Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Hmm… This Plot Is A Little Familiar!

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“Ancestor, I’m really sorry.”

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been cultivating in seclusion here, much less breaking through here.”

“I’m just a piece of trash. Our ancestor is awesome.”


“Damn bastard, trash, you actually almost injured our clan’s Saint Child and Miss Yanran!!”

In the empty wilderness, a Lin family disciple was beaten until his face was swollen. At this moment, his entire body was trembling as he continuously wailed.

He was held in Lin Bao’s hand and constantly trembled. Moreover, he slapped himself forcefully and begged for forgiveness. Damn it! He had actually gone into seclusion in such a place and almost injured the two geniuses.

Especially when he heard that he had broken out of seclusion and the fluctuation emitted from his body was less than half a meter away from the two geniuses, the face of this Lin family disciple immediately turned green, and he was almost frightened to the point his heart stopped.

Damn it! Xuan Yanran was the beloved daughter of the head of the Xuan family. Her reputation as a proud genius had already spread throughout the entire Qi Mountain County.

Everyone knew her story. In just a decade, she had already stunned countless elders with her talent! Not to mention, the Lin family’s Saint Child, Lin Xuan, was nearly injured by him!

If he hurt Lin Xuan in the slightest bit, even without the Lin family stepping forward, he would have to commit suicide to atone for his sins! One had to know that the reason why he could break through was because he had benefited from the Saint Child a few days ago! The Lin family disciple trembled and was on the brink of tears.

The spiritual senses of the swaddled Lin Xuan looked at this Lin family disciple speechlessly.

This guy was really crazy. Lin Xuan had yet to be assassinated by others, but he had almost died at the hands of his own family? He almost died before he could even talk? He could not continue like this. He had to hurry and cultivate…

Lin Xuan, who had sensed danger because of his mistake, glanced at Xuan Yanran.

Then, Lin Xuan placed all his attention on his cultivation and decided to ignore everything else.

On the other hand, Xuan Yanran paid no attention to the Lin family disciple and only said indifferently that she understood the situation. After that, she continued to carry Lin Xuan and walked to another quiet place.

The young girl did not care about the consequences faced by the Lin family disciple. She only heaved a sigh of relief in her heart and gently touched Lin Xuan’s clean face with a gentle smile. It was good that Little Brother Xuan was fine.

In fact, when she first saw Lin Xuan in his adult state, Xuan Yanran was attracted to him.

At this moment, Lin Xuan, who was surrounded by faint purple qi, was like a porcelain doll. He had a different temperament and was clean, warm, and extremely cute.

However, if Xuan Yanran felt that Lin Xuan was cute at first glance, then when the young girl saw his abnormality and future, the young girl was completely shocked.

Especially when she saw his back facing everyone.

That figure ascended to the peak, his aura devouring everything as he looked down on all of history as a supreme existence!

In front of him, no one was his match, he swept through everything with invincibility. No matter what kind of predicament it was, it was as if a finger could shatter it!

With a raise of his hand, he could suppress all races and dominate the world. He was invincible in the heavens above and earth below, feared throughout the ages. He was the most powerful existence in the dazzling river of time!

This was especially true when the man turned around, the light in his eyes shone brilliant. How many women in this world could withstand this?

Which young lady did not yearn for love? Which young lady did not have a dream of being married to a hero?

Stepping on clouds and coming from the heavens? Xuan Yanran’s young girl heart was completely attracted to the future Lin Xuan at first glance!

It did not concern his background, cultivation level, or talent. When she fell into it, she could not extricate herself. Almost the moment she exited the mysterious state, the young girl made up her mind!

Therefore, when faced with danger earlier, the girl did not hesitate at all and used her body to block in front of Lin Xuan!

The sky was clear for thousands of miles, and the clouds were floating in the distance. The young girl’s heart was filled with thoughts. She hugged the swaddled Lin Xuan tightly and realized that she could no longer suppress the thoughts in her heart.

“Yanran, what are you thinking about?” Xuan Shu walked over and asked softly. She thought that the young girl was still immersed in the huge danger from before.

However, the girl curled up and hugged the swaddling cloth tightly. She softly said, “Grandmother, I want to call off the engagement.”

Xuan Shu was stunned. She thought that she had heard wrongly, “What? Call off the engagement?”

“Yes, we’ll break off the engagement with the Xiao family!”

Xuan Shu was stunned and was in disbelief. “Yanran, you said that you want to break off the engagement with the Xiao family?!”

A breeze blew past and the girl slowly got up.

The girl nodded heavily. “Yes, I want to call off the engagement! I want to break off the engagement with the Xiao family!”

The sky-blue dress fluttered in the wind, and her smooth black hair fluttered like the morning sun. She raised her head, and golden light descended. The corners of the young girl’s beautiful face curled up, and she was in high spirits!

“I’ve never agreed to this marriage. In the end, it was arranged by the ancestors!”

“My fate has to be decided by myself, just like that figure with his back facing all living beings!”

Seeing this scene, Xuan Shu was a little absent-minded. After a long time, she continued to speak seriously.

“Yanran, have you thought it through?”

“This is an arranged marriage.”

“Of course, it was forcefully arranged by the ancestors, but outsiders don’t know the details. How much pressure will you feel if you propose to cancel the marriage now? How many people will curse at you and look down on you?”

The girl raised her head and hugged the swaddled Lin Xuan. Her eyes were determined, “I don’t care.”

“Grandmother, the Xiao family’s power in Qi Mountain County is not inferior to the Xuan family. If I call off the marriage, will it bring pressure to the Xuan family?”

Hearing this, Xuan Shu smiled. She glanced at the young girl who was only hugging Lin Xuan, afraid that she would reject the request. How could she not guess her thoughts?

A faint fluctuation spread out from Xuan Shu’s body. Her tone was calm, “Pressure? What pressure? As long as you are sure, I can bring you there anytime!”

Xuan Yanran nodded hard and hugged Lin Xuan, “Alright! Grandmother, we’ll leave now!”

Xuan Shu turned his head and looked at the sky, “Ancestor Lin Bao?”

“I don’t care, but that kid from the Xiao family is indeed not worthy of this little girl.” Lin Bao laughed and said, narrowing his eyes slightly, “Alright, in that case, so what if I follow you? After all, my Lin family’s Saint Child is still in this little girl’s arms.”

“Thank you, Ancestor Lin Bao!” Xuan Yanran bowed respectfully.

“We’re all family.” Lin Bao waved his hand and informed the other old antiques of the Lin family. He casually pulled out more than ten top-grade artifacts from the void and stuffed them into his sleeve.

Lin Bao patted his sleeve and opened his mouth wide. “Go, little girl, break the engagement! I haven’t seen anyone break off an engagement before! What’s the name of that Xiao family’s kid?”

“Xiao Shui!”

The three of them discussed this and walked out of Great Yan City together.

In his swaddling clothes, although Lin Xuan said that he was cultivating, he still paid attention to his surroundings with his spiritual senses. At this moment, his mind was filled with speechlessness.

The Xiao family? Xiao Shui? Breaking off the engagement? Why did this plot… sound so familiar?

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