Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Xuan Yanran and Lin Xuan

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Clearly, the Lin family’s ancestor was destined to be disappointed. If he went over now, there would be nothing left.

On the other hand, after the Xuan family discovered that the Lin family’s Saint Child was Lin Xuan, Xuan Tong immediately sent the news back to the Xuan family. He could not bring the child away, but the Xuan family might still be able to. He had to quickly find reinforcements and fight for the custody of Lin Xuan.

However, it was obvious that this was impossible. In this aspect, the Lin family was extremely determined! What a joke! He wanted to bring the Lin family’s Saint Child away to be raised? Did he think they were fools?

However, the Xuan family did not give up. They still actively fought for it. They tried to use this method to at least let Lin Xuan visit the Xuan family twice.


“Grandmother, can’t we really bring Brother Xuan back to the Xuan family?”

The sky was bright and clear. In the wide forest, Xuan Yanran hugged Lin Xuan tightly, unable to let go. Her beautiful and even slightly foxy eyes were filled with reluctance.

Lin Xuan was hugged and could not breathe.

Although she was only ten years old, the girl’s figure had already grown.

She was not mature yet, but her entire body revealed an absolutely beautiful temperament. In the future, she would definitely become a femme fatale that would become the target of all men.

However, before the girl realized it, she still hugged the infant tightly and begged again, “Grandmother, let’s bring Little Brother Xuan home, alright?”

Beside the young girl stood a middle-aged woman who looked to be around 30 or 40 years old. She had a graceful bearing and was definitely a rare beauty when she was young. Her appearance was slightly similar to Xuan Yanran.

The woman sighed and gently touched the young girl’s smooth hair, “Yanran, it’s not that I don’t want to, but the Lin family is unwilling to let him go.”

The woman was called Xuan Shu. She was the Third Elder of the Xuan family and was also Xuan Yanran’s grandmother.

The son of the Lin family was born with purple qi in his breath. The sound of the Dao shook the entire city! A few days ago, he was shown to have the future of a supreme Dao figure! With his back facing all living beings, the river of stars fell with a snap of his fingers! Anyone who had seen him before had obtained a great opportunity.

When they recovered their senses and wanted to describe the figure, they realized that their words were so lacking. No matter how they spoke, they could not describe it at all!

Xuan Shu had missed that opportunity. She could not imagine that magnificent scene. Similarly, she could not imagine how powerful and terrifying the baby in Xuan Yanran’s arms would be in the future.

For this Saint Child, the Lin family naturally paid a huge price. There was always someone to protect him at all times. Today, she had finally convinced the two juniors, Lin Hao and Xuan Yanran, after much effort, to let Xuan Yanran carry Lin Xuan out for a walk.

However, even if they were out for a walk… Xuan Shu turned around and saw a figure hiding in the clouds far behind him. Who else could it be but the old antique of the Lin family, Lin Bao?

“An infant being protected by the old antique of the Lin family… This treatment…” Xuan Shu pinched his brows and felt rather helpless.

“Is there really no way to let Little Brother Xuan return to the Lin family with us?” Xuan Yanran raised her head, her beautiful eyes filled with pleading.

“There’s no choice,” Xuan Shu sighed.

She had lived for so long, how could she not tell that this little girl had already fallen for Lin Xuan?

In fact, anyone who was not stupid could tell that the young girl had long placed her emotions on her face.

“Yanran, Grandmother has to remind you that you are engaged already,” Xuan Shu said softly.

“Grandmother, but I have never met the genius of the Xiao family who started to give up on himself three years ago?” Xuan Yanran lowered her head and hugged Lin Xuan tightly.

“I’ve never agreed to this marriage. This was arranged by the elders in the clan!”

“What former genius…” Xuan Shu looked at Xuan Yanran helplessly.

“Yanran, I heard that since three years ago, that genius of the Xiao family has started to give up on himself.” Xuan Yanran raised her head to look at Xuan Shu, “In these three years, his cultivation hasn’t advanced but has fallen instead. Now, he’s only at the third level of Body Refinement. This cultivation can’t even catch up to me!”

“Child, you…” Xuan Shu shook his head.

In fact, that genius of the Xiao family was once a truly rare prodigy with the potential to become a powerful expert.

However, for some reason, since three years ago, the genius of the Xiao family had started to fall behind.

His cultivation level did not advance but instead retreated. Now, after such a long time, he had actually returned to the third level of Body Refinement. Perhaps it was because the destiny of that genius had been exhausted…

Hearing the conversation between Xuan Shu and Xuan Yanran, Lin Xuan, who was in swaddling clothes, was stunned.

The Xiao Family… a genius three years ago… His cultivation level had fallen to the third level of Body Refinement… an engagement about to be called off… Why did this plot feel so familiar?

Xuan Yanran shrunk her neck and sat on the grass with Lin Xuan in her arms. The breeze blew, and the girl’s hair floated in the air.

“Grandmother, I want to stay with Little Brother Xuan for a while.”

Xuan Shu was stunned for a moment before she reacted and walked away with a sigh.

The world was silent. From time to time, a few clouds would fly over from a distance. The girl lowered her head and looked at the baby who was like a porcelain doll in the swaddling clothes. She muttered softly.

In fact, because Xuan Yu had obtained the Connate Dao Body, she often went into seclusion to cultivate. Therefore, this little girl was often the one taking care of Lin Xuan these days.

From early morning on, the young girl hugged Lin Xuan. Time slowly passed until noon. She still hugged Lin Xuan and said something quietly.

The girl seemed to want to say everything in her heart. In front of the girl, Lin Xuan could only listen and pass the time. He could not answer yet. All he could do was quietly cultivate in peace.

As time passed, Lin Xuan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Sure enough, in the next moment, a blinding white light shot into the sky!

Boom!!! With a loud sound, the silence was suddenly broken!

Not far from him, the ground cracked, and soil and rocks flew. Countless lights blossomed on the ground!

Waves spread out in all directions fiercely without regard for anything!

“Who is it? Assassin?”

Xuan Yanran, who was originally sitting quietly on the grass, reacted almost immediately!

Facing the huge impact in front of her, the young girl almost did not think much. She subconsciously curled up her body and hugged Lin Xuan tightly. She turned around and used her thin back beam to block the impact!

A huge impact assaulted him! Lin Xuan acutely sensed it almost at the first moment. Just the girl alone was definitely unable to block all of this attack!

Lin Xuan’s heart sank, and he planned to use the purple qi to resist.

In the end, at this critical moment, he suddenly saw defenses appear on his swaddling clothes from all directions. This was? Lin Xuan was stunned. His spiritual senses looked over and coincidentally met the young girl’s determined gaze.


The young girl bit the corner of her lips. The exquisite magic robe on her body automatically fell off, turning into hundreds of cloth strips. All of them wrapped around the swaddling cloth in her arms, turning into countless defensive layers!

As for her, she curled up on the ground and hugged Lin Xuan in her arms, preparing to use her flesh and blood as the first line of defense!

However… the expected impact did not come.

All the impacts seemed to have stopped and were stopped half a meter away from the girl’s back.

At the same time, the excited laughter that was accompanied by the impact stopped, “Hahaha! I’ve finally broken through… Hmm?? Ancestor??”

Lin Bao rolled his eyes and kicked this Lin family disciple who was too excited about breaking through nearby and caused a huge commotion.

Then, he turned his head to look at the girl on the grass. Even if she was trembling from fear, she still hugged Lin Xuan tightly and used her body as a shield.. He clicked his tongue in wonder. This little girl, had she really fallen for Xuan’er completely?

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