Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2: First Quest First Hunt (Edited)

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: First Quest First Hunt (Edited)

'Calm down, Tang Li Xue... Fuuhh... Fuuuh...'

Tang Li Xue looked around her surroundings and found that she was in a cave, but this cave was not very dark since there was some warm sunlight that came in from a hole in the cave's ceiling. Tang Li Xue exited the small cave, walked toward a small pond near the cave, and used its still surface as a mirror to see her reflection.

White furry body, furry paws, furry tail... Her body was so tiny, probably not even bigger than a palm. She looked really cute, far cuter than even a kitten. The most eye-catching feature was her topaz-like sparkling eyes, they were so beautiful that it almost mesmerized even herself. BUT that was not the problem here!


Tang Li Xue felt a bang in her mind and she almost passed out again in shock and disbelief.

'WAAAAAAH!!! Uncle Sun!!! Is this the mistake that you were talking about?! Quickly turn me back into a human! I don't want your damn system! WAAAAAAAH!!!'

Tang Li Xue was bawling out loud. It took her a few minutes but she eventually calmed down and stopped crying. Tang Li Xue was a poor orphan child in her previous life so her ability to adapt to her situation was actually really high; it was just that her heart was full of disappointment and frustration with the current reality since Grandma Meng had already promised her a happy life this time.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of water in the small pond...

Growl... Growl... Growl...

Tang Li Xue's stomach started to protest.

'Well... I am really hungry now...'

Tang Li Xue was aware that since she was a beast now that she needed to hunt in order to eat. So, the first thing she had to do was to examine her new system thoroughly to increase her survivability since she was in the middle of a wilderness full of dangers like predatory beasts, not to mention human hunters that would probably be showing up.

'Huh... These stat points are...'

Tang Li Xue decided to put four stat points in agility and one stat point in strength since she needed agility the most to run from any predators and also to chase her prey.

'As for this skill point… How can I use this?'

While Tang Li Xue was pondering about it, some choices were displayed in front of her.

[Hide] SP cost: 1

[Dash] SP cost:1

[Jump] SP cost:1

[Climb] SP cost: 1

[Enhanced Sense of Smell] Sp cost: 1

[Enhanced Sense of Hearing] SP cost: 1

[Enhanced Sight] SP cost: 1

[Greater Strength] SP cost: 1

[Greater Reflexes] SP cost: 1

[Greater Endurance] SP cost: 1

[Greater Flexibility] SP cost: 1

'Whoaaah! That's a lot of options! Aaand almost all of them are important! Ok… Calm down Li Tang Xue… I mean Tang Li Xue… Arrrgh! Why do I only have 1 Skill Point?!'

Tang Li Xue decided to take [Hide] so she could easily ambush her prey and hide from any predators later.

So her current status was now…

[Species: Fox Cub]

[Grade: Poor]

[Level 1]

Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: None




Agility: 7


[Skills: Bite(Lv1), Scratch (Lv1), Hide(Lv1)]

Stats Point:0

Skill Point: 0

[Item: Level 1 Newbie Gift Package]

'Eh… What is this [Level 1 Newbie Gift Package]? OPEN it then!'

[Gained: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 1x Double Exp Card(1 hour), 3x Recovery Pill, 1x Lucky Sticker, 1x Bronze Lottery Ticket, 1x Cultivation Voucher, 50 Deity Coins, Level 5 Novice Gift Package]

'Wooooaaah! So many items! But my stomach is really starving! Oh Well, I guess I will check them out later then… Let's hunt and eat first!'

Moonlight Forest was really vast and complicated. Unlike a man-made forest on Earth, Moonlight Forest was a natural forest so all the grass was really tall, making it hard for Tang Li Xue to see what was in front of her. Moreover, there were many dense bushes and large trees that made Tang Li Xue even more nervous since she was afraid that someone may follow her or something would jump out suddenly.

Fortunately, she chose to learn the [Hide] skill first so she could use it from time to time and advance slowly for safety.

[Hide skill has increased to Lv2]

'Ooooh?! So that's how I level up the skills? I just need to use it more frequently to level it up! Ok… Here goes nothing!'

By the time Tang Li Xue found some prey, her [hide] skill already leveled up to level 3.


The small critter jumped out from a nearby bush and ran away, but it did not notice that Tang Li Xue actually hid near it.

'No….No… No… No mice or rats, please! Even though this lady is a fox now, I was a proper lady before! So, please… No mice!!!'

It was not like she was afraid of mice or rats, but when she imagined putting a mouse or rat in her mouth… Ueeeekkh… Let's not think about it… Next!

A snake then slithered down from a big tree.

'Should I try it? It doesn't look as bad…'

But as Tang Li Xue approached the snake, she soon realized… THE SNAKE WAS HUGE! Oh, no… Actually, it was her that was still too tiny.

'Let's… Let's give up on the snake for now… The level-jump for this battle is actually quite far for a fox cub like this lady with that adult old snake… That's not fair at all!'

Again, Tang Li Xue used her [Hide] to distance herself away from the snake and took another direction to hunt. After a few more hours her [Hide] skill leveled up again to level 4 but she still did not find any prey that fit her preference. She was getting even hungrier and starting to feel dizzy. Fortunately, at last, she found the right prey that fit with her taste…


Well, to be exact, it was a hare! Hares were bigger than rabbits and of course, stronger as well.

'Yuuuussss! Finally, my meal is here! C'mere little bunny! Come to momma!'


[Quest: (First Hunt) Kill a hare and eat it!]

[Reward: Level +1, Stat Point +1, Skill Point +1, 10 Deity Coins]

Tang Li Xue only glanced at the message but she was too starving to think about it. What was on her mind right now was only the food in front of her!

'Eh… It realized that I am here? It looks like my hide is still too limited…'

Her [Hide] skill right now still had many flaws. For example, she cannot move when the skill was in use or the skill would be canceled. Another one was if someone got too close to her, the [hide] skill would be broken and that person, or beast, would be able to see her. Since Tang Li Xue could not ambush it she decided to take initiative to attack the hare first!


Some lines of blood appeared on the hare's body and the hare quickly decided to counterattack.


The hare kicked with a hind leg toward Tang Li Xue's head!

She tried to dodge it but failed to get completely out of the way. However, at least the hare's kick hit her shoulder instead of her head!

'Ouuuuuch! You! You damn bunny, how dare you hurt this Lady Deity ….. candidate… Take this!'

Tang Li Xue used [Scratch] again and managed to hit the hare's face. Tang Li Xue's strength was still too low so she could not deal critical damage to the hare and was forced into a battle of attrition.

[Scratch skill has increased to Lv2]


This time, Tang Li Xue managed to land her scratch on one of the hare's eyes and made it roll over on the grass in pain.

'CHANCE! NOW OR NEVER! Eat thisssss… Ultimate attack! Ougi!'

Tang Li Xue used her [Bite] skill and chomped on the hare's vulnerable neck!


The blood poured out as Tang Li Xue used her sharp fangs to tear out the flesh in the hare's neck.

'YEEES! WIN! Hosh… Hosh… You… Not bad at all… To think a lowly creature such as yourself could fight for a few moves against this Lady Deity….. candidate… you should be proud of yourself, you fought well in your last moments.'


[Quest Completed!]

[Gained: Level +1, Stat Point +1, Skill Point +1, 10 Deity Coins]


[Congratulations! You achieved level 2, +5 Stat Points, +1 Skill Point]

'At last… Level up! But I did not gain any exp for winning the battle like in an RPG? Is it because I can only level up through completing quests?'

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