Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12: RUN!

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: RUN!

After teasing Tang Li Xue for another ten minutes, Xiao Hei decided to let her off and release her from his clutch. (Well, let's just call him 'Xiao Hei' for now since we still did not know his real name and it nicer to hear than 'black-robed man'.)

Tang Li Xue once again tried to [Bite] his hand but she failed again to leave any wound on it and only manage to leave some teeth mark.

This time Tang Li Xue chose smarter option and ran out from the cave as fast as she can after stole some bite.

Xiao Hei shook his head with a gentle smile on his face while staring at the smug silver fox figure that heading back into the forest; she did not even forget to shake her butt to mock him before entering the bushes.

He laughed once more when he remembers how that cocky little fox acted.

When Tang Li Xue vanished from his sight, Xiao Hei sat cross-legged in lotus position back in the dark cave but the gentle smile on his face disappeared completely replaced with his cold unfeeling expression full of killing intent.

"To think that old fart even got Feng Yi (the aide) to act for him… looks like he really gets more and more impatient to get rid of me!" Xiao Hei clenched his fist harder while said in a chilling voice full of hatred.

Xiao Hei exhaled and decided to push his entire problem aside for now; He expended most of his Asura Qi in yesterday fight.

Moreover, he also used the rest of his Asura Qi to seal the lethal black poison in the last moment before he fell unconscious so the lethal black poison did not spread to his other inner organ.

Now he needs to replenish his currently exhausted Asura Qi as fast as he can before his enemies came to kill him again.

He also needs to head back to his Asura Demon Sect soon before the situation over there deteriorates even more.

Xiao Hei closed his eyes; he started to concentrate on circulating his Asura King's cultivation manual and his Asura Qi slowly restored back.



Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after manage to escape from Xiao Hei's evil clutch and started to curse him in her mind.

'Damn! Really… Did I find the courage to save such a demon like him before… my head must be kicked by a donkey before! Sigh… So hungry… Let's go find some morning snack to eat first!'

Tang Li Xue dashed toward the area where she finds a few hares before and she find her speed soaring to an unbelievable level even without using [Dash] skill but she still use it though since not only it can make her reach that place faster, she could also level up the skill.

Her agility stat was 93 and it also means she could move 9 times faster than before she evolve, if [Dash] skill added to the calculation then she could move 18 times faster!

Of course, it was only compared to normal humans, not cultivator… At the very least her speed was already comparable to low ranked demonic beast.

Tang Li Xue felt that her appetite also grow bigger along with her body, she manage to hunt and ate 4 hares until she felt full.

She also managed to realize 2 crucial things.

The first thing was about quest. To trigger the quest, she only needs to be determined to do something like 'eating rabbit' but the quest will never trigger twice on the same task. The reward would be determined by the system according to the difficulty of the quest.

The second thing was about the EXP she got from eating. She managed to level up from 1 to 2 only by eating 1 hare before. So logically since her level went back to level 1 after evolution, she also only needs to eat 1 hare to level up to 2 but now after eating 4 hares she still at level 1! Why?

Certainly, she still got notification [EXP gained!] when eating the 4 hares but according to Tang Li Xue guess, the exp she gained was actually a lot of less, near negligible since the hare is only [Poor] grade while she already evolve to [Common] grade.

Tang Li Xue had a big headache now… should she start to hunt a [Common] grade savage beast to level up? Like a tiger or lion?

But as a former human, Tang Li Xue still had a mental barrier to hunt a ferocious wild beast like a tiger or lion!

Well, she was not an amazoness in her previous life after all! Which modern woman ever trying to hunt a tiger or lion?!

'Sigh… Fuuuuh… Here goes nothing! Tang Li Xue! You are an almighty future Fox Queen of Moonlight Forest! A [Common] grade creature like a tiger or lion is nothing in your eyes!'


[Quest: (True King of Jungle) Kill a [Common] grade beast and eat it!]

[Reward: Level+1, Stat Point+15(+4), Skill Point+3(+1), 30 Deity Coins(+8)]

'Eh… There is some bonus reward? So this is [Samaritan] title's use… But really 25% is too little, isn't it?! What a cheapskate! At least it should give me a 100% or 200% bonus reward!'

Again… our heroine's acute greed syndrome was getting more and more severe; unfortunately, no doctor can cure her disease so let's just ignore it for now.

Tang Li Xue started to patrol around the forest where she met the lion yesterday but she still did not manage to find anything after spending an hour.

Rustle… Rustle… Rustle…

Tang Li Xue noticed that the nearby bushes started to shake violently.

'Eh… What's there? Something is moving over there… and it's something big! Is it the lion? Or a tiger? Maybe a deer? Whatever, I should check it out first!'

Tang Li Xue jumped agilely around, passing the thick bushes easily; she already getting more adapted with her new body after more than an hour of moving around this thick forest and intense rabbit hunting session before made her even more skilled.

'Eeehhh… HUMANS!!!'

Really… meeting with other humans in the middle of this dense forest should be joyful things.

Imagine if you get lost in the forest for a day and did not know where to go then you met with another group of humans suddenly! How happy it was… You can ask for direction, ask for some food or drink supply, or follow them out the forest.

Tang Li Xue also immediately felt relaxed and happy for a moment but she quickly realized… SHE IS NOT A HUMAN ANYMORE!

"Look, big brother! That fox is so beautiful! Its pelt must be worth a lot of money!" The taller hunter said while pulled out his arrow from its quiver on his back then started to aim his bow toward Tang Li Xue.

There were 3 people at total: a taller one, a chubby one, and a bearded one.

Whatever, Tang Li Xue did not have any time to admire on how ugly they are anyway.

Since all of them wearing crude beast skin leather as their clothes, just one glance and she already knows that they must be the hunters from a nearby village.

'OH NO!!! RUN!!!'

Because Tang Li Xue suddenly turned away and run, the arrow that the taller guy shot missed by a few inches from her tail.

"Be careful! Do not damage its pelt too much! Try to aim its legs first!" The bearded one started to sprint to follow Tang Li Xue while warned his comrade.

'SHIT! I HATE BARBARIAN! I HATE HUNTERS! I swear… the first thing This Queen will do after become the Moonlight Forest Ruler is to kick all the nearby villages away!'

Tang Li Xue did not know who but one of the hunters behind him shot another arrow toward her!

The arrow passed Tang Li Xue's head by a few centimeters made her heart almost jumped out from her throat!

Tang Li Xue ran away even more frantically, she also activated her [Dash] skill in an instant while keep jumping around the bushes, she trying to make the hunters lose her track.


'Eh… Eh… Eh… Lies… I… I must be hearing things right? My luck is not that bad, right?'

But the reality was really that cruel! The lion that she tried so hard to find before was jumped out from nearby bushes in front of her now.

'Why… why are you here?! Damn! You are not those hunters lackey or ally, right?! Why… why the hell your timing is so…. Arrrghhhh…!!! Forget it! What I should do now?!'

Hunters on her back! Lion on her front!

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