stare.

“My grandpa really likes blue and white porcelain, and I think yours is pretty good, so I want to buy it to for him. How much are you looking to sell it for?”

The young man raised three fingers.

Three hundred thousand. He really is greedy.

Ye Zichen laughed coldly in his heart.

“That-That’s too expensive, right. I don’t have that much pocket money. Never mind, I’m not going to buy it.”

Ye Zichen pretended to turn his head in pity and left. Seeing that scene, the pawn shop owner actually let out a sigh of relief for him.

However, that young man got anxious.

How could it be okay for my prey to just leave.

“Boss, say, how much can you pay. My mother is ill and urgently needing money for the treatment.”

The young man was disrespectful enough, he actually said this sort of stuff to con some money off people.

Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed with coldness for a brief moment, then raised five fingers.

“I only have fifty thousand.”

“Fine, it’s sold to you, boss.”

The young man acted like he was forced to give it up. Ye Zichen did not hesitate at all, and withdrew fifty thousand kuai from the bank to hand to the young man.

Once the blue and white vase was in his hands, Ye Zichen touched all over it like he treasured it a lot.

“Hehe, look at that poor and pedantic look, he’s treating a fake vase he bought as treasure.”

A mocking laugh sounded out from the crowd. When Ye Zichen raised his head to look, he saw Guo Qiang standing at a place not far away, while holding Yao Yue’s waist.

Ye Zichen didn’t pay any attention to him, and looked towards the mouth of the vase.

There was no doubt that this vase was fake. The purple aura should be from something within the vase.

Actually, he couldn’t be sure of what sort of treasure was in the vase, he was betting.

If he lost it, then he’ll just treat it as paying for a lesson; if he won…


“Ol’ Five, I’ve been looking for you for a while, why are you here!”

At this moment, Su Yiyun walked over with a dignified looking man.

“You bought this blue and white porcelain vase?”

Su Yiyun asked weirdly as he looked at the large case beside Ye Zichen.

“I just bought it.”

“For how much?”

This time, the person that spoke wasn’t Su Yiyun, but the man beside him.

Su Yiyun also chuckled lightly and introduced him.

“Ol’ Five, let me introduce you. Xiao Hai, he’s definitely a super rich person.”

At the same time, he also smiled towards Xiao Hai.

“This is my bro, Ye Zichen.”

After both people nodded towards each other, Xiao Hai spoke once more, “How much did you buy this blue and white porcelain for?”

“Fifty thousand,” Before Ye Zichen said anything, Guo Qiang already replied with a cynical tone. “The poor is poor, treating a fake blue and white porcelain that you bought with fifty thousand kuai as treasure…”


Su Yiyun raised his eyebrows, he completely did not understand anything about it. However, Xiao Hai, who was beside him, was an expert.

“Mhmm, it’s fake. Just treat fifty thousand kuai as paying for a lesson, it’s not expensive.”

Xiao Hai nodded without denying anything. Yet, Guo Qiang smiled cynically once again.

“Fifty thousand kuai indeed isn’t much for Young Master Xiao, but he earned a long time for him to get fifty thousand kuai.”

Su Yiyun frowned. He didn’t want to pay any attention to Guo Qiang at all.

Guo Qiang was known around school, and he also knew him as well. However, Guo Qiang only had just his dad’s tiny factory, so he wasn’t in his sights at all.

Xiao Hai also felt the strangeness in it, and raised his eyebrows.

“You have a grudge?”

“Kind of, the woman beside the guy is my ex.”

Ye Zichen was rather carefree about it. Xiao Hai nodded like he understood, while his gaze towards Ye Zichen changed a bit.

“Lil’ Yun’s friend is also the friend of mine. It seems like you’re about the same age as Xiao Yun. I’m a few years older than you, if you don’t mind, then you can call me Hai-ge. Just this blue and white porcelain as something I gifted to you. Old Huang, bring me fifty thousand kuai.”

“Thank you, Hai-ge, but I can afford fifty thousand. A fake is fake, just treat it as me buying it to hear it be smashed.”

Ye Zichen smiled carefreely, and picked up a rock from the ground to smash towards the blue and white porcelain.

Neither Xiao Hai and Su Yiyun momentarily blanked, not having expected Ye Zichen to not mind it at all.

However, Xiao Hai quickly smiled.

This Ye Zichen was an interesting person.

However, Guo Qiang was different…

“What are you pretending for, you must be really hurting, right.”

The continuous mocking even caused Xiao Hai to be a bit unhappy. Ye Zichen had already called him Hai-ge just now, isn’t this not giving him face!


At this moment, the blue and white porcelain also cracked.

As the shattered china scattered onto the floor, the pieces once again proved that it was indeed a fake.


The blue and white porcelain was indeed broken.

But the scroll of a painting was revealed from within the shattered remains.

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