Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 24 - Chapter 24: Weird Tall Pagoda!

Chapter 24: Chapter 24: Weird Tall Pagoda!

Tang Li Xue left terrible pain across her body and she checked her current HP.

HP: 2,710/4,500

She was afraid that someone or some beasts would ambush her again in some building.

'Should I eat [Recovery Pill] to heal all of my wounds? But I only have seven of these things…'

After hesitating for a while, Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and decided to eat the [Recovery Pill] since she thought she would probably get it again after reaching level 10 and open the [Lv 10 Beginner Package] later.

Tang Li Xue popped the [Recovery Pill] into her mouth full of unwillingness.

She already witnessed how miraculous this pill was when she gave it to Xiao Hei before when he was critically wounded but watching how it works and let her body experience it by herself were two different things.

She immediately realized that all her wounds stop bleeding and her pain vanished like smoke, her wounds scabbed in a few seconds then fully healed before even one minute passed.

Her beautiful silver fur even grew back again on the place where she got her wounds before and she was as good as new in only a few minutes.

HP: 4,500/4,500

'Damn! This is really good stuff! I must use these things more carefully in the future! I am afraid I will be targeted by people for these if I use it in front of anyone!'

Tang Li Xue wanted to finish this quest as fast as she can so she did not waste any more time and heading to the next building.

Actually, there were many other buildings in this farm but most of them were the huts for all the caretakers to live in.

Tang Li Xue did not feel any need to check all of them one by one since the quest only said 'Explore Asura Demon Sect's Farm' and not to 'Explore every building in Asura Demon Sect's Farm' so she only needs to check all the important buildings in the farm.

The next building was a 7-floor tall pagoda.

At first, Tang Li Xue felt something was weird with this building when she saw the tall pagoda from the distance.

But after she arrived at the near pagoda, she immediately aware that this 7-floor tall pagoda actually did not have any window at all!

'What a weird place! I have a bad feeling about this…'

This time Tang Li Xue already learned her lesson from before and looking for some kind of warning notice or clue about it.

There was no signboard this time but she managed to find a warning notice written on a piece of paper pasted on beside the double-door gate.



'No sh*t! With this tiny body of mine if I wear a human's steel helmet then I will not even be able to see the road in front of me! Moreover, where I could find a steel helmet in the middle of the night like this?!'

Tang Li Xue thought this tall pagoda would be locked and she must search for the key first but she was wrong this time, she could push the door with her tiny furry paws and enter easily.

'So dark here… is there some kind of bulb or light here?'

She cannot see anything inside the pagoda at all since it was so dark without any speck of light here.

However, she still remembers about 'beware of your head' warning so she walking carefully with her head dropped down as low as possible.

It was already human nature… err and beast nature if someone warned them 'watch out for your head' they would stop paying attention to the ground and focused their attention to anything above their head, that was including the current Tang Li Xue too.

The warning was not a trap at all. On the contrary, it was really correct but unfortunately Tang Li Xue's luck already up this time.


'Ouch… F*ck! What the hell is this?!'

Her surrounding was so dark that she did not know what she hit just now but it looks like some kind of metal plate or basin… but that was not important anymore right now.

Because… hundreds tiny pairs of green eyes lit up at the same time after Tang Li Xue accidentally knocked on the metal basin.

From the wall to the ceiling all covered by the tiny pair of green eyes and Tang Li Xue also realize that this pagoda was actually only one floor since no floor separated it at all!


Tang Li Xue dashed toward the gate with her full speed, she also activated her [Sprint] swiftly without any hesitation! Since this was not the time to worry about breaking her [Stealth] skill with it!

Countless tiny pairs of green eyes flew toward her with frightening speed at the same time like a flood! Only countless faint sounds of wing flapping can be heard!


After exited from the pagoda, she quickly pulled the door with her tiny paws and closed it! She could even hear countless banging sound from behind the sturdy door after that!

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue did not enter too deeply into the pagoda yet or she would already be caught by those… things by now!

'Sigh… Now I know why to open the door I must push it instead of pull it from outside and why it is not locked. If the door can be pushed from inside then those countless little critters would already escape from there! And there is no need to lock it since they cannot pull the door from inside with their tiny wing anyway! '



HP: 3,940/4,500


Tang Li Xue's tiny body rolled a few meters on the ground as she felt something heavy hit her from her right side!

When she saw what exactly that hit her, she realized that one of the little critters from inside the pagoda escaped outside with her!

[Species: Flash Bat]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 5]

[HP: 7,500/7,500]

A black bat as big as an adult palm but it has a pair of sharp horns on the top of its head and that tiny pair of green eyes that glow like a pair of fireflies was very creepy.

'Another [Uncommon] grade demonic beasts! But its level along with its health is quite low for a [Uncommon] grade demonic beast… Let's do this then! FIGHT!'

Tang Li Xue could actually run from it but she was afraid that this escaped little critter would create a commotion and draw unwanted attention before she could finish her quest so, in the end, she decided to slay it!

However, Tang Li Xue did not know that this Flash Bat was actually used for delivering a message or letter. It did not afraid sun at all, could see clearly at night, and the most important of all, it was unbelievably fast!

Unfortunately, this Flash Bat has low defense and health… in short, this Flash Bat was actually the same type as Tang Li Xue, high speed but brittle defense!

Also, this Flash Bat has an important ability that Tang Li Xue did not have, flight!

'Dammit! I can't reach that little critter at all!'

The flash bird dived down suddenly at breakneck speed toward Tang Li Xue.



HP: 3,320/4,500

Again Tang Li Xue threw several meters behind because of the impact.

'Dammit! I must think something fast!'

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