Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: DEAD END! (Edited)

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: DEAD END! (Edited)

'Whatever... Let's eat first... But urrrggghhh... Is there really no way to roast this rabbit meat?'

After hesitating for a while, Tang Li Xue resigned herself and took a bite of the raw hare meat in front of her. The pungent smell of blood invading her nose made her almost vomit the raw meat out again, but she forcefully suppressed the urge and swallowed it down after chewing for a while.

'Well... It's taste is actually not that bad... Maybe because I became a fox cub so my taste buds also changed?'

[EXP gained!]

'Oooh?! So I just need to eat to gain exp? Haha... Easy!'

[EXP gained!]

[EXP gained!]

[Bite skill has increased to Lv2]


[Congratulations! You achieved level 3, +5 Stat Points, +1 Skill Point]

'Great! Level 3! Sigh... It's really not easy...'

Tang Li Xue rubbed her bloated stomach in satisfaction and remembered that she still hadn't checked the items that she got from the newbie package earlier.

But before she had the time for that...

Rustle... Rustle... Rustle...

There were four more hares that came out from the nearby bushes. Tang Li Xue was surprised and glanced at her HP bar for a second.

HP: 38/50

To fight or not?

Of course not! Fighting against a single hare already reduced her HP by 12. Against four hares, she would at least get hit four times! Assuming each of them hit her once then it meant the damage that she would receive would be 48 in total. In reality, she would get hit a lot more than four times if she got surrounded in the fight!

She sighed... In her previous life, she had a weak sickly body and in this life, she became a fox cub with weak defense! God was so unfair! I hate you all!


'Damn! Uh... Good bunnies... Kind bunnies... Let's discuss this for a bit. I really only did it out of self-defense, you believe me, right?'

At first, the four hares were also shocked and afraid of her but when they saw how tiny Tang Li Xue's body was, she was still a cub after all, they regained their confidence and started to dash toward her.

'Uuugyaaaaa! You... You all... Are... Are you really men? Actually, you are beasts, not men... Fight This Lady one on one if you dare?!' Tang Li Xue shouted in her mind but her petite fox body had already run away and dove into the bushes frantically.

However, the speed of adult hares was actually higher than a fox cub like Tang Li Xue, so they caught up to her in only a few seconds.

'Right! I still have unused status points!'

She immediately put 8 points into agility to help with escaping and the last 3 points into strength for counter attacking if possible.

'Aaaaand buy [Dash] ability!'

[You have gained Dash ability!]

With her agility combined with her [Dash], Tang Li Xue could easily escape now, so she started to think... Should she spend 2 more of her current Skill Points to buy an offensive Skill like [Greater Strength] or [Pounce] and counterattack?

'Meh... No need for that, I will save it so I can buy the skills I need in a critical time later! My stomach is already full anyway...'

'Goodbye, bunnies! Remember this Lady already reserved your lives for this Lady's meal tomorrow!'

Fwoosh… Fwoosh… Fwoosh…

Tang Li Xue's speed was already twice as fast as before and she used her [Dash] skill on top of that! She ran so fast that she could even feel the wind fiercely blowing against her furry, petite body.

Tang Li Xue felt that 10 points in agility basically made her speed the same as an adult human when sprinting and now she had 15 points in agility so she was one and a half times faster than an adult human. Furthermore, the [Dash] skill increased her speed by twice, so she was three times faster than an adult human now!

But of course, there were also drawbacks when using [Dash]… She was also expending her stamina twice as fast.

'Woohoo! I am so fast now! I am the wind, no one can catch me! Just kidding… Haha… Let's go back to my cave first before checking my items, there are so many dangers in the wilderness… Better off playing safe than sorry! Go… go… go! Destination: Home!'

This time, she did not use [Hide] continuously, skulking behind the bushes to check what's in front of her and proceeding carefully like before. Instead, she just dashed straight home as fast as she could. But heading back toward the small cave, her decision proved to be deadly this time!


'OH MY GOD!!!'

A majestic king of the jungle!!!

A mighty lion was standing right in front of her?!

'Brake! Where is the damn brake pedal?!'

Tang Li Xue quickly used her four small furry limbs to stop, but it was already too late since she now stood right in front of the lion! Even if she was still a human, standing in front of a lion would still make her freeze in fear and terror. Much less, now that she was only a fox cub as big as a palm! For the current tiny Tang Li Xue, the adult lion in front of her was three times bigger than a container truck would be to a human, possibly even more!

'HolySh*t! Calm down, Tang Li Xue! Big kitty… Good kitty… Did you know that when I was a human before I was actually a kitty lover? I often shared my milk with some kitties in the slums, you know?! So… For their sake, please spare me this time! Pretty pweaaase…..' Tang Li Xue said in her mind while retreating slowly.


The lion kept staring at Tang Li Xue full of vigilance, its majestic pressure, and bloodlust made it hard for her to breath and her heart was beating so fast that it hurt her chest.

The tawny yellow lion also walked toward Tang Li Xue's right side while approaching her slowly.

At first, Tang Li Xue did not get why it walked toward her right side so she retreated bit by bit to her left-side, but when her back touched a giant tree behind her she understood that this damn lion actually cornered her.

Tang Li Xue sighed. 'So this is my end huh... When I go back to the netherworld again Grandma Meng will certainly fulfill her promise and give me a rich and happy life with a kind handsome prince for my next life, right?'

'Please Uncle Sun, don't mess with my life next time and let me be happy for once, ok? Also, could you give my next reincarnation a system too?! Please!!!'


The lion pounced toward Tang Li Xue! Even though Tang Li Xue was probably a bit faster than the lion after activating her [Dash], it was bigger and stronger than her and the lion also cleverly sealed her escape route! Her back was against a big tree!




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