Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Gifts of the Various Families, Start of the Suspicion!

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The sun was high in the sky.

Today would not be an ordinary day in the Great Yan City.

Outside the ancient and thick Great Yan City Gates, halos appeared one after another. In the distance, colorful clouds hung high in the sky as figures came from the distant horizon!

A vast dense fog and flowing light, as well as spiritual power fluctuations that shot into the sky, scattered all the clouds in the sky! Under the sun, there were people riding war chariots, some stepping on immortal swords, and there were also people rushing over from afar!


Each of these people carried extremely extraordinary power fluctuations!


Thunder rumbled!

Six single-horned flood dragons rode on clouds as they approached. They looked as if they were made of steel and were barbaric and domineering. Every single one of them emitted extremely terrifying fluctuations and were covered in lightning.

Behind the six flood dragons, there was a huge golden carriage with golden chains.

“Oh my god! That’s the Flood Dragon Carriage of the Mountain Mist Sect! It’s been thousands of years since the Flood Dragon Carriage appeared? I didn’t expect it to actually appear here today!” Below, the cultivators of Great Yan City looked up with shocked expressions.

“Wait, look over there. Is that the legendary Suanni Beast!” In the distance, a cultivator was shocked.

In the distant horizon, a crimson ferocious beast appeared. It was thousands of feet tall. Several figures stood on the forehead of the huge beast, chatting and laughing. With a breath, the clouds dispersed!

“Sky Sun City’s Wang Family’s Suanni Beast! Heavens, could the person standing on the forehead of the Suanni Beast be the Wang Family’s Family Head?”

“Wang Family Head, long time no see. This Suanni Beast is really becoming more and more powerful.”

A delicate voice suddenly sounded from the horizon. A woman holding a fan covered her face and walked over leisurely in an ink robe.

The woman walked step by step like a lotus. Her figure was hot, and her beautiful face seemed to have been created by the heavens. Her eyes seemed to be able to charm people, and every frown and smile was tempting to the soul, like the depths of a peach garden.

“It’s been a long time since we last met. I heard that your esteemed sect obtained a few demonic beast cores in the forbidden land a few days ago. My Suanni Beast is really nothing in comparison.” On the forehead of the beast, the long-haired, white-robed middle-aged man cupped his hands and replied with a smile.

“Family Head, you’re being humble,” the woman replied with a smile. There seemed to be a magical power in her body. However, after staring at her for a while, many cultivators below actually felt their blood boil!

They hurriedly looked away, and someone had a shocked expression, “That person? Demon Sect? The demoness of the Demon Sect is also here? The Lin family actually has connections with the Demon Sect?”

Not only that, other figures also appeared, accompanied by flowing clouds and holy light!

“Wait, look. The woman standing among the clouds and covering her face… Is she from the Light Shaking Holy Land? Is she a Holy Maiden?”

“What a huge sea beast! It can actually carry an entire city wall?! This is the Great Elder of the Eastern Sea City’s Xuan family!”

“Flowing Cloud Chamber of Commerce! They’re really generous. They actually brought so many gifts!”

Figures came from the horizon. They either conversed with each other or silently walked alone. When they approached Great Yan City, everyone walked down from the clouds and chose to walk into the city! This was naturally not fear, but respect for the Lin family!

As for the Lin family, faced with so many forces, they did not dare to be negligent. They had long sent people with status in the family to welcome them at the door.

“Hahaha! Welcome, Great Elder Xuan. This time, you have come at the most opportune time!”

The blue-robed, blue-eyed elder said with a smile, “The Xuan and Lin families are in a marriage alliance. Now that the Lin family’s ancestor had broken through, I naturally have to come here.”


“Oh? It’s been a few days since we last met, Brother Lin has actually broken through another level? Congratulations!”

“Tell me, did the Lin family’s ancestor take that last step forward?”

“Hahaha, now, your Lin family is completely invincible in Qi Mountain County. In the entire Northern Azure Province, there are few who can resist the Lin family!” An old man walked over with a laugh.

The person who received them smiled and did not say anything. He only invited these people into the banquet politely. These cultivators were mostly from the Qi Mountain County’s cultivation forces.

The Profound Sky Continent was divided into several continents. In the end, the Northern Azure Province where the Qi Mountain County and the other seven counties were located was only one of them. After their Lin family produced the Saint Child, they would ultimately expand into the entire vast continent. They would walk out of the Qi Mountain County and the Northern Azure Province.

However, even if the Lin family could become invincible, they were still a little short of time.

At this moment, the people from the Lin family did not know that these cultivators were unaware of Lin Xuan and treated the phenomena as their ancestor breaking through.


All the cultivators thought that the Lin family’s ancestor had broken through and came to congratulate them. Little did they know that the true cause was still in the swaddling clothes, diligently cultivating. Slowly breathing, dense purple qi flowed in his mouth and nose. As he cultivated, Lin Xuan thought silently that the cultivation speed was a little slow.

Due to the fact that he had the Primordial Purple Qi Breathing Technique, Lin Xuan could cultivate with every breath he took. However, because he had stored too much purple qi previously, even if it was a breathing technique, it would take at least half a month to completely absorb it.

Before this, he would always be in a motionless state. Fortunately, when he was cultivating, his body was crystal clear and the purple qi converged. An abundant fluctuation surrounded his body, so there was no sign of hunger.

“Lin Hao, I’m fine. Go participate in the gathering. You’re the City Lord of Great Yan City, you can’t be absent.” On the bed, Xuan Yu hugged Lin Xuan and said softly.

Lin Hao sighed slightly. He put down the spiritual medicine soup in his hand, combed Xuan Yu’s hair, and gently kissed Lin Xuan’s forehead, “Ah Yu, wait here with Xuan’er for a while. After the banquet ends, I’ll be back immediately.”


Lin Hao hurriedly walked out.

Before long, Xuan Yu coughed lightly.

Hearing this cough, Lin Xuan cultivated while frowning in confusion as he thought, ‘Isn’t there something wrong with this cough?’

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