Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 11 - Chapter 11: Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei!

Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei!

"Hmmm… This Seat never sees a fox's fur as beautiful and soft as this. Could it be you who helped This Seat?"

The black-robed man shook his head while laughing and mocking at himself silly, how could a savage beast without any intelligent have the ability to heal him.

But out of his expectation, the silver fox in his hand started to nod its head furiously like a woodpecker.

The black-robed man surprised and loosened his hand out of reflexes but the limp Tang Li Xue would not let this chance for survival pass.

She quickly wiggled out from the black-robed man's evil clutch and gave his palm a ruthless [Bite] will all of her strength then she swiftly jumped backward to create some distance with the black-robed man.

Tang Li Xue was surprised to find that her [bite] with all of her strength failed to injure the black-robed man's palm and only leave some teeth mark on it.


Tang Li Xue bared her sharp fangs toward him.

Actually, all of this was really not the black-robed man's fault. Imagine if the moment you woke up from your sleep to find an unknown furry savage beast lied on the top of you? What will you do?

I still thought that what the black-robed man's do still quite kind and reasonable. If it was me, I would probably smack it away with all of my strength and turn it into a meat paste.


So narrow-minded… But the black-robed man ignored Tang Li Xue angry expression and still stunned by what happened in front of him.

Even Tang Li Xue's angry expression surprised him so much.

Because her expression was too human-like!

And she could also understand human language?

Even the smartest demonic beast would never have intelligence this high!

"You… Are you really a savage beast? Impossible! How could you be so intelligent?! Are you a spirit beast in disguise?!" The black-robed man asked full of curiosity.

Tang Li Xue quickly sticking out her tongue to mocked him then threw her face toward another direction arrogantly while making 'huumph' sound.

The black-robed man became even more dumbfounded as he started to check Tang Li Xue more carefully.

However, from the aura Tang Li Xue's emitting the black-robed man was really sure that she's a true savage beast! Not even a demonic beast!

"Maybe because of some special mutation happen to it? This is a miracle! To think that it has human-level intelligence when in savage beast stage… If it really evolves to demonic beast later how smart it would become?! And if it becomes a spirit beast… Immeasurable!" The black-robed man said in awe.

Tang Li Xue put an arrogant expression while looking down at him as if she said 'now you know how amazing This Lady is? It's too late for you to apologize now!'

The black-robed man let out 'pffffft' sound and started to laugh out loud uncontrollably.

Tang Li Xue did not know that this may be the first time for this 'Asura Prince' laughing without holding anything back in 20 years of his life.

The black-robed man waved his sleeve and Tang Li Xue's body flew by itself toward him. She did not even have any strength to resist his will.

"Yaaa… You are still so young and tiny but your guts are really so big to dare to bite This Seat's hand! Looks like This Seat will need to punish you a little!" The black-robed man chuckled mischievously.

When Tang Li Xue saw his naughty handsome face, she felt a really bad feeling surged from her heart! RUN!

"Where do you want to go? This Seat really wants to see how manly you are down there to acting so arrogant?! Maybe This Seat needs to castrate you first before This Seat brings you back to Sect! Hahahaha…" The black-robed man said while keeps laughing.

However, the black-robed man's strength was really too strong whatever Tang Li Xue's do; she still could not escape from his strong clutches.

He really did like this cute little silver fox. Moreover, this fox already saved his life before even though he did not know how this silver fox did that but he believes it.

Although he had already touched countless fox's fur before, he could sense that the little thing was very special. Normally, no matter how gorgeous or colorful a fox's fur were, its fur shouldn't be this soft, yet caressing this little thing felt as if he was stroking a piece of silk, and was extremely comfortable. Furthermore, it felt so soft and pliable as if it were boneless; although it was still rather tiny, but no matter where he touched it, it felt soft and meaty.

Tang Li Xue already grew a bit but her form was still too adorable like a little cat.

The black-robed man held Tang Li Xue's body with one of his hands then used his other one to open her legs.


He was laughing even louder and said: "Yaaa… You are a female fox?! Still a little girl yet you are so smug and arrogant! Hahaha… From now on, This Seat will teach you how to behave properly!"

'Sniff… Sniff… I am not pure anymore… I… I can't marry anymore… Handsome, you must promise to take full responsibility and become one of This Lady's concubine!'

"Hmmm… You need a name… Ok, from now on, I shall call you Xiao Bai! How about it? Are you happy that you already have a name? Xiao Bai?" The black-robed man still smiling happily like a child that got a new friend but his clutch still pushed Tang Li Xue's down made her cannot move while his other hand started to caress her fur gently.

'Xiao Bai your head! You are Xiao Bai, your whole family is Xiao Bai!'

Tang Li Xue was staring at the black-robed man with ridicule, disgust, condemn, and anger in her eyes.

The black-robed man started to laugh once again when he saw how Tang Li Xue's behave. The more she acted like that the more he likes to tease her.

"Xiao Bai!" The Black-robed name started to call Tang Li Xue with that name again and again.

'F*ck! Then from now on, your name shall be Xiao Hei!'

"Xiao Bai!"

'Xiao Hei!'

"Xiao Bai!"

'Xiao Hei!'

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