Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Two Breaths, Five Minutes, Equivalent to Sixty Years of Cultivation?!

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At the same time, the system’s notification sounded in Lin Xuan’s mind.

The old lady was stunned. Everyone in the delivery room was stunned when they saw the baby suddenly breathe out purple qi. Immediately after, they became excited. There was breathing! This meant that this was not a stillborn.

This meant that the young master was alive! Immediately after, everyone could not help but shout excitedly. At the same time, a few people ran out of the door happily to report the good news to the people waiting outside.

“Master, Madam has given birth!”


“Both mother and son are safe!”

At the door, hearing this voice, Lin Hao seemed to have collapsed. The expert who had dominated the continent for decades actually sat on the ground without caring about his image and laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, I’m going to be a father. Hahaha, I’m going to be a father…” Endless joy filled Lin Hao’s heart.

Around them, the four brothers also cried tears of joy. At the same time, the four of them sighed. Lin Hao had been filled with all kinds of worries and emotions every day for the past hundred years. However, just as they were about to say something, they discovered that the scenery around them had suddenly changed. A breeze from somewhere kept blowing.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

The surrounding wind continued to strengthen. The Third Brother looked up in a daze and subconsciously looked over. In the next moment, his pupils constricted.

“Hey, Second Brother, Second Brother, look over there!”

“Damn, Second Brother, don’t be so happy yet. Look over there!”

“What’s over there?”

In the mansion, in the delivery room, a purple stream of qi slowly seeped out from the room and spread in all directions.

“This is?”

When Lin Hao saw this, he was a little confused. However, immediately after, wind and clouds suddenly stirred in the sky. A dot of light shone from within the purple qi.

On the eastern horizon, a ball of purple qi appeared without any warning. Then, a vast purple sea was born from the eastern sky. Endless purple qi spread to the entire sky. A mysterious and profound force covered everything. It was vast and mighty as if a grand ocean was sweeping over.

Purple qi came from the east for 30,000 miles!!

Endless purple qi suddenly rose from the east and swept over.

This purple qi was sparkling and resplendent. As the gentle wind flew over, it illuminated the entire eastern area. This purple qi was extremely profound. Every inch of it had countless patterns!

Purple qi came from the east and slowly entered Great Yan City. It slowly descended and enveloped the entire Lin family.

“This… Could this be…”

“Purple qi?”

Everyone in the Lin family was enveloped by this purple qi. Everyone in the Lin family was stunned and a little lost.

Most of them did not recognize what this purple qi was at first!

However, the Lin family was still a cultivation family of the Profound Sky Continent after all. Their knowledge was still very rich.

In just a few minutes, they recognized the purple qi. Everyone’s eyes flickered, as bright as the moonlight in the night.

Traces of qi appeared one after another. Gentle purple qi surged into their bodies from their mouths and noses, or from their skin, limbs, and so on.

Under the cover of the dense and mysterious purple qi, everyone in the Lin family, regardless of whether they were old or young, regardless of whether they were cultivators or ordinary people, underwent a shocking change. Everyone who was enveloped by the purple qi gained an ethereal mind, and inspiration kept appearing in their minds.

Countless insights surged out from the depths of their souls like spring water. With just a glance, they automatically gained comprehension.

Everyone stretched out their hands in a daze and grabbed the dense purple qi in the air. Their eyes kept flickering with light, especially those who were related to Lin Xuan. Moreover, the closer they were to him, the higher the concentration of the nearby purple qi, and the richer the inspiration in their minds.

“This… Could this be a gift from the heavens because Little Xuan’er was born?!”

In front of the mansion, Lin Hao looked at the Lin residence covered in purple qi in shock.

He had clearly seen that the purple qi coming from the east was due to the birth of his son.

Bang! Bang!

Lin Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

In the next moment, Lin Hao’s body emitted crackling sounds. The aura beside him suddenly erupted, and a dazzling pillar of light drowned him before bursting out from his body!

Lin Hao’s eyes widened as he looked at his hands in disbelief.

“I… I advanced?”

However, immediately after, Lin Hao was attracted by the wind beside him.





Four consecutive deafening cracking sounds sounded. Lin Hao looked at the four brothers beside him. Four shocking lights shot into the sky.

The four of them also looked at their hands in shock. Their mouths were opened so wide that an apple could almost be stuffed into them.

“We broke through, we broke through too!”

Immediately after, the five of them looked at each other before leaping up in unison. Sure enough, their guess was correct.

The entire Lin family was enveloped by the purple qi. As the surrounding wind surged, it filled the entire Lin family. Immediately after, the five people saw it.

In the Lin family, shocking pillars of light shot into the sky one after another.

Figures rose into the air one after another, looking at this scene in shock.


“I’ve broken through! I’ve broken through!”

A few old men cried and howled at the sky. They shouted happily. Some even knelt on the ground and shed tears of excitement.

“I’ve actually advanced. I’ve finally advanced. What’s going on? Could it be the effect of our ancestor’s breakthrough?”

“No, it might not be. This ‘Purple Qi Comes From the East’ might be a phenomenon brought about by the young master.”

“Little Young Master? Wasn’t he just born today?”

“Is it the ancestor’s breakthrough or a phenomenon caused by the young master’s birth? I’ll go take a look!”

“I actually advanced too!”

“I took two breaths of purple qi in five minutes, it’s equivalent to sixty years of my cultivation!”

“Everyone has advanced. How pure and powerful is this purple qi?”

“Where did this purple qi come from?”

One figure after another soared into the sky. Old ones, young ones, and even those old antiques who had been in seclusion for many years appeared.

One had to know that some of the old antiques in the family were even stronger than Lin Hao.

They were all part of the Lin family’s heritage and were guardians. Most of them breathed in large mouthfuls and enjoyed the purple qi. However, it was like a vast ocean. No matter how they absorbed it, they could not use it all.

“Could this be the effect of our ancestor’s breakthrough?”

“No, the center of this ripple is clearly where Xuan’er was born.”

“Could it be that all of this is because of Xuan’er’s birth?”

“My bottleneck has loosened because of this purple qi!”

“What a dense worldly fluctuation. This fluctuation comes from above the Nine Heavens!”

Soon, those old antiques with very high cultivation levels saw the place with the densest purple qi and basically understood the situation.

They were all antiques. Although they were in seclusion all year round, they were still very well-informed. They knew very well about important matters. They also knew that the wife of the Lin family’s genius, Lin Hao, had been pregnant for a hundred years and was giving birth today.

The eyes of the old antiques of the Lin family flickered with a golden light. Without needing to say a word, they automatically stood in four corners of the Lin family, their bodies emitting a terrifying aura.

As they absorbed the vast purple qi, they silently observed their surroundings.


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