Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Sightseeing, Canceling the Engagement!

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In fact, there was still a gap between the Xiao family and the Xuan family. With a considerable difference between the two families, if Lin Bao was added, it would feel like bullying.

In the past, the Xiao family had also prospered and developed, but now, there was actually not a single old antique in the Xiao family. This was also the reason why Lin Bao dared to let Xuan Shu and Xuan Yanran carry Lin Xuan out.

Firstly, it was to relax. Although the Lin family was huge, staying here all day was not a good thing.

Secondly, if something really happened, with Lin Bao’s cultivation level and the ten or so treasures, no one could do anything to him in Qi Mountain County.


Lin Xuan did not care much about what happened outside, nor did he care about what happened around him.

On the other hand, the matter of going to the Xiao family to end the engagement made Lin Xuan rather speechless. This was because what happened here seemed to be very similar to what he had previously read…

The city where the Xiao family was located was not too far from the Great Yan City where the Lin family was located. Lin Bao took out a flying ship from his sleeve and the three of them boarded it.

In a short few hours, they arrived at the city where the Xiao family was located, Wu Tan City.

Wu Tan City was located at the edge of Qi Mountain County and was relatively close to the Ancient Great Desolate Mountain Range. With the geographical advantage, Wu Tan City was one of the few large cities in Qi Mountain County.

The flying ship stopped slightly above Wu Tan City. Xuan Shu walked down, and Xuan Yanran slowly landed with Lin Xuan in her arms. Behind her was Lin Bao. Even if they came to cancel the marriage, they should still show proper etiquette.

The huge flying ship had long attracted the Xiao family’s attention. Seeing the three of them walk down, a cultivator from the Xiao family hurriedly went up to welcome them. Feeling the fluctuations on Xuan Shu and Lin Bao, the disciples of the Xiao family respectfully welcomed them.

Xuan Shu said with a smile, “Quickly inform them that the Xuan family’s Xuan Shu and the Lin family’s Lin Bao have come to visit the Xiao family.”

“Xuan family, Lin family… Seniors, please enter the city quickly. I will report this immediately.” The Xiao family disciple was respectful as he invited the three of them into the city.

At this moment, the head of the Xiao family, Xiao Zhan, was originally dealing with an important matter of the Xiao family. When he heard that the Xuan and Lin families had come to visit, he was instantly stunned.

“The Third Elder of the Xuan family actually came with Lin Bao?”

“Lin Bao, that’s one of the old antiques of the Lin family! He’s actually here too?”

“Quick, quickly invite him!” Xiao Zhan hurriedly said. However, when he invited him, he was also puzzled.

Suddenly, why did the Xuan family and the Lin family come to their Xiao family? One had to know that Lin Bao was an old antique of the Lin family. He had not appeared outside for hundreds of years! What was he doing here?

He heard that some time ago, someone in the Lin family seemed to have been cursed. Many of the old antiques of the Lin family had been mobilized to search for the antidote? Could it be that they wanted to ask for the medicine?

Xiao Zhan could not be blamed for thinking this way. After all, they were extremely close to the Ancient Demonic Beast Mountain Range and had many natural treasures.

Not long after, many people in charge of the Xiao family waited in the hall. After all, it was the Xuan family and the Lin family.

Soon, three figures walked over from outside the house. Xiao Zhan smiled and greeted them respectfully.

“Hahaha, welcome to the Xiao family, Senior Lin Bao! Welcome, Third Elder!”

Xiao Zhan laughed loudly, but his brows furrowed slightly. The girl at the back seemed a little familiar?

Moreover… She was actually carrying a baby? What was going on?

In fact, it was not only Xiao Zhan. Many of the leaders of the Xiao family also frowned slightly and were a little puzzled. They could not guess why the Xuan family had come with the Lin family. Especially when there was a young girl carrying a baby behind them. What was it?

The Xiao Family Head smiled, as if he did not think so much and invited everyone to sit down.

“Please sit!”

Lin Bao and the other two nodded and slowly sat down. A maidservant came over and respectfully poured tea.

“Haha, Senior Lin Bao, you came at the right time. It’s currently the harvesting season for the Dao Tea of the Great Desolate Mountains. Come and try it. This is the latest batch of tea leaves!” Xiao Zhan smiled.

Lin Bao nodded, picked up the teacup, and drank it in one gulp. Xiao Zhan’s hand that was holding the teacup was a little stiff. Wasn’t this Lin Bao a little too ignorant of the atmosphere? He drank it in one gulp and did not say a word. What was going on?

Xiao Zhan was dissatisfied, but he did not dare show it. He only laughed along and said, “Senior is truly straightforward.”

Then, he drank the tea in one gulp.

“May I know why Senior Lin Bao is here today? I heard that the Lin family recently encountered a curse. Coincidentally, my Xiao family has quite a number of medicinal herbs that can remove curses. If Senior needs them…”

Lin Bao waved his hand and smiled as he said, “Thank you for your good intentions, Family Head Xiao. However, the curse in our clan has long been removed. I came here this time to take a walk.”

‘Take a walk?’ Xiao Zhan was stunned. He was rendered speechless by Lin Bao’s words. Could he have come all this way while taking a walk? Even if he was just spouting nonsense, there was no need to use such a lame excuse, right? Did he really think that the Lin family was invincible?

Anger surged in his heart, but Xiao Zhan did not show it. He continued to laugh and chat. However, before he could speak, Xuan Shu, who was sitting beside him, coughed lightly.

She stood up and smiled at Xiao Zhan as she said, “Family Head Xiao, this time, I came to your family clan not because of the Lin family. The most important thing is that the Xuan family has brought a request!”

Xiao Zhan was stunned. A million thoughts ran through his mind. In the end, he pretended to laugh heartily, “Haha, Third Elder, if you have something to say, please say it. As long as it’s something the Xiao family can do, Xiao Zhan will definitely not decline!”

“Family Head Xiao, do you know her?” Xuan Shu smiled and pointed at the girl beside him.

“Eh, this young lady has a natural spiritual root. To have such fluctuations at such a young age, she will definitely be famous in the Northern Azure… but…” Xiao Zhan said awkwardly, clearly not recognizing her.

Back then, when his son, Xiao Shui, was engaged to the Xuan family, it was still more than ten years ago. It had been many years since they last met. Xiao Zhan naturally did not know that the girl holding the baby in front of him had once betrothed her to his son.

When Xuan Yanran heard this, she stood up and bowed respectfully with a smile.

“Greetings, Uncle Xiao.. I am Xuan Yanran from the Xuan family.”

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